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Penthesilea [8/?]

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With Sakura’s continued treatments, Itachi is soon at the point where he can receive visitors for short periods of time. To make the most of it and to offer a show of his own strength, he has Sasuke convene a counsel one morning with his remaining advisers.

The war council of the Uchiha is a different sort from ages past; time and bloodshed have robbed them of the traditional council of twelve, and these days they settled for barely more than half that number.

The last of their father’s council, Yakumi, sits at attention beside Shisui and Obito, frowning at the younger men in disapproval. Obito’s grandmother and the oldest living Uchiha, Masumi, sits beside Uruchi, Itachi and Sasuke’s maternal aunt. Their uncle Teyaki once joined them, but his mind has left him in his old age, and as such he is often left with an attendant. Finally, Itachi’s mother-in-law Hazuki has been invited since the death of her husband.

Now, she peers worriedly at Itachi. “Are you well, my son? It has been so long since we’ve seen you, and I worry at your pallor.”

“The medics assure me I will be on my feet again soon,” Itachi says, waving dismissively. Only Sasuke notices the effort he puts into the gesture.

They’ve been circulating the story among the camp that Itachi has been fighting a stubborn strain of pneumonia. Considering the poor battlefield conditions and the general stress of his position, it’s entirely plausible, and even healers sometimes have difficulty with the disease. Many a common soldier has succumbed to it over the years.

“Medics?” Yakumi echoes. “None of our camp healers have been in to see you for weeks.”

“Hopefully because they’re seeing to the men,” Itachi says in a way that isn’t really an answer to Yakumi’s unasked question. “Let us return to the matter at hand. My brother assures me that the latest conscription efforts have been successful and there are more than enough recruits at the ready should there be an imminent attack – yet the same cannot be said for our supplies.”

“Another eight months to a year, at most, barring unforeseen circumstances,” Sasuke elaborates.

“There’s a village to the southwest offering supplies in return for manpower,” Yakumi says. “Enough to keep us going for another six years if necessary.”

“You speak of Oto, yes?” Itachi asks, glancing at Sasuke in confirmation; he nods. “Then, no.”

“But Itachi-sama –”

“Orochimaru betrayed the Senju, there’s no reason he wouldn’t think to do the same to the Uchiha. His purposes are his own and separate from ours.”

“Then the army will starve!”

“If our army is starving, you can be sure that of the Senju is as well,” Shisui interrupts. “My people report that they’re dealing with the same concerns over supplies and rations as we are.”

“So it’s a long-game – who can outlive the other in the face of starvation,” Obito says, grim.

“Or perhaps it’s the opposite,” Itachi suggests. “If we bring this war to an end, then both sides will be able to focus on survival, and our children and their children will not have to

There’s almost a palpable collective sigh. It is not the first time Itachi has expressed interest in a permanent cease-fire with the Senju, but given the unsuccessful nature of all future attempts, everyone tends to react with the same weary exasperation.

“Peace is obviously the preferable solution, but not if it comes at the price of the Uchiha being relegated to second-class,” Uruchi says.

“I remember my mother telling me stories,” Masumi says quietly. “Before the peace, of how the Senju tried to claim all Uchiha on their land as their serfs. They wanted us to be no more than a mercenary class, bred to serve them and guard them.”

“The Uchiha were not blameless in this,” Itachi reminds her. “Madara and his tried to utterly eradicate the Senju from the face of the planet.”

“As a preventative measure to ensure our own survival,” Yakumi reminds him. “If any of the Senju continue to sympathise with the ways of Senju Tobirama, there is no possible way to reconcile. We cannot be the vassals of our enemies, or war will commence again in another generation.”

“There won’t be another generation if we don’t at least try,” Shisui argues.

“But it’d be stupid to rush it just on account that we’re desperate,” Obito shoots back.

“Itachi – why not wait a little longer?” Hazuki suggests softly. “The floods will end soon, and then request a parlay with Senju Tsunade. Find out what they would expect for a truce – or a long-term peace. In the meantime, we can go amongst our people and learn what they will tolerate and what they will not. If we then present our demands to the Senju, whether they choose to honour them or not will indicate whether they have the same wish for peace as you do.”

“And if they don’t accept everything we simple continue as we have done for so long?” Itachi asks mildly, but his distaste for the idea is clear.

“Well, obviously there are certain things we wouldn’t budge on, but we too can be flexible,” Shisui suggests, briefly putting a comforting hand on Itachi’s shoulder. “If it’s just a matter of convincing our people what we should be willing to bend on, I can manage that.”

“That’s not an option I would like to pursue,” Itachi replies darkly.

Obito snorts. “If after charging it up for ten years you’re finally going to use your kotoamatsukami, you should use it on the enemy. It’d be nothing for you flutter those pretty eyes of yours and make the old woman do exactly what we want.”

“You think I’m pretty?” Shisui asks, affecting an air of surprise.

“Have some decorum,” Yakumi snaps at the younger men in disapproval.

“You know why that isn’t an option, Obito,” Masumi interrupts the argument, and her grandson frowns as if he has been chastised. “You too, Shisui. Peace that is not arrived at openly will fester. It would be a short victory for us, yes, but in another generation the children of those you’ve ensorcelled will begin to question. And we’ll be back in this same conundrum.”


The question makes Sasuke startle, and the rest of his relatives adopt an uncomfortable quiet. It is no secret that he doesn’t support peace initiatives, that he believes them to be no more than idle fantasy and naivety. His enjoyment of battle is also well-known.

