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also what he meant by “you wouldnt wanna upset the kid” is exactly that. dont do it. hes a nice kid why would you wanna do that you horrible people 

an extension of this comic so I can draw reigen being a good human being. also an actual doodle comic this time. that reminds me of why I dont do actual doodle comics often (hint: because I cant without rolling in my grave over how sketchy it looks)


This doesn’t feel right, Ben.

The End of Jason Todd
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  • The End of Jason Todd

The End of Jason Todd | The Smyrk

you must have seen this coming
limited number of times a clown prince could laugh it off and keep running
so don’t be surprised when you hear i’m declaring war
‘cause wouldn’t your soldiers be prepared for it?

Nurse Joy (Task Force x Reader)

Warning: Mentions Of Wounds

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“Nurse (Y/N), they are asking for you.” One of the newly recruited nurses called you out from your chambers.

You were the head nurse in Belle Reeve. Yes, indeed was a weird place to work in but you were never a fan of normalcy.

You were the best there was and that is why Waller had assigned you as the main nurse for her Task Force. And, oh, dear, they got wounded a lot.

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Enjoy your road rage "justice?" I hope you enjoy your recruitment calls!

tl;dr: dude called me out for false bad driving, signed him up to be recruited.

So I work in a kitchen, and part of my duties are to deliver food to other locations.  So, of course I’ve got one of those “How’s my driving” stickers on the back of the delivery truck.  (Has anyone in the history of those stickers called the number to report a good driver)?

So my boss calls me into his office concerning a report, that someone had called in on my driving.  The caller said that I didn’t use my turn signal, that I cut him off, and after being prompted by the operator if he had to swerve, he said yes.

This was all completely untrue.  As confirmed by the passenger with me, I turned on my blinker in order to merge, there was plenty of room to merge between said driver and myself.  He sped up in order to cut me off as I was already merging, so he slammed on his brakes, and later passed me swiftly on the left side.  Remember, after being prompted by the operator about swerving?  If he was forced to swerved, he would’ve slammed into the guard rail immediately to the right.

None of this mattered to HR, I gave my report on what actually happened, but I still had to take a training course on how to properly change lanes.  It was honestly insulting.

Now, if I were my boss, this would be a TIFU, (though he doesn’t even know).  He forwarded me a copy of the email from HR, along with an attachment of the incident report, which included the following text: “NOTICE: To protect the confidentiality and safety of the caller, under no circumstance should the caller information be provided to the driver.”  And included on the report was this guy’s name and phone number!

I didn’t want to do anything real bad to this guy, and I didn’t want to jeopardize mine or my bosses jobs, but I was still really pissed that he lied in his road rage.  So I decided that the nicest form of revenge would be to sign him up as someone interested in being recruited into the national guard.

Enjoy the recruitment calls for the next 10 years!

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"Is it about love? I hope not." W/ Cassian pls ❤

(First Valentine’s drabble of the event!)

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Cassian was so, very tired. Valentine’s Day this, date night that, roses and flowers and chocolates overloading his senses as he tried to make his way back to his dorm.

“Captain Andor!” He heard one of the new recruits call to him.

“Yes, officer?” He sighed, turning around and facing the fresh-faced youth.

“It’s Valentine’s Day! Are you going to do anything special for anyone?” He nudged him lightly as he gestured over to you, talking with Chirrut and Baze.

“Officer, that is my own personal business.” And with that, he turned on his heel, only to be met by one of the X-Wing pilots.

“Come on, Cassian! Today’s the perfect day! Go on, proclaim your undying love fo-” The man clamped his hand over the girl’s mouth.

“Shush. My personal life is my own. Go and finish your duties.” He shook his head as they nodded, walking away.

“Cassian!” He heard another voice yell, and he didn’t bother even turning around.

“What?” He asked, exasperated. “Is it about love? Please say no.”

He turned around, eyes widening as he saw you standing behind him. “Alright, I’ll change the subject then.”

“No, Y/N.” He stopped, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “The recruits have been so incessant about Valentine’s Day, they keep on cornering me left and right to ask me if I’m doing anything special.”

“Well…” You shifted your weight onto your hip. “Do you have anything special planned?”

Cassian looked at you, a twitch of a smile showing at the corner of his lip. “No. I don’t.”

“Good.” You smiled, taking his hand and getting him out onto the tarmac and into the sun. “I’m getting bombarded by officers too, so how about a quick flight? Already got clearance.” You pointed to your ship, and he squeezed your hand, stopping for a moment to look at your face in the warm sun-kissed glow.

“Let’s go, then.”

In Indonesia, female military recruits still need to pass a “2-finger” virginity test.

Human Rights Watch published a report on Wednesday urging the Indonesian military to abandon its practice of subjecting female recruits and fiancées of male recruits to so-called “virginity tests” in order to ensure they are not “naughty.” The report not confirmed the test "has no scientific validity,” it called it “cruel, inhuman and degrading.”

guild wars 1 had (has) this great feature called mercenary heroes, which i would pay actual money for in swtor

in GW1, you had recruitable NPCs called henchmen (whose skills + gear could not be modified) and heroes (whose skills and gear could be). late in the game’s life, they also added something called mercenary heroes, which enabled you to essentially create a carbon copy of one of your player characters as a recruitable hero. they had preset ‘personalities’ you could pick from for battle quotes, and there was basically no voice acting in gw1 so it was a relatively cheap thing for them to do

but god i would pay actual money to be able to run around with officer!eirn on my sith!quinn. or vice versa. BWA PLS.

