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Jupiter: the greater Benefic. The planet that can expand, exemplify, and enlarge. It can also bring abundance and luck. Although depending on the sign, house and aspects regarding Jupiter, a person can have positive, neutral or no luck. The soft aspects (trines, sextiles and conjuncts) will enhance jupiters energy. The hard aspects (squares, inconjuncts and opposites) can make jupiters energy harder to see or manifest.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are the gateway between the personal and interpersonal planets it is important to look at both the sign it resides and the house. If Saturn represents life’s tests and lessons then Jupiter is the guide and teacher out of those lessons.

SIGNS modify planets
PLANETS are the energy of the chart
HOUSES are areas of focus in a chart
ASPECTS interconnect planets and points in a chart

How you best use jupiter is up to you. 🌟

****I use mostly whole signs so check your placidus and whole sign house

JUPITER’S FIRST-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are your own good luck in that your personality and appearance can see you positively through just about any and everything. Cash in on your all-encompaasing sense of humor and normally-positive attitude and outlook. You have the natural ability to make others feel better while in your presence. You may have a beaming million-dollar smile; don’t neglect using it to help with getting what you want. Others seek you out for your natural adeptness to counsel them on their problems; draw upon your natural intuition. You can get complete answers to rather complex questions from sources beyond your “worldly” practical awareness. You can charge for this gift. You have an inborn ability to accept adversities calmly and positively, since you have an inner awareness that they are only object lessons which are essential and meaningful to your emotional growth.

JUPITER’S SECOND-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Material gain, money, and possessions in abundance are your true “birthright.” You may deal in, work with, and, in time, accumulate large sums of money and other representations of material success. When it comes to getting ahead financially, you have your lucky four-leaf clover ever at hand. You are very much a materialist and should concentrate your major energies on getting ahead first and foremost in a material/financial way. Little spiritual growth may be made until you have gained your worldly fortune. It is most important that you not burden yourself with any feelings of guilt concerning this truth. Feel guilty only if you employ any form of dishonesty in achieving the material rewards which are rightfully yours. Whether it all belongs to you or not, you are destined to handle large amounts of money and deal in other ways with great wealth. Put on your thinking cap and find practical and honest ways to make more of it yours personally.

JUPITER’S THIRD-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your mind and the ability to communicate well are the keys to realizing your good fortune. Your mental capacity is great in scope; you can be a storehouse of information. This information is knowledge; knowledge is power. The remuneratively-rewarding areas of selling, writing, public speaking, publishing, and broadcasting can open fabulous channels for you in which you can realize your fondest dreams. You may find that it is necessary to be mobile, to move about, to travel shorter distances, and to make changes in order to take advantage of your best luck potential. Be versatile and willing to go along with whatever seems right and best. Your luck will work for you if you will work with it. You cannot realize your true potential if you are an unyielding “stick in the mud.” Read, write, listen, speak, gesture, go, change, modify, rectify; consider the meaningful role brothers and sisters and other family members can play in boosting you to a fuller realization of your ultimate potential.

JUPITER’S FOURTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Luck to you is closely connected with actual security. Above all else, you must first work to assure that you develop a secure base from which to operate; you need to put down firm and secure roots. Once you have done so, you may then work in a certain and relaxed way to add measurably to that basic security. Land and real property hold great promise for you; put all the money and effort you can spare into wise investments in real estate. Your major plan should be to acquire one piece of land and then, as you can, buy adjoining property, etc. Having rental properties can bring you great financial gain as well as an inner joy through ownership. You are fortunate in birth in that your parents may serve as a springboard or guiding hand in your moving forward at a relatively early age. They may enrich you with gifts, money, property, basic intelligence, and love. Most of your good luck is always very close at hand – near home base; or in proximity to your area or place of birth. Your luck works best when you maintain an inner confidence in yourself and your ability to do well.