But he envisions Sakura’s eyes shining at him, and Naruto’s idiot grin, and Hinata’s hopes for peace before he is forced to kill the other man. And there are deep, secret hopes that he barely wants to pay attention to, that linger in his heart and could only exist in a world where there is peace.

And so out loud he says, “If peace is what you deem best for the Uchiha, then it should happen as soon as possible.”

There is a sense of astonishment and disquiet among his relatives, but Itachi nods slowly, with an irritatingly unsurprised gleam in his eyes that suggests he knew Sasuke would say this.

“Go, then,” he tells the others. “Obito, inform our generals that we will continue this ceasefire as long as possible. Have them focus on finding new providers for our supplies if necessary. Shisui, you have a means of getting a message to Lady Tsunade’s forces that we wish to consider a truce?”

“Of course.”

“Keep it quiet. The fewer people who know of this – on either side – the less likelihood of sabotage. The rest of you will go among the people, find out under what conditions a peace could be possible. But be careful in your information gathering. Sasuke –”


“Speak to Neji and gauge what the Hyuuga might think of the truce. It’s best we know their frame of mind before we broach the subject in earnest.”


As the other members of the council speak amongst themselves, Sasuke stands to leave. He pauses, sparing a moment to study his brother, who is smiling wanly at something Shisui is whispering in his ear. For a brief instant his brother manages to look carefree and happy, and Sasuke decides that alone is worth attempting a peaceful resolution to this conflict.


Later that day, as he leaves the Hyuuga compound, Sasuke finds his way blocked by several of his relatives and members of their vassal clans. Heading up their little group is his cousin.

“Inabi,” Sasuke says, attempting to walk around him, but the other man steps to one side to plant himself in front of Sasuke. He stares down at him, jaw-clenched in the same annoyance he always displays when they interact. Inabi has never made a secret that he dislikes deferring to Itachi and Sasuke in matters of leadership, especially given they are younger than he, but he has never tried to argue with clan law. “Was there something you wanted?”

“You were in counsel with your brother this morning. What’s the news?” he asks. “Should I prepare my raiding squads for departure?”

“It’s been months since we’ve left this godforsaken camp,” one of his cronies adds.

“The Senju still have many deaths to pay for!” another agrees. “Their blood will be sufficient recompense!”

The statements are met with cheers of agreement.

“You are to continue to mind your posts and remain on the defensive,” Sasuke says. “There will be no incursions into enemy territory until the order is given.”

“If we simply wait, they’ll take us when we least expect it!” Inabi protests.

“It’s not their style,” Sasuke dismisses. “Go spend your time doing something useful like rebuilding our fortifications or distributing the non-perishable supplies to our caches.”

“But –”

“Until there is credible threat, we are not launching any attacks,” Sasuke snaps. “Those are my brother’s orders, and if you disobey them you’ll answer to me – is that understood?”

He allows his Sharingan spin to the surface as a means of hammering the point home. Inabi steps forward, his own eyes bleeding red to meet the challenge, but Sasuke doesn’t move, unimpressed by his cousin’s show. They both know that in a fight, Inabi is no match for Sasuke.

Eventually Inabi looks away and grunts, “Understood.”

Nodding, Sasuke deactivates his Sharingan and turns his back on the group. He begins to walk away.

“That’s a change,” he hears one of Inabi’s lackeys mutter. “Remember the days when he’d have jumped at the chance to spill Senju blood?”

“He’s gone soft.”

Someone else snorts. “Some men are like that when they finally get a woman on her back.”

“Heh,” Inabi jeers, “who would have thought the great Uchiha Sasuke would turn into a weakling because of some common whore?”

Sasuke tenses.

His first instinct is to draw his katana and cut the man to ribbons at the insult, but he forces himself to remain utterly still. Killing these bastards now, while his brother is desperate to promote peace, will be counterproductive.

Breathing through his nose, he tries to ignore the disbelief and dismay that threaten him, because he and Sakura have been very careful since Kakashi expressed his concerns. No one among the men should know of his dalliances – unless they noticed Sakura slipping away following those first illicit encounters.

“Maybe if she disappears he’ll get his balls back…”

The words are said at just the right volume that they could either be a passing comment between chums or an actual threat.

Rage at the audacity threatens to overwhelm him, and his fingers clench around Kusanagi, but he stays his hand. If this is meant to provoke him, his reaction will show that they have touched on a nerve. That will make him look weak, which historically leads to people trying to pick fights - either with him, or someone foolhardy enough to try to find Sakura.

He imagines her crushing Inabi’s bones for his trouble, and smirks.

Turning ever so slightly, only to indicate that he has heard them, he levels meets Inabi’s gaze.

Perhaps he and his cronies take note of the expression, and the message behind it, because a general atmosphere of uneasiness falls over them at the sight.

Sasuke leaves them like that, his languid gait meant to show he isn’t worried about their bluster.

But when he is far from their line of sight, his mouth turns downward.

Peace aside they are, all of them, running out of time.


Whisperings of a truce aside, the temporary ceasefire is not utterly without incident.

During a routine visit to one of the neutral villages nearby to find workers for their fields, Sasuke and his men encounter Naruto, accompanied by his own cadre of men. It isn’t the first time it’s happened – there have been times throughout the years where they have met outside of the battlefield, but there is usually a tacit agreement not to cross blades until far away from possible civilian casualties.


