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Editor’s Note: People have misinterpreted this post as a criticism of individual recruiters when it is meant to highlight the predatory nature of recruitment in general. It’s the difference between institutional function and the “few bad apples” kind of myth. The function of recruiters, especially in high schools, is predatory – making all who do it culpable. 

RIP To My Youth pt. 2

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: It’s the next day and despite the nerves, Y/N is ready to show off her new look to everyone at school. How will they react? With the Vixens tryouts right around the corner and unwelcomed run-ins with Jughead, support from other members of the scooby gang will be needed.

Warnings: Just a few swears it’s all good. 

Word Count: 4343 (Yeah I know it’s pretty long so yano, make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, get comfy and give it a read)

You know in those cliché teen movies where the protagonist walks through the halls of their high school and it’s all in slow motion with some kind of empowering music playing in the background and it’s just completely over dramatic? 

Well, that’s pretty much exactly what I felt like walking into school today, whether that was a good thing or not was an entirely different issue. I was turning heads, to say the least; I put so much effort into my appearance today that I kinda felt like if I didn’t achieve this response I would have completely failed. I tried my best to keep up a confident demeanour, and to my surprise, I was holding up rather well. I think that little pep talk I had with myself in the mirror this morning might have actually worked, hell yes.  

 My burgundy dress clung to my body as I glided down the hallway, ignoring the stares I was receiving a little further up I could see Archie, Ronnie and Kevin in a group by their lockers, they were deep in conversation and hadn’t spotted me yet. Unfortunately for me, in order to get to them, I was going to have to walk past the vast majority of the football team, who were all laughing about something in a group by their lockers.

 My heart sped up and I could feel my pulse quicken, I prayed they wouldn’t say anything as my usual encounters with them usually involved them teasing me in some petty juvenile way. 

As I passed them I held my breath and to my dismay but also surprisingly I was met with a symphony of cat calls, without thinking I turned my head to look at them, I made direct eye contact with the big man on campus himself Reggie Mantle, he just looked at me arms folded leaning against his locker and smirked. I was surprised because usually, he’d call me a freak or something uncreative like Wednesday Adams which Jughead and I had both been called numerous times throughout our years here.  I rolled my eyes rising above it and quickly made my way over to the three familiar faces by the lockers.

 “OH MY GOD” Veronica nearly yelled as she eyed me up and down when I stood next to her, “oh my god is right, YES why didn’t you tell us you were going all extreme makeover, that dress and your hair is literally giving me life right now” Kevin said with a look of amazement in his eyes. “Well, I thought I needed a little change,” I said laughing at the look on their faces. “You look amazing Y/N, I can’t get over this” Ronnie continued, she proceeded to literally poke me in the face, I looked at her as if to say ‘what the hell are you doing’, “sorry I just had to make sure this was real” a big smile was now painted across her face. “I think you broke Archie” Kevin motioned to the red headed boy whose mouth was wide open. Kevin’s words immediately brought Archie out of whatever strange trance he was in “H-hey Y/N, sorry it’s just really weird seeing you look so, so” Archie started “So hot!” Veronica finished. This made all of us laugh in unison.

“I was actually wondering if you two would come shopping with me this weekend, If I’m going to keep up this look I’m gonna need help from the experts” I motioned towards Kevin and Ronnie. “Of course! We will be your fashion fairy godparents, ready to give you all the style advice and direction you need” Veronica said looking at Kevin who nodded in approval of her statement.  

“Thank you guys so much” I breathed a sigh of relief, “Sorry Arch, I’d ask you too but I don’t think girly shopping trips are really your forte” I said looking at Archie.

 “Don’t worry no offence taken you’re right, but maybe I can meet you guys at Pop’s afterwards?” Archie replied. “But of course Archiekins, after a day of retail therapy Pop’s milkshakes are the only way to regain one’s strength” Veronica answered.