JUPITER’S FIFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are extremely lucky in that you can get a lot of pleasure and joy just from the routine of living your life day-to-day. So, don’t miss out on a single day – enjoy yourself. Jupiter here expands your creative faculties and offers you personal gratification when you utilize your innovative ideas and talents. You can be lucky with your own children and the offspring of others as well. Your best future may center in the practical application of this native capability. You may excel in sports and in the areas of commerce associated with recreation and entertainment. If you are wise and careful, you may make striking gains through well-thought-out speculation, especially if it involves matters at a distance. (Your hobby should be to enter every give-away contest possible.) You may, if other indicators support, have better-than-average luck with gambling and other games of chance. Also, use your sense of humor and general zest for living as stepping stones to getting the things of life which you desire.

JUPITER’S SIXTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your fortune may lie in the quantity of service you are capable of giving others in exchange for payment. You are wisest and best advised to sell services as opposed to products. Glowing, abundantly good health may be yours; and when you have good health, there is really no greater fortune. Jupiter placed here offers you the opportunity or ability to turn out an impressive amount of work so you should have little or no reluctance to put forth the amount of effort necessary to accomplish whatever you really want. It has been said that genius is five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. Go ahead and let others label you a genius if they want to, even though you know that you accomplish tasks best through honest hard work. Jupiter in the sixth house also causes others to want to serve you; consequently, most of those who work with or for you may, through their willing efforts, aid in speeding you on to great and worthwhile accomplishments.

JUPITER’S SEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your prospective good luck and your fortune in life are determined importantly by the partnerships you do (or do not) form. These partnerships include marriage, meaningful relationships, business, social, legal, religious, and all others. You could marry into very fortunate circumstances, as you can attract others who will work hard or share generously to your personal advantage. You must not overlook your natural potential for being able to make judgments quickly and accurately. Knowing when the “iron” is hot, sensing the proper time to act, can propel you toward your best fortune. You may also capitalize from a natural legal bent in your mental machinery. Because of this factor, you may be able to handle your interests quite well in contractual dealings and other matters relating to agreements. Almost anything which deals with balance, form, order, color, and symmetry can offer you abundant opportunities for forwarding your luck potential.

JUPITER’S EIGHT-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your good luck can lie in your desires and your ability to harness and direct their very potent powers. It would not be an unfair or unrealistic matter to make an analogy between desire and what is commonly called prayer. Prayers (often expressing desires) are materialized if one believes and persists in the belief (keeps faith). You will receive your fondest dreams as realities only if you first get a clear mental image of what it is you want. Once you have this in mind, you must fan your desires and intensify them to the point that the accomplishment of that desired goal becomes a part of yourself. With an eighth-house Jupiter, your desire potential is naturally very strong and you generally succeed or fail to the degree that you are able to manipulate this very potent force. Inheritances, and gifts or those things which you did not have to work for in a literal sense may figure importantly in your good fortune. Dutifully cultivate good relations with all those who could benefit you in these areas.

JUPITER’S NINTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Thank your “lucky stars” for an inborn capability to get answers and guidance “out of the blue,” intuitively. Your higher levels of consciousness and intellect can aid you markedly in reaping great rewards materially and in enhancing your good-luck potential. Jupiter is especially well-placed in this sector since it is natural ruler of the ninth house. Institutions of higher learning, those in positions of authority (judges, professors, spiritual leaders, and gifted advisers) can help you toward realizing your greater fortunes in life. Don’t overlook the ability for utilizing your potentially-positive philosophy toward yourself and life in general. The word “distance” may be a key to your success. Your fortune is most likely to be at a distance from your place of birth (another city, state, or country), or it may deal directly or indirectly with long-distance travel and communications, or import and export. Gains through higher learning, college degrees, and published writings are strongly accented.

