recreation building


I finally finished rebuilding Sanctuary Hills! 

Residents can enjoy perks such as the town’s small chapel, a combination library/museum, a recreation building, and the towns largest bar: The Rusty Musket.

This settlement also includes player houses I made for @faliout‘s sole James, and @andoy-thedeathclawborn‘s sole Andoy.

At final count, Sanctuary took about 119 hours to complete. 

What if you knew who your soulmate was once they touched you?

Fate is really odd. My dad was a construction worker and my mom was an architect. It’s really funny actually because the two really should never have met but it all happened because the city of Archville declared they were going to be erecting a new recreation building in ’87. Fitness was never my dad’s thing but on top of wanting to change the world, my mom was super passionate about health. It was always her dream to spearhead a campaign to give kids a place to play. So after 6 years of engineering school she finally landed a job working at a firm and worked her way to the top until she earned her spot as the head of development. As the construction coordinator my dad was given the hefty job of communications with the firm designing the building, so naturally the two spent many hours on the phone discussing plans. For months the two worked together, never seeing each other’s faces. Strictly professional.

Finally, on the first day of construction, my mom visited the site Archville’s recreational center was set to be built, and she saw him. Stalky, 5’8, with unkept hair; for all intents and purposes a very average man. She was tall, blonde, beautiful, and powerful. She sat down next to him and looked down at him. “You must be Eric!” she said robotically. This was to be the first of several awkward personal introductions of the day. He had a stain on his shirt. “Great to finally meet you,” he grumbled between bites of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, “You’re a lot taller in person.” He hated women like her. Clean cut. People pleaser. College degree. Her parents were probably still married. Corporate snakes trying to get in the way of the most efficient way to get things done. Like two beta fish in fish tank they sized each other up, both equally as repulsed by the other. Then they shook hands.

Love at first touch is so funny because it totally levels the playing field. It affects every class, every race, and every walk of life. They call it “the shock” because when your soulmate touches you, you’re supposed to get this electric shock type deal or something. Scientists have theories as to why it happens but no one really knows.  Maybe it’s the mixing of pheromones excreted from the oil in the other person’s skin, maybe it has to do with a transmutation of energy. I like to think it’s a little bit of divine intervention. But it’s all speculation. The only thing we know about it is that it is real.

Her pupils dilated. His breath got heavy. They looked at each other with nothing but plain desire. He noticed how gracefully her hair was as it folded itself across her shoulders. She could only look at his lips, which looked like two pink pillows. They needed to be kissed. Every day. Maybe even bit? She blushed, embarrassed by the not-so-savory thoughts she couldn’t stop herself from thinking. The starting date of the construction was pushed back a day because the project’s architect both called out sick.

Jill is so fucking hot. Not hot in a “oh man look how good she looks in those jeans” kind of way, but more of a “the way you laugh when people tell a bad joke, oh my god your voice sounds like how peppermint tastes” kind of way. Refreshing. I’ve had a crush on her since the 6th grade. No matter what I do I can’t get my eyes off her. She has this energy about her and it’s literally intoxicating. The problem with Jill is she’s such a prude. She won’t hold hands with any guy she dates. Back in middle school she dated Matt Brinton for 3 years and didn’t touch him once. She wants to “save herself for when she’s sure you’re the one”. Rumor has it she broke up with him a few years back because she held his hand and didn’t feel the shock. He still has her touch virginity though so that’s gotta count for something right?

Either way, I’m trying so hard not to freak out but I was about to drive to the highest mountain and scream “I GOT A DATE WITH JILL SANTORO!!!” God, just saying it didn’t feel real but there I was, standing in line at the movies with Jill fucking Santoro. The prowess she had just standing there made my legs weak. It’s like someone upstairs said “Ok she’s gonna be a wildcat, a swan, and a sky scraper all at once but also she’s a human and also she’s beautiful”. Does that even make sense? I don’t know man, I was sweating bullets. At some point Jill got a phone call. It was her dad freaking out about her report card. She did one of those air high five things that prude girls love to do so much. So cute. Then she went outside to take the call. So of course my mind wondered.

How poetic. The captain of the football team on a date with the most amazing girl in school. Or was it cliche? Not sure. At this point my mind was doing anything to keep itself distracted so I didn’t say anything stupid when she got back. Act like I don’t care, okay, good plan. What was going on around me? The person selling tickets at the door was punching a hole in some papers. It’s stupid but I literally remember thinking “how satisfying do you think it is to crunch through a stack of papers with that three ring hole punch.” Damn. Don’t say that out loud. To anyone. I’m not weird. Weird is bad. What else? I looked around and saw Erin Blythe from my 3rd period chem class. What the fuck. Who invited her.

