Blame (Live on James Corden and Original)
Blame (Live on James Corden and Original)

I mixed their performance on James Corden with the original and this is the result.

This is actual living, breathing proof that Bastille are the best live band. Ever.

  • Veronica: From now on, we will be using codenames. You can address me as “Eagle One.”
  • JD, codename; “Currently There, Doing That.”
  • Heather McNamara is “Also Currently Doing That.”
  • Heather Chandler is “It Happened Once in a Dream.”
  • Ram is “if I Had to Pick a guy I fucking hated .”
  • Martha will be… “Eagle Two.”
  • Martha: Oh, thank God.

I didn’t really want to be productive for the rest of today, so I went to one of my favorite ask blogs, @sweetdreemurrs, and noodled around in their recent posts until I found some responses that I wanted to recreate.
Here they all are.

I had a lot of fun doing this. Everyone, go check out @sweetdreemurrs! The ask responses are really fun and the interpretation of the characters is pretty much spot on. I really like the content over there.

(oOPs I just realized I messed up on recreating the Papyrus one💦 oH wEll)

First one
Second one
Third one
Fourth one
Fifth one

I made a collage of fandoms and I was like wow its awesome and then I realized that my Sherlock picture didn’t add itself onto it and the Dan and Phil heads are twice… I’m too lazy to redue it so I guess it’s a good thing my profile picture is of Sherlock. Bless.

(None of those pictures are mine I found them on Google)


Wizard: I mean, what’s next, income? 
Picquery: Sir, you don’t pay your income tax? 
Wizard: Whether or not I pay income tax is none of the government’s business. 
Picquery: No… well… No, actually, it is.
Wizard: Well, you don’t know my name or what I look like, so good luck finding me

(Parks and Recreation: season 5, episode 2: Soda Tax)

anonymous asked:

what's the meaning of your url?

lmao no in all seriousness, i had a tumblr a while ago, deleted it, and then decided to come back as a humor blog with a focus on parks and recreation. so i needed a url that was specific to parks and rec but not to the point where people would assume that’s all i would produce, and instead of finding something sort of broad, i went the opposite direction and got REALLY specific lmao


Went to see Chris Pratt get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. ⭐️🎬 

He and Anna Faris were funny, charming, sweet, cute, supportive, grateful, and awesome! I love their relationship! 💑 

Chris waved, winked, blew kisses as well as said hi and bye to us. So much love for this guy! 👋😉😘👍😻 
Wonderful recognition that is well deserved!
Congrats Chris ! 👏🙏🙌👍💕

I am who I am. I’m not someone else who can do it well. I have different values, a different background, and a different pace. Just because you can’t do it the same way, there’s no need to hurry. It’s enough to think about how I can make myself as good as I can possibly get. If you’re trying your best, if you’re sure you’re not lying to yourself, you don’t need to care about what anyone says. Do things at your own pace. 

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