JUPITER’S TENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You can bask in the sunshine of recognition through your natural ability to gain attention and receive the favorable notice and approval of others. You can often cash in on fame and your marketable reputation. You may be lucky in getting free publicity, so make it a point to circulate and frequent places or events where random favorable notice might come your way. You can be extremely fortunate in selecting the right career or professional area. Rapid promotion and advancement are your natural “birthright.” Seek work or career areas in which there is room at the top, for you are likely destined to be there – especially if you play your cards at all wisely. You can easily receive the nod from those in positions of power and importance, especially in the world of business and commerce. Because of your ability to gain notice and command mass appeal, the wide world of entertainment may offer you many opportunities for growth and luck.

JUPITER’S ELEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your best luck may come through your friendly nature, your friends, and your usual bright optimism and positive regard for yourself and others generally. Be wise in your selection of friends; choose those who can either pull you up or give you a needed shove from beneath. Hopes and wishes are important to you, but remember that they can be rather fleeting in nature. You will realize more of them when you intensify and refine them to the level of desire. Capitalize on your ability to make friends quickly, and your natural talent to cause those friends to maintain a consistently-high regard for you. With this placement of Jupiter, it is valid to state that generally you succeed or fail through your friends – either directly or indirectly. Don’t ever be reluctant to think big. If at any time you should feel that you personally lack a particular talent or ability, don’t forget that friend who does possess this ability. You can never afford to overlook the inherent good-luck potential available through your friends and your circle of acquaintances.

JUPITER’S TWELFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Good fortune for you may lie in secret, out-of-the-way or hidden places. Much of your luck is manifested quietly and unobtrusively. Hidden resources and reserves may contain the ore of your greater fortune. Of all the house placements, this may seem the least promising; but this is apparent only. The reason it seems so is that good luck (Jupiter) may not announce itself as obviously or easily or loudly if concealed here. If you have this placement of Jupiter, your firm inner motivation and belief must be that you have to persist with faith and patience until you are able to comprehend your good fortune’s soft whispers. For you, there is “gold in them hills”; but you will have to prospect faithfully for it. Patience is necessary; but the lode is very rich, as you will in time discover if you persist. Another very valuable asset of this placement is that it enables you to be quite successful in keeping covered up just about anything concerning yourself which you do not wish others to know about – for whatever reason.

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35 World-Building Questions

(Partially ganked from a list a fantasy author made, with my own additions.)

  1. What are the geography and climate of the area like?
  2. What kinds of animals inhabit the area?
  3. What are the physical characteristics of people from this area?
  4. Why is this city placed where it is?
  5. What is the cuisine like?
  6. What utensils are used at the table?
  7. What are the major religions and how is worship expressed?
  8. What are some local folk tales/legends?
  9. What are the major holidays?
  10. What languages are spoken in the area?
  11. Are there variations in the main language–accents or dialects?
  12. Are there any widely-used slang words or figures of speech?
  13. How far has technology advanced?
  14. What is the government structure?
  15. What is the state of the economy?
  16. What does currency look like?
  17. What are the area’s major exports/products?
  18. Are there any crafts or art forms unique to the area?
  19. How is education carried out?
  20. What are the situations of the upper, middle, and lower classes?
  21. What are some notable laws?
  22. What are the rules of etiquette–table manners, introductions, etc.?
  23. What are the most readily available careers?
  24. What do people do for entertainment/recreation?
  25. What does the architecture look like?
  26. What are some significant landmarks?
  27. How are people dressed (in both formal or informal settings)?
  28. What is the political climate?
  29. Is there a war ongoing or upcoming?
  30. How large is the population?
  31. What are the major gender norms?
  32. General views on sexuality?
  33. How do societal expectations change with a person’s age?
  34. What is the average household like?
  35. What are the standards of beauty?
The Houses and Points in a Natal Chart

The Ascendent/Rising/ACE

  • The way you express your inner self (sun/moon/other personal planets)
  • Prominent characteristics at face value
  • Your automatic response to individuals in your environment
  • Self awareness
  • Physical individuality
  • Appearance
  • How you adapt to your outer environment
  • Physical meeting

