Hellnar, Iceland

Submitted by Lise Colette / @lisecolette

That was the announcement of twilight and the countdown to my first night sleeping in a rented car, since I decided to venture myself in a nine-days journey through stunning Iceland. I wasn’t aware of what that scenery would bring me: the coldest and also the most powerful nature’s masterpiece of my entire life. I had just arrived at the destination, hours away from my last hot coffee, right in time to watch the sky paint itself in dramatic colours. All I had in hands so far was the incredible sky, a pen drive full of music, a winter sleeping-bag, a bunch of snacks, chocolate bars and water. Suddenly I passed by this magnificent house, silent witness of so many climatic metamorphoses. And just to distract myself from the cruel wind, I started to mentally recreate the tough path of every single bolt of that shelter, from civilization to this immensity of beauty. Magically, from my car window and without ever having entered through that door, I felt just like an invisible guest of the architecture of hidden places. Thereafter, I ended my long day parking the car a few meters away, giving myself time to appreciate a blend of nature with someone else’s art, a royal instant of pleasure.

Crocodile Isle

Released: Jan. 1, 2016
Type: Stage
Game: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Welcome to Crocodile Isle! This towering island is the home of Kaptain K. Rool and his Kremling Krew. I started working on this model back in October of 2013, after finishing The Flying Krock and before finishing Antasma. With DKC2 hitting its 20th anniversary this past November, I figured it was finally time to take it off the back burner and finish it. There were a lot of design challenges, which is part of why it took so long, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

The overall model is compromise between the appearance of the island on the game’s world map and the individual area maps. I tried to recreate the paths different terrain features in each area, plus some of the between-level pathways that lead up the side of the island. You can’t see it very well from this angle, but even Gangplank Galleon is present, resting against the jagged sea rocks behind the island.

A lot of the textures were borrowed from various stages in Subspace Emissary in order to achieve the best semi-realistic look. Because there are no islands or bayous in Subspace Emissary, I had to turn to other games for some of the textures. The waves come from Donkey Kong Country Returns, the volcanic smoke comes from Metroid: Other M, and the cypress trees come from (of all things) the Duck Dynasty video game. A few of the graphics even come from DKC games, such as DK Island in the background. There are also some game sprites scattered throughout the island.


(on Gilmore Girls reunion) I was already a teen when the show started. But a lot of people are like, “Oh, you grew up on the show.” Some audience members feel that way, so I think most actors who experience that sort of long-term commitment then try to always see what other characters they can play afterward and find a new path to recreate themselves. I was very focused on that when the show ended, so I had to kind of move forward for myself. So looking back, it’s almost going to be like meeting these people again, because it’s been ten years. It’s been so long.

Alexis Bledel ( Nylon 2015)

carolinacarnielli  asked:

Hi! I would like to know most about what is Asatru and its practices. Is it a revival of Norse-Viking way of life and their religion? Is it a viking neopan religion or a neopagan cult? How Asatru's followers are, their belifes, if there are meetings... I know my questions are a little bit stupid but I find myself in viking's beliefes, in their Goods that now are mine too... but I want to know more about people who feel the same and live the same...

Good questions, I’ll answer them in bullet form.

1. Is it a revival of Norse-Viking way of life and their religion? 

No and Yes and No. The basic goal of Asatru is to recreate the folk and religious traditions of the Norse from around the Viking Age. However different followers of Asatru are comfortable and can take part in different levels of practice. Some are what are known as eclectic Asatru, and will take a more modern approach to the practice and incorporate different themes or items into their practice that Vikings would have thought foreign. Then there are reconstructionists, who try and recreate an authentic path as the Vikings would have walked it, with the info we have on it today. Then there are those who reenact every day all day, they are a very small portion and usually have some sort of historical job at a museum and educate people on the relevant topics as well as follow the faith.

2. Is it a viking neopagan religion or a neopagan cult?

 See above. Not a cult, we do not keep our practices secret.

3. How the followers are?

 If they are following it seriously they are honourable, reliable, steadfast and unwavering. Asatru is extremely honour based. We all stumble but the difference is those who stand up and try again.

4. Are there meetings?

Yes, different groups around the world meet often. For different festivals holidays and occasions.

Hope this helped.

“I really have to go now, Dean,” Castiel says, with his eyes closed and his lips pressing firmly against Dean’s in a slow rhythm, backing off time and time again, but always returning “I’m already late.”

“Mh-hm,” Dean replies lowly, tightening his gentle hold on Castiel’s sleep-shirt just so. Otherwise, his body remains soft and sleepy on the mattress.

“I mean it,” Cas murmurs against Dean’s lips and then down his jaw and his throat, where his kisses turn even less hurried and deeper and enriched with all of his adoration for the man beneath him. “You know how Mr Adler is.”

“Yeah,” Dean breathes out, his whole body slowly moving into Cas’ kisses and his hands, which are stroking softly all over Dean’s neck and chest and tummy, recreating the path his lips took. “I get it.”

“I can’t stay, as much as I want to,” Cas says, sucking a little hickey into the soft, yielding flesh of Dean’s belly, making a little rose bloom. And once he is done, after a minute or more, his lips wander back up again, making sure his path is closely-knit by his kisses.

“‘m not mad, Cas, it’s okay,” Dean whispers, his voice mellow yet rough from the sleep and their kisses. Castiel catches that voice with his mouth, licks into where it still lingers, and Dean pulls him closer into his warmth with the hand that is still grasping Cas’ shirt.

And Castiel goes willingly with the motion and hums into Dean’s mouth, both of their eyes still closed in pleasure and the remains of sleep. And Cas’ hands are still caressing Dean’s skin, sensitive and soft, and slowly, ever so slowly, the hands are sneaking under Dean’s own clothing, where he’s warm and trembling, and it’s with endless patience and all the time in the world that Castiel lets his touch roam free and with intent, that he carefully casts the cotton away and undresses Dean again.