Former #President #DwightEisenhower’s granddaughter #LauraEisenhower speaks out about being offered to join the #MarsColony in 2006. Quote" I am the only one who is speaking about the treaties and agreements with the #shadowgovernment,” she said. “The family has been infiltrated.” She said she believed that he knew about #colonies on Mars and about contact with #aliens. After a giving a slide slide show presentation, #Eisenhower said she was approached by “#Mars #recruiters” in #2006. She said she felt uncomfortable about the offer and since then has felt strange things going on around her…. I only serve #redpills in here… #BreakAwayCivilization Research (#Alternative3), Interesting things happening in 2025 on Earth. Great interview by my friend @thomasmikeyjensen and co-founder of @u_f_a_h
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Hello! I have two questions I would like help with. I have seen gifs of bts reacting to spring day comeback stage, but I can't find the video? Can you link me please? Also, how does training, recruitment and debut work.... How did bts become bts? Thank you, have a nice day!

you can find the video (and the other ones too) here in the vlive channel. cant really help you with the second question, idk how the process works.


My Fallen Yamu verse is basically:

Yamu stays with Mogamett post Musta’sim royal slaughter and slowly becomes consumed by guilt and bitterness, absorbing every bit of darkness Mogamett has within herself and falling in the process along with him, becoming a bitter, ice-cold person and a ruthless defender of Mogamett’s cause.

After he dies, she’s in such pain and shock, hating the people who, in her mind, killed him, that she succumbs to weakness and joins Al Tharmen.

updated money second years, may you always be blessed with good luck and fortune 

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