This time,certain words are exchanged – also, certain kunai – and the skirmish begins before Sasuke or Naruto are quite able to stop it. Once their hotblooded comrades are set off, it becomes a chore for them to prevent any fatalities that might spark an full-fledged assault.

The only saving-grace for Sasuke is that Inabi and his crew are patrolling in a completely different area, or they would be winding up for their next siege.  

“Considering you’re they’re leader, shouldn’t you be able to better control them?” Sasuke sneers as he uses the hilt of his katana to knock some face-painted lunatic in the face.

“I could say the same for you,” Naruto shoots back as several of his shadow clones try to divert the growing melee away from any of the village’s structures. “Or maybe you people don’t have the same understanding of ‘ceasefire’ as we do?”

“The fact that you understand what a ceasefire is at all impresses me,” Sasuke snorts.


Sasuke snaps at his men to fall back and leave the village, but they are too far away to hear him.

“Maybe you’re just having an off-day,” Naruto suggests. “Maybe you’re a little…distracted? Possibly thinking how it’s not worth it anymore? I bet you’re getting tired of all this fighting, too.”

“Don’t project your wishes on me.”

“Aw, come on – I say we get over the past and think of the future,” the blond man declares, ducking a stray kunai. “I don’t even know what we’re fighting about anymore. Your man insulting Kiba’s mother or some pissing contest from way back.”

“If you feel that strongly about it, you could always surrender,” Sasuke suggests.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Naruto shoots back, as the momentum of the fight brings him and Sasuke into close quarters. Both of them have unsheathed their katanas, and the blades cross as they meet. “Speaking of fun, asshole – check out my latest jutsu!”

He disappears in a cloud of smoke, and when it clears a bevy of buxom, half-naked women stand in his place. It’s a version of his favourite idiotic jutsu, which has never worked on Sasuke, who disperses it easily with a light Katon.

“Moron,” he adds as Naruto reappears, diving out of the way of the flames.

“You just wait! One day I’ll figure out what your poison is!” the other man insists with a grin that isn’t affected by Sasuke’s actions in the least. “Then you’ll be knocked out cold on the floor and I’ll win.”


“And after that, we can put all this stupid clan stuff behind us and be friends again.”

Sasuke bristles. “Who says were we ever friends?”

“We were when we were kids,” Naruto reminds him insistently.

“Those days are long gone.”

“So? We can start over. And I was also thinking –”

“You? Thinking?”

“Shut up! Anyway, when this war is over –”

As if it’s the exercise of an afternoon and not a generations-long feud, Sasuke scoffs inwardly.

“ – you should come over for dinner. We can eat ramen!”


“Fine, if you don’t like ramen, I’ll get Sakura to cook something else – but just so you know, she’s a terrible cook.”

Sasuke is startled at this.

She wouldn’t have told him…would she…?

What does Naruto know about Sasuke’s connection to Sakura? Is he somehow informed about their liaisons?

Carefully controlled, he asks, “Why on earth would your medic be cooking your food?”

“Huh? I dunno…that’s something a wife’s supposed to do, right?” Naruto asks absently, pulling back his fist. “I mean, I guess we’d be married by then, but maybe you’re right. Maybe we won’t be yet…”

At this point Sasuke is so caught off-guard that Naruto’s next blow sends him reeling backwards.

There are distant cheers from Naruto’s people and rallying cries from his own, but Sasuke barely hears them. The words ring in his ears, over and over like the fading echoes in a bell.

Wife. Married.

His eyes film over with red.

“Oi! You were supposed to duck that!” Naruto yells at him, hurrying over. “Listen, that was not me breaking the truce, okay, I was just –”

Sasuke is barely cognisant of the palm of electricity that jumps to his hand, or his body moving forward. He’s on a collision course with Naruto’s face, and the other man barely ducks out of the way in time.

“What gives?” Naruto demands, but Sasuke doesn’t bother answering, instead swerving around and taking a second shot at him.

And suddenly, the lighthearted skirmishing transforms into the usual duel to the death – lightning and wind clash against one another, until their comrades finally manage to drag them away from one another.

It isn’t until Sasuke’s recovered his breath that he recognises the feeling that flooded his entire system just now.

Jealousy, he realises with disbelief that borders almost on horror.


So, it’s a little short and we didn’t get a lot of SasuSaku action, but I’m trying to set the stage for something (seriously, I just spent the last three days plotting this entire freaking fic, there’s a lot coming that you guys are going to like…and a lot I’m pretty sure you might hate me for haha). I’ll try to get the next chapter up ASAP.


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New Recruit: Widowmaker I

[y/n] has her first encounter with the deadly sniper, Widowmaker, when she’s been sent to subdue the assassin before she could pick off any more teammates. Except Widowmaker is beautiful, and [y/n] has only one weakness: pretty women.

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New HeroRAT recruits ready for the real thing

Last February eight fully trained HeroRATs from the APOPO training center in Morogoro, Tanzania arrived in their new home in Siem Reap, Cambodia. APOPO’s Mine Detection Rat Field Coordinator Mark Shukuru travelled with them and is happy to announce that after a short period of acclimatization and getting to know their new Cambodia handlers, the new mine detection rats have all passed their assessment tests and are ready for the real minefields.

The assessment tests took place on May 4th and 5th. Overseen by our partner Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC), the tests met the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) meaning each rat had to search an area of 200m2 in under 40 minutes and find every single landmine or unexploded ordnance (UXO), with no rat permitted more than 2 false positives.

