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There was a navy recruiter at my school. One of my friends was signing up for information, so I walked over and the guys starts talking to me.
Trying to flatter me he keeps saying I look like a smart guy, and after a minute of him telling me how much money I could make he handed me a book of information.
So I put it back and said “no thanks I don’t want to kill any trees.”
He tried handing it to me again so I put it back and said “No thanks I don’t want to kill any kids”

Some time ago I read the report on the…well, the incident where the Inquisition discovered they had a Dread Wolf in sheep’s clothing. And it mentioned him having similar armor to other ancient elves. That armor was pretty stylish (although the knee faces were a questionable touch). So my question is, when Fen’harel is doing his recruiting, does he wear that armor, or the outfits from before that make him look like a homeless man living under a log in the woods whose only friends are halla and mushrooms?

I fully acknowledge that Corypheus dressed like the Evil Enchantress character from a two-copper Orlesian stage show, but he was also a huge, terrifying darkspawn. I just want to know if I should be passing judgement on the elves who have pledged themselves to the cause of the hobo apostate whose mage staff is just a stick that he found?

Bellamy is that one friend who goes all out for his friends birthdays. Like when Aaron’s birthday falls on a school day, Bellamy goes crazy.

He brings balloons and makes a cardboard crown for Aaron to wear and recruits people to make birthday cards and fills Aaron’s locker with them along with confetti.

And he makes sure that everyone in school knows it’s Aaron’s birthday by announcing it during every class and therefore making every class sing happy birthday. And Bellamy always sings the loudest.

And during lunch Bellamy will appear with a small cake or a collection of cupcakes and sing to Aaron again and cheer loudly when Aaron takes the first bite of his birthday cake/cupcake.

And throughout the day Bellamy is chasing Aaron around so he can give him his birthday hugs (# of hugs depends on how old Aaron is that year aka 18 hugs for his 18th birthday)

So basically what I’m saying is Bellamy is the best friend in the world.

This time a small compilation it is!

First one of my friends has this rare OTP ship of Gaster and Muffet. And I drew them as the results of our small guessing game (whenever you pick the wrong answer, you have to draw a character).

Next some cute Blueberry I updated from a small doodle to this lovely cute sketch. He’s such a cutie! I’m quite happy I’m finally able to draw this fruit and he doesn’t look like Classic.

Another gift for a friend I met at a Convention. She had these neato clothes on, so I recruited Blueberry to wear them as well and he likes them.

And last, I met a Chara on rehabilitation (they were guided by a Frisk to ‘Flirt’ instead of ‘Fight”) as I was Edge on a Convention. Later on as I was working on my neato YOLO-glasses (seen here here on this post ), I sent her one as well (sadly she lives too far away from my home).

Rules of Precinct One

1. Officer Fangmeyer is not allowed the Case files, we’re still trying to find the last one he buried.
2. Officer Hopps is to take driving lessons from Officer Wilde, We cannot lose another Patrol Car.
3. Officer Wilde is not allowed Coffee after 10 am, we really don’t want a hyper active fox running around screeching.
4. Officer Wilde is not allowed to see his own tail, while it is amusing to watch him chase it for hours on end, we all remember when he caught it.
5. Officer Grizzoli is not allowed to collect the donuts for work, we don’t want another Drunk Cheetah Incident.

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Conversations with Alistair and the Dork Inquisitor
  • Mally Trevelyan: Hey, your highness.
  • Alistair: Yes?
  • Mally Trevelyan: What do you call a Templar recruit who never ends up taking their vows?
  • Alistair: I dunno. What?
  • Mally Trevelyan: A TEMP! :D
  • Alistair: The Order needs to make their recruits wear shirts that say that.
  • Alistair: They don't earn the 'LAR' until they take their vows.
  • Mally Trevelyan: Holy shit, we need to share this with Cullen. It's a hoot.
  • Alistair: He earned his 'LAR', though, so he may not find it as funny.

