RecRev #1

Name: Derek Hale’s Possible Heart

Author: MellytheHun


Rating: Teen and Up

Pairing: Sterek

Warnings: feels up the wazoo, good and slightly sad, other than that, not that I can see but give me a heads up if you think I missed something

Author’s Summary: “An anon sent me a sterek prompt for Laura teasing Derek and Stiles joining in, then somehow sharing their feelings for each other in the mess of things.” which turned into “To The Person That Conquers My Little Brother’s Possible Heart: Safety Tips, Cheat Codes and Partial User’s Manual.“

So a friend of mine actually showed me this earlier today. To give you guys a bit of background, I am the one who introduced this friend to Teen Wolf as a whole, not to mention every other big fandom. Mama is so proud her little girl is all grown up and rec-ing fics to me! Anywho, today was the second day of final at my school, we’re all done with science, english, math, and language and I only have AP Art History tomorrow. I was planning on studying and what do I do instead? READ THIS FIC! 

It was an adorably perfect mix of warm and fuzzy emotions with multiple ***laugh till lil’ baby tears start to leak from the corners of your eyes*** kinda moments. There were a few parts that tugged on my heartstrings, mostly because the main plot involves this incredible book written by Laura that lists interesting/heartwarming/hilarious/embarrassing facts and stories about the Sour Wolf we all know and love, Derek Hale. 

Before she died, Laura gave it to Derek with strict instruction not to read it and to give it to the person he falls totally and head over heels in love with. SPOILERS: he gives it to Stiles :-) The fic is chock full of factoids, head-cannons, and anecdotes about what goes on behind that rugged, broody face and uncommonly talkative eyebrows as well as hints for Derek’s future love on how to interpret and understand said face and eyebrows. All in all, a great read, a great rec, and a story I will most likely go back to again in the future.

—Love, Mila <3