 “Oh my god I completely forgot to mention, Cheryl’s having a party at her house this Saturday too, apparently her parents are heading out of town to meet with a private investigator and she’s throwing a party to celebrate her mother giving her back the River Vixens and the new recruit she’s picking after school, so naturally I got the whole gang invited, Veronica Lodge does not disappoint” Ronnie said clapping her hands and grinning, this was met with the rest of us grinning excitedly and thanking her.

 However all I could now think of was that damn audition today, I’d almost forgotten about it, this news of a party being thrown practically in honour of the new recruit was enough to turn the butterflies in my stomach into grenades. The bell signalling the start of first period cut off this thought and brought me right back into reality. “Oh god, we’d better get going, see you guys in the student lounge at lunch break?” Kevin asked, we all agreed to meet there and went our separate ways.

 What class did I have first today? Shit, it was English. My stomach dropped and the grenades started exploding in a far fiercer manor. Jughead was in this class, what the hell was I going to do. Taking a deep breath I started walking rather slowly, in some last ditch effort to delay what was to come; however, in the back of my mind, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to escape the inevitable.  

 By the time I reached my class everyone was already inside and the teacher had begun talking, great if I wasn’t nervous enough to see Jughead I’d have to do the awkward “dash to my seat/ apologise for being late” stunt.

 I took a deep breath and quickly opened the door to the classroom, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Walking in I looked at the teacher who had a surprised look on her face, “ah sorry I’m late Mrs Jackson” I said, before I could scan the room for a seat, the teacher quickly added “oh I didn’t know we were getting a new student today, why isn’t there an office aid with you?”

 What the fuck, did she really think I was a new student; honestly I didn’t think I looked THAT different. Then again she was pretty damn old, needless to say, I was still rather embarrassed. I heard some muffled laughs coming from the students already seated, ignoring them I looked at my teacher, in hope of her getting a better look at my face “Uh Mrs Jackson, it’s Y/N Y/L/N, I’ve been in this class all year” I said trying to sound as polite as possible, the muffled laughter continued “oh so It is! I’m so sorry dear you look quite different today, please take a seat and try not to be late next time” I gave her a flat smile and turned to scan the room.

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Mensis scholar Damian (who no one remembers) and the head Micolash.

Once again, a random warm up doodle that turned out to look like one of those recruiting ads schools sometimes have.

If you are a young adult in Yahar’Gul and skilled in mind, join Mensis. We like to go bit too far. Our multiple story academy offers plenty of room for research. We believe in team work, Kos and the end of the semester is going to be unforgettable experience. ”

It’s interesting to me that so many people are ready to give Ms. Val the boot from UCLA. I feel like you guys are forgetting the business aspect at play here: Ms. Val has effectively created a gymnastics program whose draw and prestige doesn’t depend on winning a national title.

Most high achieving / well known sports programs are that way because they have a strong foundation of winning big. And that drives viewer interest / ticket sales and marketing opportunity. Most importantly it drives recruitment. Good athletes naturally want to go to a school and team that they can win with.

UCLA has essentially beaten that system. Yes, they do still have to deliver and not making it to Nationals so consistently would be highly problematic, but they don’t have to be crowned national champions, or even division champions to maintain what they have.

People are going to be fans of the team because they have former elites competing. People are going to buy tickets to see them up close and having fun in a smaller arena. And elite gymnastics are still going to want to go to UCLA because Ms. Val has a fun quirky program that lets them throw dream skills like Katelyn Ohashis full on beam and have “unique” chorography by the one and only Ms. Val. And ex-elites bring their other big name friends with them. People love it that Simone shows up to watch a meet. And Jordyn Wieber still has a place in the picture as the team manager even though she can’t compete. One more Olympian for the crowds to pay to come see.

Ever notice that this is the team being talked about on Ellen? Or that publications that generally just cover Olympic contenders is writing pieces on Kyla and Maddie’s transitions to college? All of this is great publicity for UCLA, and in a time where gymnastics programs are being cut left and right for not making enough money, I’m sure it looks great to the athletic directors office. Probably even better then a national championship of a sport that most people (sadly) don’t watch outside of an Olympic year.