All the rats passed on the first go except for one: Idaya. In April and May the temperatures in Cambodia rise and already by 8am in the morning it starts to get very hot. Idaya was the last rat to be tested on May 4th and half way down the box she started showing signs that the heat was getting to her. She was promptly removed before she could find all the landmines/UXO and technically failed her test. The next morning she was retested while it was still cool and as expected she passed perfectly.

“It was agreed by the team and CMAC that Idaya’s test was conducted whilst out of the acceptable heat range so we are all happy that she proved this the very next morning. Great news and a true reflection of the hard work from the team” said Paul McCarthy, APOPO’s Program Manager for Cambodia.

Over the past few weeks the Cambodian handlers have been patiently helping the rats get up to speed for their livelihood- and life-saving mission. The fact that all the new recruits have passed their CMAC assessment tests shows not only what a great job their new handlers are doing but also shows how adaptable these amazing little creatures are.

These eight HeroRATs will be providing much needed extra capacity to the project, joining the other mine detection rats that have been there since 2015 supporting our great partner CMAC. In that time, rats have significantly increased the speed of landmine detection, speeding up the daily square meter coverage and clearance, and allowing people to get back on their land as quickly as possible.

thoughtsandlife23  asked:

Nyssara - overprotective Sara smutty

Thank you!!!!!!  Set in their middle League years.


“Yeah, you can step the fuck off.”
Her voice is low, violent, a little bit scary. Even for Nyssa, who is not easily frightened.
Sara is not called off by Nyssa’s intervention.
“She is the Heir to the Demon, and you’ll show her respect.”
Sara has a fistful of the new recruit’s tunic. The young man sputters, shame-faced and terrified, his casual slurs quickly dissipating from the air around them.
“You may put him down, Taer al Asfer. He was unaware of the crimes he was committing.”
“Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t pay the price,” Sara growls. “He needs to learn how it works.”
The recruit looks ready to wet himself; Nyssa is fairly convinced he has learned.
Still, how is she to take any Sara’s fun?
“Nothing permanent, then.”
Sara releases the shirt, grabs the man’s arm, and twists it back. She forces him to his knees.
The man stammers through a grating apology, and Sara seems satisfied, releasing him. He runs away. Fast.
“You ok?” Sara asks once they are alone in the hall, all of a sudden gentle again.
“You did not need to do that,” Nyssa says, even as she brazenly invades Sara’s space.
“Yes, I did.”
“You do not have to protect me from his ignorant views.”
“Yes, I do,” Sara says firmly, responding by moving even closer.
“Stop whining,” Sara grins, all groping hands and soft lips, “Just be a damsel.”
Nyssa rolls her eyes, even as she crashes into her beloved.


Sorry, not feeling up to super smutty! Hope you enjoyed anyway.

Pacific Rim AU

Just bear with me guys bc every fandom has to have the pacific rim au okay (if you haven’t seen this movie and you love action/scifi idk what you’re doing watch it rn; also this is a very long post)

  • Aslan is the head of the program, of course
  • So Polly and Digory were two of the first drift-compatible pilots of the Jaeger program
  • They started out as single pilots bu teamed up when it was obvious that one person couldn’t pilot a Jaeger solo
  • Their Jaeger was a Mark-1 called Ringer
  • They were a very good team, but the machine only lasted for three attacks and they eventually retired to just helping in the Jaeger program
  • A few years pass and the Jaeger program gets new recruits, the Pevensie siblings
  • Peter and Susan were the best candidates the program had seen yet, working together in their Mark-3 Jaeger High Royale, to run over a dozen missions
  • They’re still running missions when their other two siblings join about a year later when they reach the age
  • Edmund and Lucy are just as good, if not better, in their Mark-4 Jaeger, Justly Valiant 
  • Lucy quickly befriends Tumnus, the Jaeger-Tech Chief and the LOCCENT officer who oversees Jaeger missions, and is their eyes and ears in the fight. 
  • Edmund was really cocky and a straight-up ass until he and Lucy went on a duo mission with another Jaeger team and the other team was killed when their Jaeger was destroyed by the Jadis Kaiju; he sobered and matured really quickly
  • They’re new celebrities because of their incredible fighting power that almost rivals their older siblings’
  • Because they were so good, a lot of the other teams were jealous and didn’t associate with them
  • Besides Peter and Susan, Ed and Lucy didn’t have very many friends 
  • One team that really let them in were two older pilots who retired into running the pilot training program (older means like, early 30′s while they’re early 20′s), the Beavers; their decommissioned Jaeger was a Mark-1 and was simply called The Beaver Dam
  • High Royale and Justly Valiant often run missions together, and people refer to them as the kings and queens of the Jaeger program because of how many successful missions they run
  • One day, High Royale falls short in a fight and the Jaeger is destroyed 
  • They were injured in the fight, nearly killed, and they were seasoned enough in High Royale that the program didn’t see how they could come back in a new Jaeger when they had many other recruits ready to go in the newer Marks, so they were forcibly retired
  • While Peter is devastated, always searching for a way back to the inside of the gigantic machines, Susan slowly loses her need to return and settles into a calmer life, watching the attacks on TV and being silently grateful she was out of harm’s way
  • She has a bit of PTSD from it, so she forces the memories out of her mind sometimes to keep calm
  • Peter can’t fathom how she could try to forget, because he doesn’t have as much trauma as she does and she didn’t tell anyone about how bad it was for her sometimes
  • Meanwhile, Justly Valiant is making great strides in fighting the Kaiju
  • A new team has risen in the ranks, Caspian and Eustace, who pilot The Dawn Treader 
  • Justly Valiant and The Dawn Treader start to frequently run missions together, but as the Kaiju attacks get more frequent, Justly Valiant falls and is destroyed, so Edmund and Lucy retired out of the program, too.
  • While they understand that they have to go and it would be difficult to get a new Jaeger for the duo this late in the game (think of it as being around the time that Pacific Rim takes place in the timeline), Ed and Lucy are sad to go, since the program has become their home
  • Caspian is stressed, because he has big shoes to fill (literally big) now that the kings and queens of the program are gone, and he and Eustace are one of the few teams left.
  • One day, Tumnus gets an alert that a category IV Kaiju is leaving the breach and is headed directly toward the mainland
  • It was their first fight since Justly Valiant was decommissioned
  • Caspian and Eustace are deployed; they fight the Jaeger but the Miraz Kaiju rips the right arm off the Jaeger, which causes Caspian (the right hemisphere) to have a seizure and die
  • As they were closer than anything and were way more than friends, Eustace is devastated
  • He considers leaving the program but it was entirely too late in the game and the Jaeger Program needed all the help they could get, so he stays to help any way he can
  • Eustace has trouble bonding with anyone else; they bring in Lucy and Edmund, even Peter (they try with Susan but she’s been out of contact with her siblings and others for a very long time), but none of the drifts are stable enough to pilot
  • Finally, Aslan brings in Jill Pole, an old classmate of Eustace’s from the Jaeger Academy
  • They drift easily, which surprised Eustace because they weren’t really friends in school; Aslan’s involvement with the two of them changed things
  • While people did have bets on whether or not they would get together, Jill and Eustace were only good friends (because they were both gaaaayyy)
  • The situation with the breach was getting increasingly more dangerous, so Aslan brought back the Justly Valiant and Ringer crews, grabbing for every pilot that was willing to help
  • Each team got a new Jaeger that would run for one mission, and Peter was teamed with Ed and Lucy in the biggest Jaeger the program had ever built, a massive Mark-5 called Cair Paravel
  • Eustace and Jill end up being the ones to destroy the breach, as Cair Paravel is the last standing to guard them
  • When the breach was finally sealed, all the surviving pilots reunited to celebrate the Jaeger program’s victory and are awarded medals
  • Susan never shows, distancing herself further and further from the program and everything that reminds her of it, including her family


