Jobs are great, but jobs up a lot of time that you might not have so here are some other ideas. I use these sites mainly to buy books (for school and recreation) and albums. So if you’re looking for a way to pay for stuff try out these (listed in order of my personal preference):


You can do searches, surveys, videos, and other offers to earn swagbucks. They also have swagcodes (a code you enter for swagbucks), daily goals (meet the goal and get a bonus), and team challenges (usually around holidays) that you can participate in to earn swagbucks. 1 swagbuck = 1 cent. There are a lot of giftcards and some start at 2 or 3 dollars, but these are not instant and take a few days to become available.


You can do searches, surveys, videos, and other offers to earn points just like swagbucks. 1 point = 1 cent and the lowest payout is 1 dollar which doesn’t take very long to get. The giftcards from this site are literally instant so you don’t have to wait at all.


To earn money with Qmee all you have to do is search. It is a browser extension that works with different search engines like bing, google, and even some shopping sites like amazon. Sometimes (not every search) a sidebar will show with different ads and the amount you get paid for clicking (usually around 6 cents, but sometimes more). There is no minimum payout so you can cash out to paypal at any amount and it is all instant. They also recently added giftcards (not sure if these are instant). You make a little less with this, but you do a lot less.


You review songs for money on this site. There is a $10 minimum to withdraw. It takes a little longer, but if you stick with if you have patience then this could work for you. Withdrawals are to paypal so you need to have that for this site.

I hope this can help some of you if you need another way to pay for stuff and feel free to add on other sites that you use or ask me questions about anything here.

Saturday, February 13th, 2015 is the 9th birthday of my daughter, Marli. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!

Thank you to all those in the Swiftie Fandom that continue to be good friends & great role models for her. Any birthday messages for Marli are most welcome.

As Marli is the youngest member of both the Sydney Swifties & NSW Swifties fan groups, I thought it would be a great idea to pay homage to her idol, Taylor Swift, by recreating the album cover of her latest single ‘Out Of The Woods’ when we were recently at Bethells Beach in Auckland - where the original photo was taken. [The original photo of Taylor Swift is also shown & the music video was directed by @JosephKahn.]

Apart from her birthday, Marli is really excited because Tay-Tay not only has 7 nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards on Feb 15th, but she is also performing an unreleased song from her current album at the Grammys; Marli is hoping that the song that she’ll be singing is 'I Know Places’.

@TaylorSwift Marli wishes you good luck for @TheGrammys!! ©

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Found these photos of me from 2011 when I used to wear the letters ‘O’ ‘W’ on my wrist everyday to my senior year of school so my friends and I could all stand in a circle and spell Speak Now and recreate the album art everyday. Obviously I also had a 13 on my hand too. 

More work, this was my final project for my foundation course at Bournville. I used my photography to recreate album covers, then had them printed onto mdf wood and mounted alongside my other work. I suppose you could say I’ve always been interested in the music side to graphic design.. two of my favourite things combined to create something amazing.

Album of the Day: Bloc Party - ‘Hymns’

Bloc Party have always been a band about ‘progress’. After their breakthrough debut album, ‘Silent Alarm’, they never tried to recreate the same album. Ever since 2005, they have released albums that sounded different from each other. After releasing and touring their 4th album, ‘Four’, the band’s rhythm section left and only Kele and Russell Lissack remained in the band. In 2015, Bloc Party announced the release of a new album with a new lineup, including Justin Harris of Menomena as the new bassist, and Lousie Bartle as the new drummer. ‘Hymns’ the band’s fifth album, is far from being a ‘weak’ effort. In fact, ‘Hymns’ is a very unique, mostly brilliant album with many great moments, and few weak spots. It is also Bloc Party’s most cohesive album since ‘A Weekend in the City’.

The album’s divisive first single, ‘The Love Within’ kicks off the album with a crescendo of Russell’s guitar effects that sound like synth. Those guitar effects are what made the song sound ‘unpleasant’ for many fans, but this is one of the many songs on the album that only gets better with each listen. While the track is one of the weaker cuts on the album, it’s a song that is lively and somewhat bland at the same time. It has a solid chorus and right off the start, Kele sets the concept of the album with the opening line, “Lord give me grace and dancing feet”, borrowed from the first single of the band’s sophomore album. ‘Hymns’ is not a religious album, but for Kele, many things are sacred, including sex, music and love. The lyrics are incredibly personal and to make them have a great effect, Kele’s vocals have been mixed in an ‘isolated’ way. His vocals are upfront and soulful. Songs like the Frank Ocean-esque ‘Fortress’, ‘Exes’ and ‘Different Drugs’ have some of the most soulful and emotional vocals that I’ve heard in an album in a very long time.