Is UCLA not living up to their potential? Yes. Do they probably need to work on mental strength and conditioning? Undoubtedly. But do they need to oust the head coach that created a dream marketing opportunity and herself is a huge reason recruites come to the school. Absolutely not. And it’s not going to happen.

anonymous asked:

ok so kayleigh lives AU with raven andrew is cool but also imagine alt where he IS still a fox but because of kayleigh/kevin-> wymack connection he does meet the raven gang/ nathaniel

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

hOLY SHIT i really love the concept of Raven!Andrew bUT THIS IS A SUCH GOOD ALTERNATIVE BECAUSE

  • it means that The Battle Plan™ didn’t work
  • AT ALL
  • Riko is so pissed
  • Nathaniel is so confused because what did they do wrong? how in hell was none of it appealing enough for Andrew?? what else does he need???
  • (how did Andrew even refuse though Nathaniel was right there being pretty and batting his eyelashes at him)
  • “WHY” he spends days asking aloud after
  • because Andrew didn’t even fucking elaborate his “no”, it was just “no” repeated on various singing notes with his drug-induced smile placated on his face
  • WHY
  • and then news hit them that Andrew signed. with. the. fucking. FOXES.
  • Nathaniel is losing his hair
  • Riko is screaming
  • Kevin is also screaming from a hotel at the other side of the country
  • Jean is apologizing to their neighbours
  • the news came from Wymack who was gracious enough to call Kayleigh ahead because he knew that was going to make waves in the press
  • Kayleigh just asks “How did you do it”
  • Wymack shrugs “I’ll let you know when I figure it out myself”
  • Nathaniel has a theory, and that theory is called SPITE
  • he sees red, he fucking hates that blond midget
  • “What if we go South just to beat their asses”
  • “For the tenth time, no, and stop stabbing your brocoli Nathaniel.“
  • “Can I at least destroy them in the pr–”
  • the combined disapproving and slightly hurt gazes of Kayleigh and Kevin manage to chill him down a bit
  • thinking about it, Andrew Minyard as a Fox kinda makes sense
  • kinda
  • he… sort of fits there
  • maybe
  • “Are you going through the seven stages of grief”
  • “Shut up Riko”
  • anyway, he still needs answers
  • and he will get them personally

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My Thoughts on the Georgia Situation

In case you haven’t been on the Gymternet in the past 24 hours (or past few days), I’m here to inform you that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the University of Georgia gymnastics team over the past few days. Last week, it was announced that three Georgia gymnasts were “dismissed” from the team (Caroline Bradford, Jasmine Arnold and Natalie Vaculik).

The announcement of the dismissal strikes me as a tad odd, strictly because Arnold and Bradford were walk-ons, and because walk-ons typically don’t contribute on many events, they are known for coming and going without much drama surrounding their departures. It’s just part of the game. The perhaps more surprising announcement is that of Vaculik’s departure from the team, a scholarship athlete who contributed heavily on vault, bars and beam during her freshmen and sophomore seasons, but was forced to only compete on bars twice this season due to nagging injuries and illness. With only one year left of eligibility, it seems weird that Vaculik would be dismissed from the team, especially due to her contributions in her first two years of collegiate gymnastics. 

Gymnasts being booted from the team aside, it was announced yesterday evening (Monday, April 24) that Danna Durante was officially fired as Georgia’s head coach. It is also rumoured that along with Durante being given the boot, two assistant coaches were ALSO fired and that the three gymnasts originally “dismissed” from the team last week, will in reality not be kicked off the Georgia squad. 

Now that we have some background, here are my thoughts below. **Please note that this is simply my speculation and opinion on the situation. 

First off, I would like to acknowledge that Durante’s behaviour in the past week or so has been sketchy at best. It is rumoured that she has closed the gym until July, post-poned the end of year team banquet, and dismissed three gymnasts from the team. While I cannot condone the lack of transparency of the situation, I have to admit that there have been worse things occurring in the NCAA gymnastics world this year (*cough* MSU, PSU *cough*). In the Georgia student paper, it was announced that Durante was let go, with no reason given for her sudden termination. Leaving the public to speculate as to what is happening behind closed doors. 