If you romance Isabela, Leandra will say at one point, “I’ve heard the way your pirate girl talks,” and this dialogue has always made me laugh because it’s like oh god mom what have you heard Isabela say?!


Hawke wasn’t prone to blushing. Isabela had figured that out - and admired it - from the start. One could say the raunchiest things to her and she would lift a delicate brow and either repeat an equally raunchy thing back or, if it was unwanted, give the speaker a firm punch to the jaw.

Isabela always got the former, of course.  They became a bit known among their companions for their, “thirteen-year-old recruit minds” as Aveline called it. But it was great fun. Isabela would say something, maybe a remark on how hot and hard their current trek was and then she would see Hawke smirk before she would add something back that would make Varric lift his eyes skyward, Fenris giggle and cover it up with a cough and, on occasion, Anders blush. Hawke didn’t blush though.

At least not unless it was in front of her mother.

The two of them were standing together by the desk. Hawke was sorting through her mail and Isabela was “helping”. Leandra was knitting in front of the fire.

“Trash,” Hawke was saying. “Trash. Trash. Trash.” She tossed a stack of envelopes away, most likely all of them from nobles asking for favors now that Hawke was in Hightown.

“Ooh look at this one.” Isabela pulled out an envelope with a heavily embossed rose on it. “From the Blooming Rose. Probably Madam Lusine telling you to pay up for all your visits to Jethann.”

Hawke rolled her eyes and snatched the envelope out of her grip. “More likely she’s telling me she has more bloodmages to root out. And I haven’t been seeing Jethann,” she added, with half a glance toward her mother.

“Oh I know you haven’t,” Isabela said. “Jethann wouldn’t know what to do with a sweet thing like you.”

Hawke coughed. “N-no,” she said and gave her a look, jerking her head imperceptibly back to her mother as though in warning, but Isabela’s smile only widened.

Isabela picked up another envelope, shaking it slightly to check for gold. “Poor Jethann,” she said with a sigh. “He has no hopes of getting your business.”

“No-” Hawke said, looking at her questioningly.

Isabela sighed again, and then added casually. “Well anyway, it’s good that I know exactly how kinky you like it.”

“Isabela!” Hawke hissed, her face beet-red and Isabela laughed.

She could have sworn she could hear quiet laughter coming from near the fireplace too.

A little snippet of the game, if you manage to save Emmeryn.
  • Emmeryn: "Thank you Frederick. And what of our progress last month concerning the recruitment process? How go those?
  • Frederick: "You will be pleased to learn the attendance for our recruitment call went well beyond expected."
  • Robin: "The female turnout was especially strong after Frederick’s unique enlistment methods were utilized."
  • Flavia: "Ha! I have half a mind to join myself given that persuasive masterpiece you handed out. A very effective strategy."
  • Chrom: "Yes. . . Very effective."
  • Emmeryn: "How wonderful to hear! I would very much like to see what it is you’ve created Frederick! Surely we must use such an effective method for future need."
  • Chrom: "NO! Um. . . no, Emm. That’s quite alright. It was a one time deal. We’ve already destr-dispensed all the printed materials."

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I have an OC that I think would be like best buds with Hanin. They'd be muscley and unimpressed with peoples combat skills and called mom and dad by the inquisition recruits that they train (behind their backs)

Hahaha you know, I’ve never thought about recruits slipping up and calling Hanin dad, but that WOULD TOTALLY HAPPEN LET’S BE REAL.

I am always here for more unimpressed muscle-folk training the younguns to be big and strong. I wonder if “mom” and “dad” factions would form among the soldiers hehe >.>

Knights of the Waking Alliance, 3

SWTOR. KotFE spoilers.

[Busy chapter at the new expanded chapter length (3000 words)! Skating through Chapters 1-9: Ruth asks Koth about repairs; Ruth and Lana recruit a newcomer called Senya and Ruth takes some unexpected help in battle at her side. Senya’s Scion allies reveal the truth about Ruth’s alliance…and Senya makes an admission of her own. Together the party recruits an underworld figure called the Lady of Sorrows. Ruth and the others flee Arcann with some help; T7-01 makes his objections known; Ruth reaches Odessen. Koth, Ruth, Lana, Senya, Valkorion, SCORPIO]

A replacement ship presents itself in ruins: the Gravestone, supposedly capable of taking out one of the Eternal Fleet. Ruth, with assassin droid HK-55, helps Lana, T7-01, and Koth repair and supply the gravestone.

“Uh, Koth,” said Ruth.

“Uh, yeah,” said the Zakuulian pilot and ex-soldier Koth. Well, Lana vouched for him, at least.

“You really think this ship is going to be firing anything based on the efforts of three people and a pair of droids who are only programmed to spout threats and recriminations, respectively?”

“Oh, is that you Teeseven keeps grumbling about?”

“Yes. Apparently I killed Republic figures in my past life.” Ruth rubbed her temples. “Who knew?”

“Ancient history, I hope. Don’t worry about the Gravestone. She’ll be firing all engines plus your new favorite weapon,” said Koth. “Scout’s honor.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, hand me that hydrospanner. Don’t worry. I’ve got you.”

Sure, guy she met twelve hours ago. “Here.”

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IRAQ. Baghdad governorate. Baghdad. February 15, 2004. An Iraqi Policeman stands guard on a roof in a sandstorm at the Baghdad Academy for Police officers in Iraq. The Iraqi police had suffered grave losses that week with two major attacks on police stations and recruits to be officers, calling into question whether Iraq was ready for the transfer of power to Iraqi officials.

Photograph: Lynsey Addario/Getty