Happy birthday, Sea!! :D

i told myself i wasn’t going to do AU fanart but then i woke up this morning literally like bUT WHAT IF FIRE EMBLEM???

so imagine:

amnesiac kuroko wakes up and only knows that there is something he wants to protect. so he inevitably joins and becomes the tactician for lord riko (LORD RIKO >:U ) and her army, whose roster includes but is not limited to:

hyuuga and izuki the cavalier pair; wherein izuki makes horse puns and hyuuga is always willing and ready to leap off his horse and take him out

furihata the recruited villager who is wearing a pot on his head for armor

and kagami, newly recruited by promising him tons of food (and adventure)

okay so finally paladin teppei returns from trying to rally men and supplies from a neighboring kingdom and he is initially wary of kuroko who more or less came out of NOWHERE.

but eventually him following him around suspectly becomes him following around kuroko and wanting to carry all his heavy tomes for him, and tend to the campfire for him, and literally protect every person, new and old, in his happy army family.

D. Subtle kindnesses

The foxes are having a pizza + movie night in the girls’ dorm room and they’re scattered on every available surface. Nicky insisted on watching The Notebook because he has a crush on Ryan Gosling and the only reason why they accepted was Allison suggesting they take a shot for every cheesy line. That idea was quickly discarded to avoid alcohol poisoning.

Neil and Andrew brought their bean bag chairs and they’re sitting so close to each other, they keep bumping elbows. In the time it took Neil to eat half of his pizza, Andrew practically inhaled his, down to the crust. Andrew is pretending Neil isn’t watching him instead of the movie by carving a thorny design in the box with one of the knives tucked in his armbands. When he eventually looks up, Neil is tearing the rest of his pizza in tiny, bite-size pieces.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not hungry anymore,” Neil says.

Andrew rolls his eyes at him, but he finishes off the food without complaint.


It’s a taxing practice and the new recruits are wearing Neil down with jabs at his authority. Jack is on his worst behaviour and Allison threatened to cut off his balls if he says the name Nathaniel ever again. This would be the norm, but Andrew knows Neil lost most of the previous night’s sleep over nightmares about Lola. He keeps reaching for his burned cheek on reflex, tempted to just rip the helmet off.

“Hey, captain!” Andrew calls from goal, his voice betraying no intention.

Neil makes his way over in a daze, barely aware of where his feet take him.

<<Should I defend your honor or will you put the cubs in their place?>> Andrew asks, enunciating slowly.

They aren’t quite fluent in Russian yet, but the sound of it grounds Neil enough to crack a smile at Andrew.

“Are you asking me to show them who’s boss?”

“Co-captain. Don’t let it get to your head.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Neil laughs and goes back to his place.


“Pull over.”


“Stop the car.”

The sky looks like a bruise, the sunset painting the horizon in pinks and purples and blues. Neil pulls off the interstate at a deserted rest stop and he groans so loud when he gets out of the car to stretch his back, he’s grateful no one’s around to hear it.

“Did you want anything?” Neil asks.

“To switch seats.”

“I’m okay to drive.”

Andrew stares Neil down until Neil sighs and throws the keys to Andrew.

“Go get us something to drink.”

Neil returns from the vending machine with two bottles of water and an armful of candy he drops in Andrew’s lap. By the time Andrew is halfway through a Kit Kat, Neil is sound asleep in the passenger seat.

Neil doesn’t know what town they’re in because he woke up in the motel parking lot and he didn’t bother to ask Andrew. They’re spending the night in a place called Sunflower Road, their room is bland and nondescript, save for the cheap Van Gogh print hanging above the queen sized bed. They strip off the covers and lie in bed with nothing but the sound of their breaths breaking the silence.

“Does this qualify as running away?”

“Depends,” Andrew pauses, considering. “Do you want to go back?”

“Do you?” Neil asks, a tremor in his voice.

“I don’t care. You’re the junkie.”