Katana hung at hip, bright blue Overwatch uniform was pressed into place as neat as could be. As was expected from Hanzo, he had always been very detail oriented about his uniforms, and despite it not being absolutely necessary, he still felt as thought it was. His boots were light against the hard metal floor as he made his way throughout the halls, making his way to the Blackwatch section.

For some godforsaken reason, Morrison had sent him of all people to go over here and fetch something. He had no idea why someone else couldn’t do it, or why someone from the Blackwatch organization couldn’t be bothered to do the job themselves. In all honesty he was still quite a bit pissy about it, his expression was more than enough to express that. Gaze dark and lips pressed into a line thin, reserved as ever as he had always been. He really hadn’t changed much since his days as the Heir to the Shimada clan, had he? He still had that same prideful stride of his, his cold look, and of course that stupid hairstyle that many people would have changed by now, but he still kept.

His fingers lightly tapped as he got close to the Blackwatch section, an uneasy feeling churning in his stomach. He didn’t like this place and hopefully would get out of here quickly.

Imagine this at E3
  • Presenter: "We're near the end of the Bioware showcase, but we have one more teaser to show you."
  • *Screen goes black*
  • *Dragon Age: Origins menu theme starts playing*
  • Duncan's Voice: "The blight, upon us."
  • *Shot of darkspawn army in the distance*
  • Duncan's voice: "The Grey Wardens are all that stands between The Darkspawn and Ferelden."
  • *Shows bigger hall for the Joining, many Wardens in the room. Camera goes to a first person view*
  • Alistair's voice: "Duncan, the recruits are ready for the Joining."
  • Duncan, (standing by the table that the Joining Goblet stands upon): "Would you three recruits please step forward."
  • *Camera bobs slightly as our mystery character steps forward*
  • Duncan: "This is not a step to be taken lightly. From the moment you drink, you are a Grey Warden."
  • *Room falls silent, ominous. Wardens kneel*
  • Duncan: "Though fate may decree that you pay your price sooner..."
  • *Our character looks down at their trembling hands, clenched into fists.*
  • Duncan: "...rather than later."
  • *Screen fades to black, before an updated logo reads: Dragon Age Origins: Remastered Collection. To be released this fall.*
Home (Tony Stark!Adoptive Dad x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader)

(Hey guys so I’m not really sure if I like how this turned out but it was requested so I’m gonna go ahead and post it anyways. Also, there is a lot more Tony then there is Peter! Just letting you know!) 

Requested : Yes! (So this is a kinda big request can u do one where the reader is Tony Starks daughter and she’s adopted so she has fire powers, and Spider-Man gets added to the team and the reader has seen the videos of him Tony showed her and she like became a huge fan, Peter ends up liking her a lot too but Tony is really overprotective, sorry if it’s really specific.)

Warnings: A little sad (i guess), lil fluffy with Peter that’s it.

