recreational beach

Navagio Beach,Zakynthos island, Greece.

Whether you`re looking for relaxing ease on the beach or active leisure, Greek islands offer different types of recreation and activities. Navagio Beach provides with wonderful views and the magnificent sea and cliffs. The best way to explore the area is to go on a boat trip or to watch the beach from above by finding a great spot on the cliffs.

Photo by @bdorts via Instagram

“China Beach: RcR Center”

In country rest and recreation for troops was found at China Beach in Da Nang. From an article in the Tropic Lightning newspaper (14Sep1970):

At China Beach, a soldier can shuck the war for three days to surf, swim, sail and sleep.  Nobody hassles anybody at China Beach. Nobody wears their rank on their swimming trunks or carries it into the weight room.  The only problems a soldier will encounter are determining how much sun to soak up, how much food to take in and how much beer to wash down.