In my opinion, I don’t agree with Durante’s firing. She brought a team that didn’t go to the Super Six ONCE under Jay Clark, to a team that qualified to Nationals every year under her reign and made it to the Super Six three out of the five years. If Danna was dismissed due to abusive coaching practices, I would 100% endorse her dismissal. However, it is speculated that she was fired for “lack of improving results” over the past few years. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TRANSPARENCY. If she was fired for not having good results, I think this just further reinforces the idea that athletic directors do not understand how the sport of gymnastics works. Sure, Georgia has been unable to reproduce another national championship victory after winning five consecutive championships from 2005-2009, but times have changed since then. Joining powerhouses UCLA, Florida, Utah and Alabama,  the main challengers during the 05-09 time period, are LSU and Oklahoma, thought to be the top two teams this season. There are more top teams than ever before that can challenge for a national championship, and Georgia is in the middle of a program re-build. After losing many top recruits to other schools when Jay Clark left (the biggest ones being Lexie Priessman and Ruby Harrold), Danna finally had some top gymnasts recruited for the next few recruiting classes, including athletes like Emily Schild, Marissa Oakley, Ashley Foss, Rachael Lukacs and Megan Roberts.

Unless there were deeper issues, it would appear that Durante was fired in the middle of her rebuild. It is also possible that the athletic director from Georgia received many complaints after Durante dismissed the three gymnasts from the team, which could contribute to her termination. Along with Durante being fired however, it is rumoured that two of her assistant coaches were ALSO let go. At this time however, I don’t believe this to be the case as only Durante’s name was removed from the Georgia Gymnastics website. Bottom line here is that many of the controversy surrounding this issue would be put to rest if Georgia was a little more upfront about the reasoning surrounding their decisions.

So what do you think, was Durante rightfully terminated? Will the three gymnasts originally dismissed from the team have their positions reinstated? Will the two assistant coaches stay? Let’s keep the conversation going! 

- Inbar-Gienger (aka Emily) 