1st House

  • The physical self
  • Physical incarnation
  • Self-image, how you see yourself, how you choose to project yourself
  • How you see the world around you
  • How the world sees you
  • How you direct yourself

2nd House

  • Values (personal and material)
  • Material possessions (from your clothes, food, your bed ect)
  • Money
  • Personal resources
  • Things you have ownership of
  • Talents and skills
  • Self-worth
  • How we accumulate resources
  • What we base our self esteem off

3rd House

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Topics you are interested in learning/talking/writing about
  • How you learn
  • Siblings
  • Short distant travels (under and hour from the home)
  • The ‘neighbourhood’/local area/town
  • Manner of speech

Imum Coeli

  • What’s hidden from the outside world
  • The inner self
  • Our roots/core foundations
  • Introversion
  • Privacy
  • Ancestors
  • What we want/need to feel secure

4th House

  • Home
  • Family
  • The mother (or least dominant parent)
  • Parents in general
  • Childhood
  • Inherited patterns and mannerisms
  • Family environment
  • Your upbringing
  • Security
  • The family you create as an adult
  • Land (property)

5th House

  • Casual romance
  • Casual sex
  • Flirting
  • Parties
  • Games
  • Games of speculation
  • Creativity and creative expression
  • Things you do for fun
  • Children (others and your own)
  • Recreational activities
  • Sports
  • Relaxation and entertainment

6th House

  • Health, health problems, how you care for your health
  • Casual work, service and work ethic
  • The nature of the work environment
  • Employees
  • Co-workers
  • Daily routine
  • Pets and small animals


  • Self projection (the qualities of yourself you project onto others)
  • Who you attract
  • Interaction with others
  • Awareness of others
  • The partner
  • The desire for relationship
  • Commitment

7th House

  • The marriage, romantic and/or business partner
  • Best friends
  • How you relate to others
  • Open/public enemies
  • Who you attract
  • One-to-one relationships
  • Who you feel attracted to

8th House

  • Union
  • Other people’s money and material possessions
  • Other people’s values
  • Shared resources
  • Birth-death-regeneration
  • Sexual union
  • Inheritance
  • Deep research
  • The spirit realm
  • Death and the dead
  • Metaphysics
  • Occult and powers
  • Psychology
  • The hidden/secrets
  • Vulnerability and powerlessness
  • Astral projection
  • Paranormal experiences
  • Healing

9th House

  • Spirituality
  • Set religions
  • Higher learning
  • University/College
  • Philosophy
  • Travel
  • Higher perspective
  • Beliefs
  • In-laws
  • Foreign affairs
  • Other cultures
  • Specialisation in an area of study


  • Public image
  • Projected characteristics to the public
  • Outer self
  • Ambition
  • Nature of career

10th House

  • The father (dominant parent)
  • Outer environment
  • Public life, how you are seen by the public (those who don’t know you at all)
  • Social status
  • Career/vocation
  • Career position
  • Public recognition
  • Authority figures
  • Your internet persona

11th House

  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Group activities
  • Clubs and societies
  • Hopes and wishes
  • Society
  • Shared interest/cause
  • Sense of belonging
  • Community

12th House

  • The self undoing
  • The unconscious
  • Karma
  • The collective unconscious
  • Solitude
  • The deep spiritual realm
  • Hidden enemies
  • Dreams  
  • Confinement
  • Subconscious fears
  • Surrender
  • Zen Meditation
  • Astral projection #2
  • Psychological problems
  • Transcendence of consciousness
  • Vices that we use/do for pleasure
  • Self destructive patterns
  • Addictions
  • Paranormal experiences #2
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Healing #2

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I wish Tolkien went into more mundane activities elves participate in for recreational entertainment rather than just making sweeping generalizations that they ‘were merry’. I have a love/hate relationship with the vagueness of Tolkien’s descriptions; on one hand it opens the world up for fans to do whatever they want essentially but on the other hand it makes it so wide there is little structure.