‘Hymns’ is very minimal and serene, and the minimalism is what makes the album so brilliant. An early highlight of the album that highlights the minimalism is the song ‘Only He Can Heal Me’, starting with gospel-like background vocals that truly live up to the album’s title, mixed with Kele’s vocals and personal lyrics to make for a great song. ‘Different Drugs’, the album’s centerpiece, is perhaps the best and most cinematic song Bloc Party have done since ‘Silent Alarm’. Once again, the minimalism is in great effect here. The song starts with a simple drum beat and an almost drone-sounding guitar effect in the background that gives the song a very moody atmosphere. Then comes Kele’s vocals, with yet another great performance. While the lyrics suggest that it’s a breakup song, there are parts that could also refer to Kele’s departure from his previous band mates: “But I can’t try to fight this anymore / Our common ground.” After all, Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes left the band were as a result of musical differences and personal reasons. The song becomes more layered as it progresses and in the outro, Kele unexpectedly high pitches his vocals in the most effective way as he sings, “It’s like we’re on different drugs”. It’s the most brilliant moment on the entire album, as the high pitched vocals just sound as ‘empty’ as the relationship Kele is talking about as well as a brilliant musical representation of the effect of drugs on Kele.

Other highlights include ‘Exes’, the most soulful song on the album which includes a great use of choir in the background (once again living up to the title of the album) and Kele’s emotional lyrics about leaving behind his exes and trying to move forward. ‘Vurtue’ is another highlight where Russel uses the same guitar effects that he did in ‘The Love Within’ except it is way more effective here. The album, however, also has its weak spots. And the weak spots are the songs where the band approaches the bland, formulaic, typical ‘indie rock’ approach in songs like ‘Into the Earth’, and ‘The Good News’. They’re not bad songs by any means, but they’re not as effective as other songs on the album and sound quite bland. ‘The Good News’, the country-influenced track sounds like it could be featured in a TV commercial and ‘Into the Earth’ is a decent song for the beach, but it just doesn’t sound great in the context of the album and it’s a bit boring. Kele does not have any passion singing this song, which makes it boring. That being said, the album highlights Kele and Russell’s songwriting ability. Every single song on the album has a good structure, as well as a beginning and an ending.

It is worth noting that the band’s new drummer, Louise Bartle was not involved in the recording of ‘Hymns’. The band used session drummers for the recording process. Consequently, these songs have an entirely new dimension in live performances and that’s mostly because the drums sound much better. ‘Hymns’ is a beautiful, minimal, cohesive and brilliant album that once again proves the greatness of Bloc Party and their forward-thinking approach to making music.

Oh man…. This little beauty is something that I’ve been slowly cooking in the studio for nearly 3 years!! It’s time to share!! What is it?? ….My remix album “Transformed” which features a collection of D4C songs from the last 7 years that I have remixed & recreated!! I can’t wait to share this with all of you!! It will be available hopefully in the next few months!! Just making the final finishing touches!! What song do you want to hear remade?? #d4c #transformed #remixed #recreated #music #album #413 #thecommission #crosspaths #valiantwarriorz #hiphop #rap #gospel #christian #remix #australia #goldcoast #gc #vdub

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This is my first attempt of an edit in recreating the album cover. 

selecting only the subject proved to be a difficult task as the shapes and edges were sharp which is challenging when using the quick selection tool.

i was able to recreate the exact colour of the background by using the eye-dropper tool. This tool is able to detect the precise shade and add it to your colour palette.


“The Man” by Aloe Blacc

There’s no escaping Aloe Blacc’s aspirational jam ‘The Man,’ which has been featured prominently in a Beats by Dre commercial. Now comes the video, which shows the crooner going back in time and recapturing historic moments of the past.

In the clip, directed by filmmaker Matty Barnes, Blacc revisits historical figures and triumphant moments from the ’60s and ’70s. In the first scene, the singer recreates Marvin Gaye’s classic album ‘What’s Going On.’ Then that’s followed by images of an uprising, the Selma to Montgomery March and Muhammad Ali leaving prison after being jailed for not signing up for the draft.

In essence, the visual showcases the adversities that black people had to overcome throughout American history.

Aloe Blacc’s ‘The Man’ is featured on his upcoming album, ‘Lift Your Spirit”.

Read More:

Aloe Blacc Overcomes Adversity in ‘The Man’ Video


Kalle Mattson, Angela Hewitt, Souljazz Orchestra among Juno nominees

Ottawa-based musicians known for heavy metal, classical and folk-pop are among the nominees for the 2016 Juno Awards.

- The Weeknd, Drake, Justin Bieber nominees for 2016 Juno Awards 

Ottawa-based KalleMattson is nominated for Video of the Year for his song “Avalanche,” along with Toronto-based cinematographer Philip Sportel. The pair recreates 35 classic album covers in the video.

F–k the Facts, a band that counts Gatineau, Ottawa and Cambridge as its hometowns, is nominated for Heavy Metal Album of the Year for Desire Will Rot.

The Souljazz Orchestra, a band based in Ottawa, is nominated for World Music Album of the Year for Resistance.

Ottawa-born pianist Angela Hewitt is nominated for Classical Album of the Year: Solo or Chamber Ensemble for Liszt: Piano Sonata & Sonnets.

The band Esmerine, which has some roots in Wakefield, Que., is nominated for Recording Package of the Year for its album Lost Voices​.

And Half Moon Run, a Montreal-based trio with roots in Ottawa, is nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year.

The 2016 Juno Awards take place in Calgary on April 3.