Sky High Sentence Meme
  • “In a world of full of super heroes, there are two that stand above the rest.”
  • “His super strength makes him pretty much indestructible.”
  • “She has the power of supersonic flight along with a mastery of unarmed combat.”
  • “You look at them and see the defenders of the world. All I see is my dad wearing tights.”
  • “Living up to the family name means that I’m supposed to save the world someday.”
  • “I just want you to know how proud I am that you’ll be attending my alma mater and someday following me into the family business.”
  • “Maybe the next tiem I punch a meteor hurtling toward Earth, I’ll be the one who shatters into a million pieces.”
  • “It’s nice to know that whatever happens to me, you’ll still be around to save the world.”
  • “How does it feel to save the world again?”
  • “Do you want every super villain in the neighborhood to know we’re here?”
  • “So you…you don’t have powers?”
  • “In a few moments you will go through Power Placement and your own heroic journey will begin.”
  • “Good deeds and good luck.”
  • “My judgment is final so there will be no whiner babies.”
  • “If life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.”
  • “I believe in only using my powers when the situation demands it.”
  • “His mom’s a hero and his dad’s a super villain.”
  • “Kids who inherit their powers…well, impossible to say.”
  • “May sidekicks are the offspring of one super parents and one ordinary parent.”
  • “You must never ever bring anyone into the inner sanctum.”
  • “Soon as she came smashing through the window, I knew she was the oen for me.”
  • “He’s got the ego the size of a giant robot.”
  • “Turns out I may never get my powers.”
  • “Everybody expects greatness from me.”
  • “So you’re a sidekick. It’s not the end of the world.”
  • “You have an awesome power. You could have made hero easy.”
  • “I’m not into labels.”
  • “Why would you choose to be a sidekick?”
  • “When do we pick our names and costumes?”
  • “We in Hero Support are trained never to panic.”
  • “You can’t kill a zombie. You can only kill rekill him.”
  • “It’s a power trip. That’s all it is.”
  • “I don’t have any powers.”
  • “The fact of the matter is I’m proud to be a sidekick.”
  • “All I ever wanted for him was to save the world.”
  • “We can’t change who he is.”
  • “Living up to your father’s reputation or trying to live it down is a sad waste of talent.”
  • “I say if you ever cross me again, I’ll roast you alive.”
  • “As you may have noticed, I got my powers today!”
  • “When the time is right, we’ll have our revenge.”
  • “From now on, people mess with us as their own peril.”
  • “You’re breaking down barriers, proving we’re not heroes and sidekicks.”
  • “I’d give you an F but that would only mean having to see you in summer school.”
  • “I’m a technopath, I can control technology with my mind.”
  • “Once they start handing out grades for destruction of school property, I’ll be in good shape.”
  • “We were hoping that you’d be the guests of honor and receive the award for Heroes of the Year.”
  • “You’re not supposed to use your powers outside of school.”
  • “Some say she was recruiting villains at the school.”
  • “To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart.”
  • “You didn’t have to walk me home.”
  • “Your loyalties are clear when it comes to friends.”
  • “Did I do or say anything last night to make you think this is okay?”
  • “I feel extremely dangerous.”
  • “When you spend your whole life kicking butt and taking names, I guess you make a lot of memories.”
  • “You’re a hero, she’s a sidekick. She was holding you back.”
  • “You do not dump me! Not the night before the dance!”
  • “You ever feel like you messed up something so bad that you’ll never be able to fix it?”
  • “If someone is a true friend, you’d be surprised at how understanding they can be.”
  • “How I ever lost to a fool like you, I’ll never know.”
  • “Just because you have powers, that doesn’t make you a hero. Sometimes it just makes you a jerk.”
  • “I don’t believe in using powers for violence.”
  • “She hatched a plan so daring, so visionary, to start her own Super Villain Academy and raise a generation of heroes from scratch as villains.”
  • “My only regret: that this may be the finest super villain speech ever given and you don’t even know what I’m saying.”
  • “Oh my God. I made out with an old lady!”
  • “I thought you were a sidekick.”
  • “I just want to say sorry because this whole thing was my fault.”
  • “How were you supposed to know your girlfriend was a psychopath?”
  • “You gave me one rule and I broke it.”
  • “Whatever you’re teaching them, keep teaching them it.”
  • “In the end, my girlfriend became my archenemy, my archenemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend.”

heartbrokensammy-deactivated201  asked:

Is this a good way to point out that a character is not white without being super obvious; "The white snow provides a high contrast against her russet skin." ?

It’s not that I don’t want people to notice, but I want to describe characters without just putting their description out there. I wanted a good way without going, “They’re not white.”

Ways to Indicate Race

Noting skin color by contrast is perfectly fine, though describing skin color is not necessarily enough to lock in the notion that your character is a Person of Color, especially if they happen to be light, white passing, or otherwise.

Even then some people might “miss” or ignore descriptions of even dark brown and tell themselves it’s a white person so that alone tells you extra efforts are at times called for.

  1. Physical descriptions: Along with describing skin color, you can note facial features and/or any cultural or religious garment worn by themselves or family members. Obviously not to say PoC look the same, but there are common features to a race, such as afro hair to Black people, though there’s incredible diversity even within Black hair.
  2. Engage in their culture: If a character and their family is celebrating the Chinese New Year, going into their early memories with the holiday and what it means (or doesn’t mean) to them, we’re likely gonna assume they’re Chinese. You can communication culture by many means, such as food, language, house decor, conversation. and so on.
  3. Associations/Club: Maybe they’re in a Black Student Union, or someone attempts to recruit them to a school, club, program or organization that pertains to their race, or even a friend/family member encourages them to join.
  4. Use another character(s) to state it. A younger or older character might boldly note the differences in their skin or looks to the character. Someone might make a funny, awkward, exoticizing, racist or insensitive comment or joke.
  5. Use character “voice”: The character might make a quirky or casual statement related to their race.
  6. Racial Grievance: A character making note of a racial grievance and/or facing racism or micro-aggressions can indicate their race.
  7. Just state it. There’s honestly no shame in just stating a character is Black, Indian etc. But it’s like with any story detail; it should fit naturally as it may be odd to just blurt it without cause. Describing parents, and what they look like/are from and how it compares to your character might be one means for indicating their ethnicity smoothly.