Word Count: 1,261


It was as if it happened yesterday. You remember it all, you remembered the heat, you remember the tightening in your chest, you remember your screams when you knew you were no longer in your own control, you remember the feeling of people running from you, and mostly you remembered the feeling of guilt.

You had hurt so many people, simply because you lost control of your power, you were left alone and abandoned by a family that once loved you uncontrollably. 

You were so young and so afraid of the world, your powers made people scared of you, you knew you were never going to be able to feel normal, and that hurt, that frightened you.

Then you found a place called home.

Tony Stark, found you on the streets alone pushing along a shopping cart with lord knows what, the first thing he said to you was, “Where’s your family kid?” He had pulled up next to you, in one of those shiny cars that you only see in the movies, and you froze, you knew who it was, and you knew what he was capable of, so your first reaction, you lifted up your hand making fire come out of each of your fingertips. His face was frozen in shock, “You should probably come with me.” You nodded not questioning and getting into his car.

It had been about 3 years since then, and you were now living with Tony Stark in the Avengers headquarters, with your now, so-called ‘family’. You were the youngest, until one day Tony told you he was ready to recruit someone else to the team.

He sat you on the couch with him, showing you videos of this, thing swinging from building to building, saving people from getting hit by cars, and stopping small robberies and immediately you were interested in who was under the mask.

You remembered spending days on your computer, looking up every video of the Spider-Man, every picture, every incident that involved him. You were so curious about who was under the mask, and how could anyone get a power like that. It was so different to you.

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To get into the industry, is an art degree a must or does it just matter if you're good? (I can't pursue an art degree for because personal issues)

oh, friend. my dear anon. despite some friends’ objectifications, i cannot art. i thought i was doomed to never break into the animation industry because i never went to calarts or risd or scad, but there are so many other roles in this industry that don’t require artistic skills at all! and if you are set on being a background painter or a board artist or something similar, i think it’s more important for you to keep practicing your work and to have a professional and recruiter-ready portfolio of your best pieces both online and to hand in to studios once you get those interviews.

FC Recruitment Poster for the wonderful people who make logging in worth it to me. I’ll let @oyuudatass make the full recruitment post when she’s ready, but I wanted to share this little side project.

If any of you mage-y types (or even those just interested in magic, or just want to kick Voidsent in the teeth) need a RP FC to call home, I can’t express enough how great a group the people are at Order of Ouroboros.

I was going to be good and work on WIPs this week. Really, I was.

I have no willpower, so instead I’m doing the AltPair week. *headdesk*

And because I really have no willpower, I’m going to try to do one for most days, and make a single story out of them. Krem/Cullen, though this installment is for the prompt “First Meetings,” and so there is a decided lack of slash. Sorry!

Cullen can’t say that his first reaction to the news is positive.

“You hired mercenaries?” he demands, then coughs once, embarrassed. “Your pardon, Herald, I meant no disrespect.”

Cullen has always wanted to be able to raise one eyebrow and give people exactly the look he’s getting now. It’s a look that offers him a long length of rope and invites him to hang himself with it.

“Was that…entirely wise?” Cullen asks, trying to be tactful and aware he’s failing miserably.

“Perhaps you’ve noticed, Commander, but there’s currently a rather large hole in the sky.” Andraste’s Herald has many talents, but an endless supply of sarcasm seems to be chief among them. “I know you spend much of your time at the war table these days, so might I suggest a brief walk around Haven to acquaint yourself with it? I’m sure someone can point it out to you, if necessary.”

“I’m aware of the Breach,” Cullen says stiffly. “But I’m also aware that mercenaries can cause more problems than they solve.”

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New Love Island stars wary of fiery Olivia – but one has eye on her man Chris

A new batch of Love Island recruits are getting ready to shake things up as they arrive in the villa in Thursday’s episode.

Eleven new young men and women are joining the ITV2 reality programme’s Majorcan villa, and a few have told of how they are prepared to shake things up despite existing romances.

The show, which has grown in the ratings recently to hit a peak audience of 2 million in Wednesday night’s episode sees the contestants couple up with their co-stars to find love and also win a £50,000 prize.

Amelia Peters (ITV)

Entering in the third week of the programme, some of the new contestants have told of how they fear they may clash with feisty Olivia Attwood, although one of the girls said she is not too shy to take a punt at stealing her partner Chris Hughes from under her nose.

Dental nurse and model Shannen McGrath said, ahead of appearing on the show: “I have my eye on someone who is quite coupled up … Chris.

“I think he is absolutely stunning and I know Liv comes across as a bit of a psychopath but I would be willing to give her the challenge.”

The 23-year-old from Ireland said she would have done the same with previous frontrunners couple Dom Lever and Jess Shears, who were split when Shears was booted from the show.

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood (ITV)

Amelia Peters, an 18-year-old part-time teaching assistant and model said she is also fond of Hughes, but that she may not bother to pursue him out of fear of Attwood’s wrath.

She said: “I don’t like boys that absolutely adore themselves. I couldn’t stand Chris in the beginning but now he is coming out of his shell more.

“I think they all understand that we have to go in there and take it. I don’t think I would even bother going near Chris because Olivia would eat me alive. It’s just something you have to do.”

She said she also believes she will clash with Attwood.

Ellisha-Jade (ITV)

Ellisha-Jade said it is likely she will have a run-in with Attwood too during her time in the villa.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur said she will bond with a few of the girls – Amber Davies, Tyla Carr and Gabby Allen – but that the others are “hostile”.

She said: “Olivia is the girl I am most likely to clash with. We are both quite fiery and quite dramatic.”