For example; did the Teleri hold very serious rock skipping contests? Did the Noldor have science exhibitions??

Jupiter: The Planet of Luck, Vision, and Expansion
  • Jupiter in Aries: One who believes in the power of positivity. They love competition and doing things independently. Will attract the most good fortune when they initiates and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage.
  • Jupiter in Taurus: One who takes delight in sensual pleasures and wants the good life. They tend to have a good instincts for finances, what things are worth, and investing. Will attract the most good fortune when they are charitable, generous but discriminating, and patient.
  • Jupiter in Gemini: One who is versatile, sociable, curious, and calms others with friendliness and sincerity. They values intellect and see opportunities to be successful through intellectual, written, and verbal paths. Will attract the most good fortune when they use their wit and intellection.
  • Jupiter in Cancer: One who uses their power to save and bring comforts others. They value tradition and work towards security of loved ones. They rely most on gut instincts. Will attract the most good fortune when they’re sympathetic and comforting.
  • Jupiter in Leo: One who is prosperous in creative, entertaining, recreational areas, and places with children. Their generosity brings them success, and they take pride in everything they do. Will attract the most good fortune when they are expressing magnanimity, are generous with others, inspire confidence in those around them, conducts themselves with sincerity, and avoids excessive egotism.
  • Jupiter in Virgo: One who is prosperous in the service industries, nutrition, and health avenues. They are practical, technical, and knowledgeable. They are the best at solving problem, but not extremely ambitious about work. Will attract the most good fortune when they are helpful, orderly, and pay attention to details.
  • Jupiter in Libra: One who values people and relationships, and might succeed best in harmonic partnerships. They will succeed in the arts, architecture, law, math, mediating, and politics avenues. Their use of charm tends to help when trying to reaching goals. Will attract the most good fortune when they are treats others with equality, are compromising, gracious, and use their talents for promotion.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio: One who is enthusiastic about deeper studies and meanings, anything mysterious, psychology. They value decisiveness, intensity, commitment, and strength. They are prosperous in science and research. Will attract the most good fortune when they are completely into a project and use their powers to heal others.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius: One who can be inspirational and find success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures. They are very philosophical, optimistic, and enthusiastic. They have strong morals, strongly value freedom of expression. Will attract the most good fortune when they are generous, tolerant, and practices what they preaches.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn: One who values the achievement, responsibility, and manifestation. They succeed through resourcefulness and avoiding procrastination. Position or status is important to them. Will attract the most good fortune when they organize and direct, conduct themselves with integrity, and is mature.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius: One who values people’s personal freedom most. They want to show unique perspective or skills. They open to new methods, have great tolerance and humanitarianism. Will attract the most good fortune when they are fair, inventive, impartial, and cooperative.
  • Jupiter in Pisces: One who values compassion and charity, and is motivated by a universal vision. They are peaceful and believe faith in the goodness of life brings rewards. Will attract the most good fortune when they are tender, devoted, and compassionate.
The Jupiter Signs - Your luck and good fortune

The Jupiter signs basically tell us where we find our fortune in life, where we are lucky. It is our optimism and how we expand our ideas. It is the planet of philosophy and our good will, it helps us rather than hinders us.

Aries Jupiter: Jupiter in Aries is usually someone with a presence, they may come across very strongly without even having to do anything. They do well in life when they take on the role of leader in situations but often come across bossy. Very competitive which usually is good for them and they generally have a lot of luck with their appearance and self-expression.

Taurus Jupiter: Jupiter in Taurus is usually very lucky when they’ve found peace and beauty within themselves, they look to nature for inspiration, giving them a very patient disposition. They are usually pacifists and avoid violence or confrontation where possible. They are quite good with finance and abundance but may come across greedy as a result.

