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One of the days for my school's spirit week is heroes & villians, and I wanna dress up as Jared's joker! Which outfit of his do you think it would be easiest to put together myself? Love your blog btw! 💖

Thank you! :D

That sounds fun! There’s quite a lot of cosplay outfit options for DCEU Joker you can order online, but I think the easiest one to do might be his Arkham outfit. Joker doesn’t wear a shirt with it, but I bet a plain inmate looking shirt would look fine as long as it matched the pants :)

Honestly the thing that really bothers me about Parks & Rec is the way it kind of implies that all friend groupings are inherently hierarchical.

Basically you have this group of people who are a family, and then you also have Gary/Jerry, who is family, but also the patsy that everybody shits on, because every social group has a patsy, right? Every hot girl clique has a DUFF. Every pack of friends needs to have one inferior runt of the litter friend.

And the thing is, I know people who actually think that way. Who will actually say with a straight face, “Every group of friends is a totem pole, and there’s got to be somebody at the bottom.” 

And these people will watch Parks & Rec and say, “I like that the loser patsy in this friend group is white and cis, because in other shows the loser patsy is usually the brown guy or the gay guy, so it’s nice to see a white straight guy get the role.”

I also hear grown adults say, “Well he has a loving family and a wife who’s way too hot for him so really, it’s good that none of his friends respect him because they’re just restoring cosmic balance.”

Which is so fucking childish like.

The thing is, it’s not about what Jerry does or does not deserve.

I’m not saying necessarily Jerry deserves a better life and better friends. I don’t care about Jerry. 

I just don’t understand why he ever needed to be a character in the show at all.

Or even if he was, why mocking him became a running joke?

It bothers me profoundly that everyone else in the show acts like it’s normal and healthy for friends to bond with each other over the shared experience of sadistically mocking an “inferior sub-friend.” 

It bothers me profoundly that I, as a member of the audience, am expected to relate to these characters when they do this kind of petty assed bullshit.

I mean what I like about Brooklyn 99 is that none of the protagonists waste screen time and dialogue making fun of Sully and Hitchcock because they are grownup enough (even Jake) to not waste energy and brainpower mocking people who don’t.






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