Threading indicators like these, at least early once and then throughout the story at your discretion, should be effective for letting us know the character is x race.

I’d also like to add that only stopping to describe your Characters of Color implies White = default so be sure to describe your White characters as well within your writing.

Hope this was helpful!

~Mod Colette


Recruiting Mutants: Angel Salvadore (pt 1)

My stage name is Angel… and it kind of fits.

MYANMAR. 2000. AK and Pearls. A girl child soldier who at age 15 enlisted in an armed militia group after the National Army burned her village. She is a member of the Special Women Unit of the Karen National Liberation Army. Children are among the ranks of Myanmar’s many armed groups and the UN is working to gain access to recruitment centres, training schools and camps in order to identify children, gain their release and support their reintegration and rehabilitation.

  • There are an estimated 250,000 child soldiers in the world today.
  • It is estimated that 40% of all child soldiers are girls. They are often used as non-combatant ‘wives’ (sex slaves) of the male combatants.
  • Child soldiers are recruited by government forces as well as rebel groups.
  • Not all children take part in active combat. Some are also used as porters, cooks and spies.
  • Children are sometimes forced to kill or maim a family member; breaking the bonds with their community and making it difficult for them to return.

How are child soldiers recruited?

  • Some are abducted from their homes and forced to become soldiers.
  • A village may be forced to provide a certain number of children as soldiers in exchange for staying safe from attack.
  • In some rare cases, children volunteer because of ideological reasons or to avenge the death of a family member.

Photograph: Peter Mantello

Voltron AU...

So lemme tell you about half-demon Keith in my Voltron Supernatural/Creatures AU:

  • Keith, unlike the many other demons and deities he’s encountered, is only half human. 
    • For a long time he didn’t know; he only knew that he got horns and could wield fire whenever his temper got out of control. He was even exorcised on when he was 5. That didn’t go very well…
  • He learned very early on how to control his temper and his demon side, although he still doesn’t know why or how he’s like this
  • His dad never gave him a straight answer as to what he was, but Keith did some research when he was 10 and figured it out.
  • He eventually grew up and, after losing control in a class at his high school, was recruited into the Garrison (a very special school for very special kids with VERY special abilities)
    • and by recruited i mean accidentally summoned by none other than the young psychic, Pidge Gunderson
    • Pidge was trying to summon her brother, Matt, who had supposedly “””died””” a few months ago off campus (she doesn’t believe that for 2 seconds, but she can’t prove he’s dead or not until she can talk to other spirits which she can’t do apparently. But she can summon a demon??? she hates her powers tbh)
  • They talk about what happened and Keith is apparently now contracted to Pidge, which on all honesty. he doesn’t mind. His high school was probably going to expel him anyway and who knows where his dad went. The only thing he’ll miss and visiting Shiro’s tomb, which lies empty ever since a year or so ago.
  • He informs Pidge that no, he can’t talk to spirits, but he can summon fire and grow horns when he gets mad. Pidge thinks it’s cool but not really helpful. Keith agrees. 
  • There’s a knock on the door and Hunk comes in talking about something going on w his tech going off in the East Wing (he tracks ghosts sometimes) and looks up to see a wide-eyed Pidge and a slightly stunned boy with her
    • “Uhhh who’s this?”
    • “Keith. My new demon pal.” *drags Keith down to her level with an arm slung around his neck*
    • “Oh okay. Hi, my name’s Hunk. It’s nICE- DID YOU SAY DEMON”
  • Ensue the plan of figuring out how to sneak him around bc the garrison has a “no monsters/mythical creatures” policy and you don’t wanna mess with the head dude of the Garrison, Sorcerer Iverson.
  • Keith blends in really well and it’s hard to tell he’s part demon, even to an experienced witch like Hunk, so they throw him a uniform to try on and he immediately looks like a student.
    • Iverson doesn’t suspect a thing.
  • Keith actually kind of likes being there, aside from being bored out of his mind in Pidge’s room, it’s not so bad. Better than that old desert town in nowhere Texas, anyway.
  • One day he gets a feeling, like a lasso was wrapped around his gut and was tugging him to leave. So he does. 
  • He runs and runs until the tugging stops in the middle of a graveyard in front of a small tomb. As he reaches for the door, the tomb swings open and a figure immediately jumps out and attacks him.
  • After wrestling the creature for what felt like hours, Keith was able to pin him and almost brought his knife down to cut the thing’s neck. But before he could, his clouded eye-sight cleared to reveal a very weak Shiro panting beneath him. Both of their eyes go wide in realization before Shiro passes out.
  • Keith lugs him all the way back to the Garrison and dumps Shiro in Pidge’s room. 
  • Hunk is, at first, freaked that Keith may have killed him and starts ranting about why they should’ve turned him in. 
  • Pidge rolls her eyes at him and listens to Keith’s story about how he and Shiro knew each other from years before. Shiro is the one that helped him figure out what he was and never abandoned him until…the accident.
    • Keith is never sure of what happened, only that Shiro went out and didn’t come back. His dad had come home drunk and told Keith his friend was dead, like it was an everyday event.
    • Keith visited his grave every day.
  • But then his grave went missing. The cops wouldn’t look into it since the whole graveyard was scheduled for reconstruction anyway. Keith was pissed, to say the least. But now he’s just confused. 
  • Shiro is…alive? No. But not dead either. Just weak

Aaaand that’s all i’m gonna write cause I do plan on actually writing this and don’t want to give everything away.

(yes lance, allura, matt, and coran are a part of this au, just not relevant rn)


(aka ‘poe meets karé at a mixer for new flight school recruits. she’s gay. he’s gay. instant bond formed’)

iolo, reading the paper: how’d it go?
poe: well, i met this girl -
iolo, completely monotone: ooOOooooh.
poe: i thought she might be flirting with me but she was actually just wondering where the bathroom was. also she was gay her name was karé kun
iolo, turning a page: i like her already. we should invite her over for dinner

There was a navy recruiter at my school. One of my friends was signing up for information, so I walked over and the guys starts talking to me.
Trying to flatter me he keeps saying I look like a smart guy, and after a minute of him telling me how much money I could make he handed me a book of information.
So I put it back and said “no thanks I don’t want to kill any trees.”
He tried handing it to me again so I put it back and said “No thanks I don’t want to kill any kids”


Request: High school au!woozi where you two were picked to act as Romeo & Juliet for the school’s play.

Requested by: @margochii

Word count: 3287

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: New drabble up! And I’m so so sorry I took ages to get this done. I really enjoyed writing this so much since it was about Romeo and Juliet plus it involved Jihoon! I hope you guys enjoy this!


Originally posted by amillionwon

“Love moderately. Long love doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.”

It was the time of the year again where students of the drama club were recruited to participate in the annual school play, and with the school celebrating it’s 100th anniversary, the principal was dead serious on making this year’s play a memorable and meaningful one.

This year, however, was slightly different. The drama club would be opening up recruitments to the entire school, giving everyone a chance to take part in the play.

The chosen play for this year was Romeo and Juliet, deemed by your principal and Mrs Lee, the overall in charge of the school’s drama club, as the greatest tragedy of all time. It was no doubt an iconic tale of two star-crossed lovers who were forbidden to fall in love due to the feuding families.

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