Gemini Jupiter: Jupiter in Gemini is very witty, and usually finds their luck in social situations. They are versatile, curious and friendly and they love trying new things, usually being very successful. They thrive in fast-changing environments and are usually very good with developing languages. They like to broadcast their ideas. The only trouble they may have is losing track of all they’re involved with

Cancer Jupiter: Jupiter in Cancer is naturally very nurturing and charitable and it is when they use these gifts that they receive the most luck in life. They are naturally very good at making people feel cared for and are very good at “sensing” other peoples feelings. They’re very intuitive and if they follow this they will be very successful. They are also good with business and are quite ambitious, security is key to them. They should try something new every now and again. 

Leo Jupiter: Jupiter in Leo is very charming by nature and they usually attract luck and prosperity when they are being generous and inspiring. This placement does well in creative careers, like entertainment, recreation or working with children. This placement is the type that work hard and play hard. However they can be easily offended if not given the expected amount of respect or if their opinions are not agreed with by others. They can be seen as extravagant and self centered but this is rarely intentional.

Jupiter in Virgo: Jupiter in Virgo is a realist and they attract the most luck when they are being honest and of service. A solid routine sets them at ease and they don’t mind working hard for the result they want. They are very good with literature and other detail-oriented skills however their perfectionist side can cause them an awful lot of frustration and cause their projects to progress slower. They are very cautious people who analyse everything and while this can be a beneficial thing, it can also overwhelm them.

Jupiter in Libra: Jupiter in Libra is a natural born mediator and are usually inclined to keep the peace. They attract luck and abundance in their lives when they are being fair and level headed. They re attracted to those who share interests and opinions with them and they work very well in a team. They are born diplomats and work very well with people but need to make sure they don’t let their ego get too big.

Jupiter in Scorpio: Jupiter in Scorpio attract luck in endeavors where they can grow and transform themselves. They are at their best when they have a project to fully throw themselves into. They’re generally very clever and cunning and are quite good with business affairs, they need to learn to take constructive criticism however, so that they may be more optimistic.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius finds luck and happiness when they stick to their core beliefs and stay away from hypocrisy. They can be quite inspirational when they believe in themselves and their talents. Not surprisingly, good opportunities usually come to this placement when travelling. In order for them to reach their full potential they must remember to stay open to others’ views.

Jupiter in Capricorn: Jupiter in Capricorn usually have very good reputations and social status’. This placement is quite mature and naturally hard working. They understand and appreciate good work ethics and are quite optimistic when it comes to life. Their actions and career choices usually benefit society and they have a high belief in tradition. They need to achieve a balance in order to meet their full potential.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Jupiter in Aquarius’ are seen to be quite eccentric due to their unconventional approach to life. They are always willing to try new things and aren’t afraid to turn their back on the system. They are quite artistic and spiritual and they often express themselves through these means. They works incredibly well with others but can do just as well on their own. To reach their full potential, they need to learn to compromise.

Jupiter in Pisces: Jupiter in Pisces’ are usually gifted with a sixth sense and other intuitive gifts. Their gut instinct is never wrong and they can reach abundance just by following it. They are very empathetic and they love to help others in need. This placement doesn’t usually desire material things but rather take joy in the happiness of those they love. Exercises like meditation help relieve stress for them but they must gain control over escapist tendencies.

I realized that ask wasnt really worded properly about fo4 not being a bad game but a disappointment…but like, games are either good or bad. A disappointing game is a bad game. You are paying real life earth dollars for an item that literally has no use or value besides recreational entertainment. If it isnt worth that money, if its a disappointment and fails its job, then it’s bad.

And no ones getting hurt by calling fo4 a bad game. Bethesda is still a raking in cash. Saying its a bad game is just saying a AAA studio with fucking millions and millions of dollars could do better then making a disappointing game, but they didnt, and its bad. And from what pete hines has been saying, they dont care. They really do not care about making good games for customers as long as they make money.