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the types as hogwarts hybrid houses

Gryffinclaw: ENTP, ENFP, ESTP | The Hero - The Gryffinclaw house member is curious and adventurous, and has a natural craving for exploration. Due to this, they may be seen as a “jack of all trades” as they try and juggle all their pursuits whether recreational or intellectual. While they do believe that people are good, they can be a bit cynical sometimes which puts them in a state of anger towards society in general. (which may or may not cause them to rebel)

Gryffinpuff: ENFJ, ESFJ, ESFP | The Advocate - A Gryffinpuff is very brave and would often go through great lengths for other people’s needs. Harmony and balance is really important for them, partly because the emotions other people feels can easily affect their own, but mainly for the sake of other’s happiness. They are patient and are able to see the beauty around them; and they are also very tactful, but not cunning. (they don’t want to manipulate others)

Slytherdor: ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTJ | The Winner - The Slytherdor is all about hard work and determination. They are down-to-earth and driven; they focus on what is in front of them and what they are facing at the moment instead of going through lots of ideas at once. They are practical and tend to take things in a professional approach, as a result of their maturity and common sense. Their main goal is up there at the top, and they will definitely not settle for less.

Slytherclaw: INTP, ISTP, INTJ | The Scholar - Fiercely independent, they are deep thinkers and would more likely be spending their time introspecting rather than going out to do stuff. They are very inventive and clever, always being able to come up with new ideas. Very idealistic, when motivated enough, they can form a deadly combination and in spite of their silence, truly a force to be reckoned with.

Slytherpuff: ISFJ, INFJ | The Defender - They are responsible, and one can easily depend on a Slytherpuff. Like the Slytherclaw, social interaction isn’t their forte despite being well-liked enough by other people due to their kindness. Beside all that however, the Slytherpuff is very ambitious, forceful and loyal yet they are able to draw the line when they are hurting others too much. They want to help others, and they make great teachers because of their sense of duty combined with their intellect and consideration.

Ravenpuff: INFP, ISFP | The Dreamer - The Ravenpuff is aware of all the mysteries that surround them, and they are determined to solve them in order to learn. They are often very spiritual, and also very poetic - saying things such as “the stars will give me hope”. Just like their lionhearted counterparts, the Gryffinpuffs, they are able to see the beauty in things. The Ravenpuff is very artistic and creative, making great poets, writers and artists.

8 Typography Pitfalls to Avoid

Typography is more or less writing with a touch of art. But if you were to think that this was just a recreational pursuit, then you don’t get out much often. There is a great purpose behind the magic of typography. It is what makes logos, brand and company names appealing in the eyes of the audience. But like everything else, typography has potential holes if not used right. It is a strict occupation that demands your utmost attention. Your job as a designer is to make your clients happy and the only way to do that is to avoid the following mistakes.

Mistake #1: Crowding your lines

You should know how much leading or spacing between the lines affects readability. Be sure not to make it either too loose or too tight. This makes it really difficult for the reader to decipher. The overall design gets tampered with as well.

Mistake #2: Overdoing positive thinking

Tracking refers to the spacing between letters in a sentence or phrase. If there is too much tracking, then there will be plenty of space in between. Designers have to be careful at this point if they wish to make their content readable. It has to fit the line length perfectly. It would be best to leave the tracking to default to get the best legibility.

Mistake #3: Lengthy passages

If you drag on too much with the text and the words, then it causes your readers to pull out. It’s not like many have all the time in the world to be reading through it like a novel. The idea is to sell your brand concepts in a heartbeat. You should keep the lines of text about 50-60 characters long.

Mistake #4: Not scaling properly

One of the most painful mistakes that newbies make is the scaling. They think that just because there is space left out, they have to occupy it by stretching or widening it out. But this will only make them deviate from the look that you had in mind. A simple solution is to scale it proportionately.

Mistake #5: Confusing tracking with kerning

Tracking is the spacing to a group of characters while kerning refers to the space between two letter pairs. If you get these two mixed up, it will result in paired letter spacing that is inconsistent. Do not fall into this confusion.

Mistake #6: Not paying attention to readability

If you want your design to be well-received by the audience, you have to ensure that it is readable. Going for looks isn’t enough. The text is half of the other element that will get your design over with the crowd. For example, if you go for a black background and the white font style is thin and small, legibility is lost. If the text is transparent with a bright background, it will also be hard to read. Be sure to balance them all out.

Mistake #7: Typefaces and weights getting mixed up

Having too many typefaces can cause strain in the mind. The readers will get lost in the various shapes and sizes of fonts before them. Having inconsistent weights will cause the readers to miss out on the most important elements of the page.

Mistake #8: Centering text all throughout

Centering text isn’t wrong, but there should be a certain time and place for it. Designers don’t often resort to centering unless required from them. Startups will attempt to do this in order to give their design more balance. The problem is that this ruins the symmetry of the text. It is with this regards that we implore you to stay away from centering for the rest of your life.

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Sarah Boyle is a creative graphic designer and a passionate blogger. She loves to blog, design and read. Currently she is working for Logo Pearl, offering custom logo design services.