“It’s not just me anymore.”

“I know.” Andrew reaches out to curl a hand around Neil’s wrist and squeezes. “Neil Abram Josten.”

And like that, it’s easier to breathe.



A/N: This is so bad. I’m truly sorry, but I’m really lacking of inspiration this days, I’m stuck half-way through the other requests I have and I apologize for the wait. In the meantime, this is the one I finally finished YAAY!

Request: Reader having to cut her long and beloved by Bucky hair, because whatever reason ( maybe stupid hydra agent screwed it up during a mission ) and now Reader is super sad and worry about Bucky’s opinion on the new look.

As soon as you pressed the send button in your phone informing that you were already back to the HQ after the long mission, nervousness and uncertainty took control of your body even when you knew you were being ridiculous. 

Your phone buzzed in your hands and the new message from Bucky made you even more nervous. ‘Can’t wait to see you. I have a surprise ;)’

Walking from the hangar where the quinjet landed to the inside of the quarters never seemed so hard before.

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⭐️ Master list of 101 things to AVOID during recruitment! ⭐️

Simple things for PNMs and sorority sisters NOT to do for maximum success during rush week!

⭐️    Top 101 Sorority Recruitment DON'TS: ⭐️ 

  1. Chew gum.
  2. Wear heavy perfume.
  3. Wear clanging bracelets.
  4. Gossip about other sororities.
  5. Make promises you can’t keep.
  6. Have chipped nail polish.
  7. Mumble.
  8. Wear too much flashy jewelry.
  9. Dress overly sexy.
  10. Wear shoes that hurt.
  11. Speak badly about other PNMs.
  12. Show your nerves.
  13. Look totally different than your PNM photo.
  14. Only talk about yourself.
  15. Have zero questions to ask.
  16. Dart your eyes around the room during a conversation.
  17. Wear really heavy make-up.
  18. Let your emotions cloud your judgement.
  19. Forget your pedicure.
  20. Be something you’re not.
  21. Have body odor.
  22. Have bad breath.
  23. Talk or text on your cell phone during rounds.
  24. Miss deadlines.
  25. Talk about “off limits” topics.
  26. Communicate with PNMs/sisters outside of recruitment rounds.
  27. Be late for rounds.
  28. Pressure a PNM to join a certain chapter.
  29. Drop the F-bomb. 
  30. Drink or take drugs before rounds.
  31. Make racist comments.
  32. Complain and bitch.
  33. Be overly dramatic and too emotional.
  34. Wear unflattering fashions.
  35. Forget your manners.
  36. Act uninterested or aloof.
  37. Write a chapter “off” too soon.
  38. Have a closed mind.
  39. Act arrogant.
  40. Brag about your family wealth.
  41. Tell sisters you plan on transferring soon.
  42. Name drop your important connections.
  43. Allow dirty bar straps to show.
  44. Admit you’re rushing only because your mother made you.
  45. Exaggerate your GPA.
  46. Be negative about the recruitment process.
  47. Make strong political statements.
  48. Cause a scene after chapter cuts.
  49. Forget names and faces.
  50. Wear the wrong undergarments for your dress style.
  51. Have smelly foot odor.
  52. Be self-conscious about your weight.
  53. Have sweaty armpits with stains showing.
  54. Announce your #1 chapter pick to the other sororities.
  55. Drop out of recruitment before the week ends.
  56. Talk endlessly about your perfect boyfriend.
  57. Brag about how much you party.
  58. Admit to social media stalking of a PNM or a chapter. 
  59. Be overly judgmental.
  60. Forget your feminine hygiene products.
  61. Get into deep discussions about politics or religion.
  62. Stress about what the conversation rotations at each house.
  63. Break the rules.
  64. Wear super short skirts, plunging necklines, skin tight fashions, or totally backless dresses.
  65. Forget your own list of activities and personal interests.
  66. Ask yes/no questions.
  67. Hold grudges.
  68. Mope at other houses after a painful cut.
  69. Share all of your private problems and family drama.
  70. Forget to ask about what the sisters like to do together.
  71. Fall for a PNM or sister just because she’s pretty.
  72. Get tooooo serious - rush should be fun.
  73. Tell a sister or a PNM she wasn’t your 1st choice.
  74. Feel guilty making judgements about PNMs or sisterhoods.
  75. Take things too personally.
  76. Have a bad hair day - wear a sleek ponytail if needed.
  77. Believe you are “guaranteed a bid” from your legacy chapter.
  78. Mention your illegal activities like shoplifting.
  79. Assume anything.
  80. Forget your lipstick.
  81. Wear the wrong outfit for the dressiness required each round.
  82. Start picking your big/little during rush.
  83. Be crushed when your favorite PNM goes a different way.
  84. Let your roots show.
  85. Wear torn jeans, tattered cut-offs, sneakers with holes, or rubber flip flops.
  86. Blow off requesting recommendation letters if you need them.
  87. Display nude, sexy, drinking, or drug photos on your social media.
  88. Accidentally leave your rush emergency kit in your room.
  89. Give up.
  90. Wear a watch - you may be tempted to look at it.
  91. Get an orangey fake tan. 
  92. Overdose on sparkles and sequins.
  93. Ask to go to the bathroom at a sorority house.
  94. Overuse the kindness of your Rho Gamma/Gamma Chi.
  95. Sabotage other chapters or pull pranks during rush.
  96. Fall for how every sorority girl is your BFF during rounds - look for the most genuine.
  97. Be mean.
  98. Cry hysterically on Pref Night.
  99. Wear a garment you have to adjust every two minutes. 
  100. Forget to shave your legs & underarms, tame your eyebrows and pluck stray hairs on your upper lip.
  101. Be anything other than friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, loving, charming, inquisitive, kind, bubbly and positive! 

