recruitment and staffing

the recruiter at the staffing agency was like “why do you put LGBTQ instead of LGBT on your resume?” and i basically had to explain queerness as a concept today with no preparation which went about as well as you might expect

i ended up finding an article in TIME on it and sending it with my thank you email like “by the way if you were still confused this is a little more clear!” im a mess lmao

What Is Staffing Agencies

A lot of staffing agency runs and focus on a particular sector of the task market, but all functions in the same way - by offering a service that matches the labor requirements of their business or small company clients with certified workers who have the abilities that satisfy those requirements. Eventually, staffing firms handle the personnel demands and needs of your customers, preserving and managing countless resumes of task hunters and candidates.

A staffing firm would first receive a list of requirements provided by the business and a description of the job position they need to be filled. With the story at hand, the staffing agency would utilize the details and develop a task publishing, which they would then filter through potential applicants to discover the ideal match for the employer and the employee.

The primary objective for staffing firms is to match each applicant with a task. To accomplish this, agencies will first speak with possible candidates to obtain to understand the candidates and the type of work they would be most be fitted for in both long- and short-term positions. To identify a prospect’s ability to operate in a particular place, the firm may ask the applicant to take an expert skills test, such as a typing test, in their preliminary interview. Validating a candidate’s skills with a broad selection of evaluations provides a staffing agency an advantage in matching the ideal applicant to his/her dream job and will typically have a database of job seekers’ resumes for future opportunities.

After the evaluation tests, how to find a recruiter would then help the prospect established an interview with a potential company once the agency has chosen they combined the ideal candidate with an open position. There are two alternatives when the company is selecting a candidate. The company can either employ the candidate on a short-term basis or work with him/her straight in an irreversible position.