Listen, I don’t wanna sound like a jerk or anything, but Erin was a scrawny girl. She had long greasy hair and, frankly she reminded me of a squirrel. The way she clutched her book bag like a satchel full of nuts for the winter or something. So weird. She sat diagonally in front of me in chemistry. And truthfully speaking here, she was the only reason I was passing chem. I sat there and stared at her.

“HEY ASSHOLE!” a voice shouted. Where was it coming from. Holy shit. Erin saw me staring at her. I tried to look at a movie poster behind her and pretended to be reading the small print at the bottom. No dice, it was too late. She was marching over to me, no scratch that she was charging me. A squirrel was charging me but honestly I’ve never been more terrified of a squirrel in my life.

Erin was a brilliant girl. She got straight A’s and had perfect attendance every day of the year. She was on track to getting a full ride to Princeton. She had this no nonsense attitude and all she wanted to do was change the world. Assholes like me have been picking on her since she was old enough to fix her thick rimmed glasses. “Do you realize the position you put me in?!” her words were like daggers and the whole theater entrance got dead silent.

At about 6 inches away from my face she stopped. “Mr. Erickson suspended me because he thought I helped you cheat on last week’s test! What kind of bullshit idiot copies someone else’s sentences word for word on a test?!” She hated sports. I don’t blame her. People like me were way below her pay-grade. She looked at me like I was some kind of nordic viking idiot who only knew how to catch a ball. To be fair she wasn’t entirely wrong.

“What do you have to say for yourself?!” she yelled. Jill had just walked in. Shit. I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t have to. Before I could come up with my usual snarky response, she punched me right in the face!

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been punched in the face so hard you fall over, but let me tell you. It feels like ass. Imagine the sound that thunder makes, but cracking right over your nose; it spreads out like a dully refracting lightning bolt, every bit of energy trying to bore itself as deep into your skull as it can. It sucks. Why didn’t this feel like that?

I picked myself up from the floor, holding my bloody nose, stunned. This felt more like the color purple wrapped itself around my whole face in a warm seeping blob. Instead of the dull throbbing pain I came to know all too well from countless fights, I was left with a butterfly kiss. We made eye contact as I looked up.

When did her hair get so shiny? I mean like really really shiny. She looked at me. I don’t think anyone has ever looked into my soul before. She was looking into my soul dude. This wasn’t the shock from a punch in the face. This was something way different. Her long thin legs looked like two powerful sign posts jutting diagonally out of the ground, pointing up her hips, leading my eyes up her delicate frame. She wasn’t a squirrel, she was an elegant ballerina. I looked at her for a few seconds then said the only thing I could think to say;

“How satisfying do you think it is to crunch through a stack of papers with a three ring hole punch?”


So Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth recently released for the Vita this week, and as many of you are aware, it takes place primarily in Tokyo. Your homebase is actually located in the famous Nakano Broadway shopping area, and the game does a fantastic job of recreating the building. I figured I’d share a few poorly compressed screenshots with you all.

As for the game itself? I’m approximately six hours in and having a blast. Media Vision was the developer on this, and you can tell that Bandai Namco put a decent chunk of cash into the project. 

I’ll have a more detailed write-up sometime next week, with a little luck.


Building Your Dream Ferrari Is A Beautiful Thing

I wanted to experience what they experienced, and I didn’t know any other way to do it except by trying to build a car like they had…” says Peter Giacobbi, builder and owner of this incredible 1959 Ferrari 250 TR recreation.

That’s right: recreation. A master fabricator, engineer, and builder, Giacobbi made this car in order to understand what his boyhood heroes like Fangio and Hill experienced when driving cars like the Ferrari 250 TR.

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The (After)Life of the Party || Closed AU RP

Cori frowned at her reflection as she passed the darkly tinted window of academic buildings. She was sandwiched in a herd of people dressed identically to her - shorts and a cookie-cutter shirt dressed in the schools color. A sneer etched its way across her face, permanently set into her features. The nametag on her chest had been scribbled out with marker, the wearer wanting no one to know her legal name. Instead, “Cori” had been scrawled in her loopy cursive underneath.

Thankful to be shooed into the air conditioned recreation building, she followed the directions of a far too peppy student volunteer to a group of people seated in a circle. Her body flopped into an empty chair and she studied her fellow students. They were all clutching their bags to their chests with excited smile, and she followed suit, sans grin.