Personal trainer Marino Katsouris said he originally liked Attwood, but has changed his mind.

The 22-year-old said: “I did like Olivia but from what I’ve seen she gives Chris a little bit too much agg, creating arguments out of nothing so probably best to steer clear of that.”

Marino Katsouris (ITV)

He, along with several of the other male hopefuls mainly find Davies and Carr the most appealing as potential dates, which could stir things due to Davies’ on-off romance with Kem Cetinay, and Carr’s recent kiss with Jonny Mitchell.

Katsouris said: “I do like Montana (Brown), she’s got something about her, really nice body, good personality. Also Tyla is pretty cool and Amber although I don’t know what’s going on with her and Kem at the moment.”

:: Love Island continues at 9pm on Thursday on ITV2.

Title: A (little longer than a) Week in the Life

Pairing: Medusa/MC(Claire)

Rating: PG13

Spoilers: Nothing major, but it does take place after Medusa’s Main Story 3 and the Special

Authors Notes: I’m too gay for this snake gf  


Sunday Night/Monday Morning

A part of her hadn’t believed Cyprin when they said a field agent’s work mostly revolved around boring stakeouts and stale coffee. However, after her third night in a row parked near an abandoned shack of a warehouse and sipping cold tea, Claire finally admitted to herself that they had been right on the money.

Twisting her wrist, she sighed in disappointment as the small hand ticked past the hour and capped her half-full styrofoam cup.

“Careful rookie, another sigh like that and they’ll fail you on principle.” The man in the driver’s seat offered her a tired smile, chugging the last of his coffee before tossing the cup into the back.

“I don’t remember seeing anything about that in the manual.”

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Post Battle Precautions: Neville Longbottom One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: Can I get just a really fluffy Neville one shot post-war? Xxx

Your P.O.V

There I was.

Standing in the middle of what would be a war site in not even an hour.

I was looking down from one side, scoping the scenery around me for any signs of danger.

Across from me, was my boyfriend of 4 years, Neville Longbottom. He was my the brightest light in my days. Laughing and smiling, and making jokes when appropriate. He always knew how to settle a girl down, and make them feel worth while.

He was shouting to his long time friend Seamus, asking if the crystallized explosions were ready.

Neville and I were standing on the famous, yet old Wooden Bridge at our Wizarding School, Hogwarts. Except, our school may be burned down and perished in nothing more than two hours. A war has broken out, and there’s nothing to stop it. This is the moment.

“Seamus! Are you sure that they’re ready? Are you sure that you know what you’re doin’?” Neville shouted from the edge of the balcony.

“Don’t get your pants in a twist Longbottom! They’re more ready than they’ll ever be!” Seamus yelled back, flashing a smile and giving a thumbs up.

“O-Okay.” Neville stammered out. He turned back to face me, a sorrow filled look on his face.

“You alright, love?” I asked, slowly walking up to him and holding his hand.

“Y-Yeah.” He lied. His eyes were looking down at the ground, avoiding my own.

“I know you’re scared. I am too. Everyone is.” I said to him, taking him in my arms as he slowly wrapped his around my waist. His chin was resting on my head as he began to speak.

“Why did this happen? I mean, why now? Why us?” He whispered out. I heard sniffles coming from above me, and a tear trickle down my neck.

“Hey hey hey, don’t cry baby.” I said. I wiped away his tears and kissed him on the cheek. I took his hand in mine again, softly squeezing it as my eyes looked at his gorgeous, and glistening hazel ones.

“But why-”

“Neville, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. Voldemort (I shuddered) wants to fight us all, and murder us because we support one person. Harry. He wants to kill us because we support and love Harry Potter. We’re his friends. Now, I’m not saying that it’s his fault, because it is truly no ones. His only source and strategy to get to Harry is through is. This all just happened in a blink of an eye, and there’s no way to stop it.”

I tried to continue but a lump began to form in my throat, hot and salty tears beginning to trickle down my face. I sniffled, took and a deep breath, and concluded with,

“I don’t know what will happen tonight. We might live and celebrate our victory and triumph, or we might die. We might die and never be remembered by anyone (I began to sob). But all I want you to know is that I love you so much. N-Neville Longbottom, you have given me the best four years o-of my life. A-And I don’t know how to thank you for it. You h-have granted me to most important g-gift of li-i-fe. Love. You have taught me that there is not such thing as evil. Th-Through all of my times of need, and others times of need, you’ve always been there to support our well being. I love you-u Neville Longbottom. I always will.”

I began to uncontrollably sob into his chest. His blue cardigan became soaked, as my tears washed into it. His grip around me became tighter. His head laid in too of mine, as he began to cry as well. I could hear sobs coming from the distance as well.

“I love you so much (Y/N). I’ll never stop. I promise you that.” He sobbed, with his grip on me becoming even tighter as I cried hysterically.

“(Y-Y/N), please stop crying. We need to pull ourselves together before the battle.” Neville softly told me, his tears slowly descending now.

The mention of the word “battle” only made me cry even more harder. My breathing became more rapid by the second, as the tears kept on coming and never stopped. I was holding onto his completely wet cardigan, as a way of pulling him closer and never letting him go. I just couldn’t do.

“(Y/N), baby, please stop.” Neville said again, this time, a little more seriously. His tears were gone. A couple sniffs did come from him here and there, but he was becoming serious about my situation.

I sobbed even more. I couldn’t stop it.

