The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail was designated for its scenic significance. It is also considered the ‘King of Trails’, more difficult than its sister long distance trails, the Appalachian and Pacific Crest. It navigates dramatically diverse ecosystems through mountain meadows, granite peaks, and high-desert surroundings. Upon designation in 1978, Congress identified a corridor for this trail, straddling along the backbone of the North American continent –the Divide– for the future placement of the trail. When complete, the trail will climb and descend the peaks and cross the high-deserts of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico for 3,100 miles.

The trail crosses BLM-managed lands in five states: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming. 

Photos by BLMer Bob Wick.


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Mesas and canyons, cholla and barrel cactus, sky and springs, peace and quiet.

This is Warm Springs Wilderness. The 112,400-acre Wilderness is located in Mohave County, 30 miles southwest of Kingman, Arizona and 30 miles north of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The Warm Springs Wilderness encircles an immense and pristine desert landscape. One thousand feet above the surrounding desert, the 10-mile long Black Mesa dominates the Wilderness. Its edges are dissected into a maze of winding canyons. Remnant mesas and isolated hills dot a vast encircling alluvial apron.The diverse zoologic and geologic features offer outstanding opportunities for primitive recreation. Water at Warm Springs and other springs allow for extended camping trips. Horseback riding and hiking are further enhanced by the presence of an old historic trail and numerous burro trails. In the spring following a wet winter, this area unveils a notably colorful wildflower display, including ocotillos, blooming annuals, shrubs, and cactus.

Happy Wilderness Wednesday! Photos by BLMer Justin Robbins.


BLM Oregon’s Nestucca River National Back Country Byway offers the perfect #6secondsofcalm!

Interested in taking the slow road from the Willamette Valley to the Oregon Coast (or vice versa)? Consider the Nestucca River National Back Country Byway! On the coast, the mostly paved two-lane road starts at the town of Beaver in Tillamook County and ends near Carlton in Yamhill County. The Byway is about 35 miles long, passes through lush coastal range forests and waterfalls, and also offers a terrific scenic panorama of the Cascade Mountains at Sheridan Peak. Several first-come, first-serve campgrounds are available during certain seasons along the road, as well as other recreational opportunities, like off-road vehicle riding.

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