recreating the past


I love Parks and Rec and I love Six of Crows so look at that I threw them together

i’m simultaneously sorry but also not sorry that this is my first contribution to this fandom (also this is the first time i’ve ever drawn any of them so i beg forgiveness)

From Season 3 Episode 13  of Parks and Recreation

(this was cut and pasted from a super long comic strip type deal so sorry for weird lines)

The food printer is an appliance from Runaway to the Stars, used a lot in spaceships for ready-made “foodlike” products. It’s not good at making anything that cannot be recreated as a smooth paste or slurry, so it mostly gets used for stuff like bread, tofu, sausage, egg, juice, porridge, chips, and etc. The products are usually pretty junky… ie., high carbs, high fat, and over-seasoned to compensate for slightly ‘off’ flavor and texture. The very fancy ones can make a wider variety of food pastes cooked in more interesting ways than baked/fried, but they’re bloody expensive and only found on huge ships or in space ports. Smaller ships usually also have a huge freezer and a regular kitchen, so they can stock up on better, tastier food at ports. The Staraways crew has a HumBugBird model for feeding their coed crew, and Talita has her personal centaur food printer that she’s owned and eaten from for the majority of her life. Someone…. get this poor girl some real meat…

I’m a biologist, not an engineer, so this is my best shot at drawing one. If anyone with more experience in this area wants to talk about scifi appliances, feel free to hit me up.

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Heimat [V]

{{ noun //  a place you can call “home” - includes a sense of belonging, acceptance, and safety }}

Home is where the heart is.

Angst, Fluff. Slice of Life AU. 1,355 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

Settling yourself down on the couch at three in the morning seems all too familiar, a scene you recreate every night for the past twenty seven days. Taehyung used to promise he will be home before midnight, but ever since he broke that promise every single night for the first nine days, you stopped believing and he stopped promising.

But you are still left waiting until the rays of the sunlight start to peek out across the sky and the doorknob jiggles, signaling his return home.

That is, if this is still a home.

It’s more of a vast space two strangers share. Well, you suppose the pair of you are more like acquaintances; you have not reached the lower level of becoming strangers yet, mere faces you pass by on the street. This relationship, or lack of, is slowly creeping up though, and you push it away harshly.

How did you go from being intimate lovers to this?

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there are repercussions to getting his memories back and the way they were received. wisely made kanda relive his memories and in doing so, the severity of his ptsd and hallucinations strengthened. it basically reversed the progress of time on healing old wounds and nightmares he once had only as a child are resurfacing again.

further more, alma’s memories were also mixed in during the recreation of the past. unlike allen who had road to keep her from being swallowed by kanda’s memories, he had no way to stop himself from mixing his memories with alma’s. kanda felt what alma did, felt him break, felt him kill everyone. like a virus, alma’s hatred passed into kanda and now he lives with an anger that isn’t even his.


Another pile of dusty pictures. The time when I was obsessed with Japan. And wanted to recreate Satsuki and Mei’s house from Totoro. Days of stalking for proper CC, lots of custom wall recolors was created, but then I just realized that it’s not what I want. That it is only can be done with my own custom content created especially for this project. And I’ve started from scratch. I’ve learned how to create custom windows and doors, other building mode objects like porch awning and decorative roof elements. But then suddenly I just lost interest.

To anyone who thinks the TATINOF movie is “bad” or “too cringey”

dan pretty much warned us of this.

it is MEANT to be a sort of roast of themselves. It is a celebration and somewhat mockery of Dan and Phil throughout the years. So by recreating their past selves (lion, llama, etc) they may make people cringe.

Dan and Phil did something most people wouldn’t, they created a show where they not only made fun of themselves, but they played games that are just so them, they talked about why what they do is important. They allowed their fans to showcase their artwork and personalities and the show was a chance for their fans to meet each other in person and make new friendships and relationships.

Moreover, they also explored new territory. Dan and Phil discussed personal insecurities they have and went our of their comfort zone with the magic show and musical number.

The TATINOF film is more than a stage show.

TATINOF itself, is more than a stage show.

I think everything they did had some meaning behind it. Even the “cringey” stuff. By including things they may find embarrassing in their past, they are demonstrating both self-acceptance and the ability to laugh at yourself. Both of those attributes are important.  


im not going to lie, i find some part cringe, i even had to look away from my computer screen cause i was uncomfortable. but i think the fact that they chose to include those moments, was important

i am, in no way, trying to hate on anyone. 

please don’t take this personally and stay safe <3
'Sherlock' Boss Reveals The Christmas Special Is About 'The Role Of Women'
Mark Gatiss reveals why "The Abominable Bride" is a feminist affair.

“The big challenge was the role of women. You can’t ignore how it was — in fact, it’s fundamental to the plot.”

Gatiss also teased a Victorian twist on the show’s now often-copied text message technique — something he says was “very challenging” to recreate in the past — and assured MTV News that, yes, the show has a long-term plan when it comes to what the heck is going on with Moriarty (Andrew Scott).

“There’s a master plan,” he said with a smile. “There’s a plan. There is a long-term plan. Very long term.”

|| Dead Things and Washing Machines ||
| a canon compliant/divergent hunt fic |

|| story by cockleddean (theauthorgod on ao3
|| art by gabrielseductivetrickster

Sam is sick and, despite Dean’s strict no-research-rule, finds a case.  It’s like these cases sneak up on them when they least expect it.  Dean says the hunt can wait; but, Sam doesn’t think that’s the wisest decision so he calls Cas to work the hunt with Dean.

Dean and Cas drive out only to find that the motels are all full; so, they end up in a one-bedroom/one-bath condo, sharing a bed and reveling in the stylish, fully-furnished, khaki-pants lifestyle.

Hunts don’t pause or slow down; they’re fast-paced and brutal.  Dean and Cas’ relationship takes equal turns at both.

|| dcbb 2015 || coming October 2015

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Not to put too fine a point on it, but a few months ago, I never thought all of us would still be around to recreate this and I thought Mother’s Day would be a good chance.

We all agreed that, back in the day, my mom and dad looked way cooler than Mark and I did. Today it just happened that my dad had on reverse colors and my mom pretty much had on the same thing. We found a plaid shirt for Mark. My original outfit was overalls in powder blue with white dots and I said I wished that I had overalls now. My mom said “Well you should have told me. I have long ones and short ones hanging in my closet.”  That. That was unexpected. She’s 80 years old. Mark used to be shorter; at one point, he ducked down to become as he used to be. My dad thought we would all agree that he was the star and found it difficult to be working with amateurs.

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Sasusaku 66. Stay over

send me a number from here (x) and I’ll write you a fic
#66. “Stay over.”

sakura smiles as she watches from the doorway. sasuke was lying on the bed with his arms folded behind his head. his eyes were closed but she knew he was still awake. 

“stay over,” she says with a smile.

sasuke opens his eyes as he looks over at Sakura. “last time I checked, I still lived here too,” he says with a smirk. 

she laughs as she walks up to the bed and lies down in the space that sasuke had freed up for her. “remember when we were twenty or so and you would ask me to stay over?” 

sasuke presses his head against the top of sakura’s shoulder as he nuzzles his nose against her arm. “are you trying to recreate the past from before we had sarada with those words of yours?” he teases.

“you mean the night we…” she starts to say but sasuke shuts her up with a kiss.

he pulls away with a smile. “there were several nights on occasion so you would have to remind me specifically of which one you are talking about.” 

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