Depression and anxiety are one hell of a combination because you end up never doing anything and simultaneously not caring and not being able to stand it. It makes you do weird shit in order to keep your mind off your stresses without exerting too much of what little energy you have. Case in point, a few years ago there was one week where I did almost nothing but recreate the covers of albums I liked on a site that let you drag and drop little deli items to make a sandwich.

Here is a list of things that makes me feel better when I am feeling down ( mostly a list to remind myself)

•Listen to rainy mood (if there is no real rain)
•vanilla tea
•watching the snow fall, being all cuddled up with a cup of coco
• Parks and recreation
•Kate Bushs Aerial album
•Clarence on Cartoon Network
•dan and Phil games
•Andrew arcades lets plays
•jam and Jerusalem
•Miranda (BBC)
•Rupaul’s drag race
•great british bake-off
• Golden Girls

Our final in my photography class was to recreate a famous photo. One of my good friends picked Taylor’s 2012 Vogue cover and had me pose as Taylor. I love how this turned out. If I could get Taylor to see this my life would be complete. ♡