My kingdom for fetus Jake and Rosa being inexplicable best buddies in the academy and being the embodiment of the “someone is going to die” “of FUN!!” scene from parks and rec


So. Sadly I couldn’t find my camera, so here are just some blurry iPhone pics of the limited Blu-ray. The steelbook is in a slipcase. On the back of the slipcase there’s the card with the number of your limited edition. I don’t know if there are different cards but I am very happy that I got Harry! Inside the slipcase is the steelbook and on the steelbook is a huge lenticular magnet (as big as the steelbook) so that’s the reason why that one pic (next to Charlie posing like a young god) is so blurry.

Also in the slipcase: character cards (sorry, I forgot to put Roxy in the pic, but she’s included - of course!) and a booklet with pics. Some of them were totally new to me (the one with HARRY AND EGGSY WAS NEWS TO ME), so I made some pics. (And I never noticed that one of the recruits is wearing a velvet suit. Aren’t you sweating like hell, dude??)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you would do a quick prompt based on GM High School Part 1 (if you've already seen it) if you don't mind. Could you do a one shot where Riley says something along the lines of "Congratulations Lucas, you got what you wanted...I've given up seeing the good in people" or something like that? If you haven't seen High School Part 1 then u don't have to.

I don’t know that this is exactly what you were hoping for anon, but here you go! Putting it underneath a cut for those who haven’t seen it yet. There might be some minor spoilers.

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The tactician slowly steps forward, glancing over the castle grounds. He had heard, briefly, of a new recruit joining within their ranks. And while most of the time, his tactics wouldn’t include such a new face until their worth on the battlefield had been thoroughly judged…

They said that the recruit was wearing the same coat as Lainen.

It had been a while since he had worn the Plegian colors, but they suited him as a soldier of Nohr. Now that the Brand was gone from his hand, he could wear it without anything but an ill memory. Of course, that didn’t mean he stopped stealing…

Smiling in reminiscence, Lainen began to walk through the astral plane, actively searching for this new recruit…