I made an FC tonight! We are Sovereign, and we are looking for anyone who may be interested on the Balmung server! The FC focus will be mainly light RP and PVE content!

If you’re FCless, new to the server, or just wanna join, please feel free to apply to the FC or message me in game on Royal Paws! ♥

Imagine being a reclusive sketch artist recruited by the Avengers to help them plan all of their most dangerous missions. It is your responsibility to draw extensive plans for every mission in order to get the Avengers in and out as safely as possible.

Everyone knows you value your solitude, and they tend to leave you alone when you aren’t working. So you feel fairly comfortable with your newest hobby: drawing beautiful pictures of the supposed dangerous man, Loki, who lives in the room across the hall.

That is, until you fall ill and Tony Stark goes into your room looking for your latest mission plans while you are indisposed…and finds the wrong sketches.

Gibbs: “What about your dad?”
Paul: “Think about it… Your gay son comes to you, tells you he wants to join the military… What would you say?”
Gibbs: “I’d wish him luck… try to be there for him.”

~ 8x12 “Recruited”

Tony: “Well, who was the last one to use it?”
Ziva: “You were.”
Tony: [chuckles] “I don’t think so. ‘cause it smells like falafels… And I know a certain backup probie agent that smells a little falafely.”

~ 7x15 “Jack-Knife”

Tony: “Magoo, I have better things to do than to obsess over the whereabouts of our little Miss Fancy Pants Ziva.”
McGee: “Yeah? Like what?”
Tony: “Well, for instance, there’s lunch. Today I’m thinking falafel.”

~ 8x12 “Recruited”

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Perfect song for such a flawless video.

I love this man..


There’s nothing safer about hookah. A one-hour hookah session is like smoking 100 cigarettes.

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While you’re chilling for hours at the hookah lounge, you’re doing some major damage to your lungs. The amount of smoke you inhale in a one-hour hookah session is equal to smoking 100 or more cigarettes.(1) That’s like inhaling the amount of smoke from five packs of cigarettes.

Many people think that hookah is safer than cigarettes but the facts say otherwise. The smoke from one hookah session contains 46 times the tar and about 3-6 times the carbon monoxide as the smoke from a single cigarette.(2) If you’re still not convinced, most of the tobacco used for hookah contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals and pretty much the same amount of nicotine as the tobacco in cigarettes.(3)

Did we forget to mention that sharing a hookah mouthpiece can spread infectious diseases like herpes and hepatitis?(4) Zero to one hundred, real quick.

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McGee: [while Tony is staring at Ziva’s desk] “So… where is she?”
Tony: “Who?”
McGee: “Tony, Ziva’s been gone since Thursday.”
Tony: “Oh! This… Ziva. Gosh, I hadn’t noticed.”
McGee: “You are lying.”
Tony: “Magoo, I have better things to do than to obsess over the whereabouts of our little Miss Fancy Pants Ziva.”
McGee: “Yeah? Like what?”
Tony: “Well, for instance, there’s lunch. Today I’m thinking falafel.”
McGee: “Tony…”
Tony: “All right! … She spent the weekend with him.”
McGee: “Him who?”
Tony: “The Sire of South Beach, the King of Key West, the Man with the… Mister… I’m running out of things to call him.”

~ 8x12 “Recruited”

So that was pretty terrifying.

I was looking at the list of people I’m following because I noticed that it was higher than I remembered, and I know that some people have had their accounts hacked lately and ended up randomly following like a zillion people, so I was slightly worried. (Let me just say now: don’t worry, I was not hacked, I really am just following more people than I thought. XP What can I say, I’ve found a lot of quality blogs lately!)

Anyway, I saw a bunch of blogs that I did indeed remember starting to follow recently, but then I came across a URL I didn’t recognize. I figured that maybe someone had changed their URL or something, so I clicked on it, and for a moment all that showed up was a blank white screen with the words “PLEASE, LOOK BEHIND YOU.” at the top in large letters. I FREAKED OUT. But then the rest of the page loaded and it turns out that it was just this blog I found recently of someone who does really adorable Doctor Who fanart. XP (It was, btw.) But seriously, oh my goodness. If the page had loaded all the way all at once it would’ve been fine, but as it was… I pretty much died. >.<