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Hi! Just wondering, but I'd one day would like to be part of a scanlation team! I was wondering what kind of tutorials are out there for cleaning, thanks!

The first thing you should know is that the vast majority of all cleaners in scanlation use Photoshop and Topaz (I’m talking here 99.9%). Also, cleaning is something you’re always learning as you go along; even people who have more than a couple years of experience are still learning.

The most important things you should know as a cleaner:

  1. Keep an open mind. There are a million and one ways to clean; there isn’t one that’s “correct”, just the one that suits you the most.
  2. Depending on the quality of the raws you’re working on, cleaning can either be harder than your real life job and take longer, or it can be easy as pie and literally take 1 minute to finish cleaning.

If after number 2 you still want to be a cleaner, these tutorials are pretty informative:

And be sure to browse Red Hawk’s Scanlator Tutorials. Red Hawk can make really, really high quality cleans even if the raw quality is terrible. They know what they’re talking about. Good luck! :) –Charlotte


Since I get this question DAILY, here are some outfit ideas for recruitment!! Check with your Panhellenic recommendations for each day FIRST, and then see this list!!

Round 1 (usually with a given tee)

Round 2 (sundress/skirts)

Round 3 (sundress, wedges)

Pref Night (cocktail dress, heels)

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I have my interview with a colonizing sorority next week and I'm SO nervous because I'm a senior and I'm afraid they won't want me for that reason. I've been told that they're looking for a mixture of girls but is there anything I can do during my interview to really help set myself apart and make a great impression? I'm falling in love with this sorority and I'm so nervous that I won't get a bid.

Colonies are totally different than “regular” chapters when it comes to class level. They need mature hard workers to help establish the sorority on campus. So in your interview, emphasize the skills you can bring to the new chapter. If you are interested in leadership, let them know which job you have your eye on and what special talents you have. If you’re a genius at finance, or have a resume of leading large groups, make sure to spotlight those things. 

Another thing that colonies look for are PNMs who are interested in their philanthropy and fundraising. Getting a community service program and an annual fundraiser launched in the first year will be a big deal. So if you have experience in volunteering and/or fundraising that would be ideal. Share all the parts of your past that apply towards building a new sisterhood. You can also mention how much the new friendships will mean to you. It’s not all about work, work, work. And you look forward to being an active alumnae member after you graduate in 2016. If the recruiters think you will support the organization long term, it will help your chances. 

Pledging as a senior is always a challenge. But a colony is your best shot. Be enthusiastic and charming. If they see your strong interest and genuine passion for their chapter, I am sure they will be impressed! xoxo ;)

Hi all~ Please check out the next chapter of Are You Alice? As usual, links to DL and read online can be found at the FS website and forum. Enjoy! 

P.S. We still need Japanese translators, specifically for Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. Please apply!! Contact or follow the directions to apply on the forum if you’re interested!

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For the sorority rush dresses question: I am petite, 5'1. Anything under $100 would be fine! I also look atrocious in yellow. you are so very sweet.

Okay! I will give you a ton of options under $100 (but no yellow!)