He heard a noise from the opposite direction. It was a lot of shouting, and yells of the start of war. It was the death eaters, getting ready to recruit themselves to kill us all.

“Neville! Get ready!” We heard Ginny call from the end of the bridge.

Hearing this made my tears worse. I became an emotional wreck. My emotions were eating me up inside. I couldn’t handle it. I became weak.

“(Y/N), please!” Neville cried out, struggling to lift my head up. I didn’t budge. My face was buried inside my hands, the muffled cries still pouring out. The roars of the death eaters came closer. Neville became more eager.

“(Y/N)! C’mon! They’re coming!” He yelled, pulling me up from the floor. I still didn’t budge. I just wanted to sit there and die. Just like that.

“Well, here I go-”

Next thing you know, my face is out of my hands and my lips are connected with his. I was successfully standing up, with his arms wrapped around my waist, supporting me. He moved one hand up to my cheek, cupping it, and deepened the kiss, as our lips moved in synch.

The wind was blowing, causing my previous tear drenched to become dry and soft like before, allowing me to move closer to Neville. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck, and pulled him closer. Our sweet lips were contracting onto one another, blocking out all of the shouts and roars from the death eaters. Our love was colliding in such a different way, and it never felt so good.

His hand moved away from my cheek, beginning to rummage threw the pocket of his jeans as his lips were still connect to mine. His arm soon left my waist, as both of his hands began to make their way to the back of my neck, and locking something from behind.

Our lips disconnected as I curiously began to examine the thing he put around my neck. I looked down to meet a charm that was in the shape of a frog. As my fingers felt it, it croaked, causing me to jump and Neville to sweetly chuckle as a slight blush crept onto his cheeks.

“A frog?” I asked, looking into his eyes again.

“In memory of our times with Trevor.” He said. He tilted his head towards me and started walking closer, wrapping his arms around my waist like before.

“Like that time that we chased him through the Great Hall, and when he landed on the edge of McGonagall’s hat?” I chuckled. He laughed, and connected his forehead with mine.

“I was thinking to give it to you after the battle, but considering where we are now, I thought this was the best time to give to you. In each other’s arms, and gazing upon one another. Don’t you think?” He smiled at me.

“Yeah.” I calmly said. His hazel eyes were looking deep into mine, almost finding a message within.

“Did I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?” Neville swiftly said, going in for another quick kiss as I replied.

“Millions of time before babe.”

“But I always blushed the same way every time you told me.” I replied, biting my lip.

He was breathing distance away from me now, and our lips collided again. His tongue glided along my bottom lip, causing me to moan and my eyes to open. Neville never tried that before.

Our lips disconnected.

“How was that for a first try?” He sweetly smirked at me.

“Hot.” I whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek afterwards as he chuckled.

We heard a crack.

Our eyes looked towards the school. The shield was breaking by the second, and more death eaters were swarming in. We saw the battle beginning at an early toll.

Our eyes then switched to our surroundings, with the shield around the bridge descending as well. We separated from each other’s grip, and stood next to one another, mentally and physically preparing for what we would be fighting for the coming hours.

The yells and shouts from the death eaters became more audible. I tighten my grip on my wand, as Neville did the same for his.

“Ready Seamus?” He shouted from behind his shoulder.

“Ready when you are Neville!” Seamus shouted back, the sound of fear in his voice.

“Ready (Y/N)?” He asked me.

“Ready.” I told him.

The shield was broken. Death Eaters were flooding onto the bridge, causing it to shake under their mighty feet.

“Get ready to die!” One of them shouted at us.

“Yeah? You and who’s army?”

“I almost joined the Army when I was younger. I felt like I needed to serve my country. I was on my way to the recruiting office, ready to sign up. I was about a block away then I just turned left and kept walking down that street for a while and never went back.”

“What made you turn left?”

“I smelled someone grilling steak or something, and by the time I got to it, my beliefs had changed completely.”

- Norman, Bushwick

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Steve x Recruit The Recruit is getting ready to leave on a dangerous solo mission and Steve doesn't want her to go so he begs her to stay but she tells him that she can't so he hugs her and makes her promise to come back alive cause he needs her

“I’ll be fine, Cap.” You tugged on a couple of the straps on your vest and pet your body to check that everything was there. A new addition to your arsenal was a line of daggers down your vest. Bucky had taught you a few new tricks and now you were eager to test them in the field.

Steve had been hesitant to let you go. Raiding an old HYDRA base on your own? It seemed like such an unnecessary risk. Apparently you knew the area, so it would be easiest for you to sneak in and grab the data on your own. “Are you sure you don’t want to take anyone? We can get Nat to go with you.” He had already offered to go with you several times, but you always declined.

You just laughed and lightly punched the blond in the chest. “C’mon, Nat’s my overseer for this mission already. Have faith in me.”

Before you could pull your arm back, Steve caught your fist in his hands. “You know that’s not the issue. This mission doesn’t feel right.”

It was clear he was worried, but this mission had to happen. “It doesn’t feel right because you don’t want me to go on my own. I’ll be fine, Steve. I promise.” Placing your other hand over his you smiled brightly. “Hey, I don’t get like this when you leave on a solo mission.”

“Sometimes you do-”

“Not every mission.”

After a short stare down, Steve conceded and let go of your hands in favor of a tight hug. “Come back safe, Recruit.”

Your giggle was muffled by his chest and you would have saluted if you could have raised your arm. “Aye-aye, Cap’n!”