Warpaint @ Coachella, Day 2, Weekend 2. Photo by Koury Angelo.

“Keep it moving! Keep it moving!” shouted Warpaint singer-guitarist Emily Kokal to the early Saturday night crowd as her band began another song of experimental indie rock ready for the dance floor. Two basses rumbled in tandem as drummer Stella Mozgawa kept a clubby kick-drum rhythm in bare feet for “So Good.” On their return to Coachella, the L.A.-based quartet performed nine songs from their three albums, recreating sounds that were consistently forceful but subtle. Theresa Wayman put down her guitar to sing to the dark, spectral funk of “Love Is to Die,” before the band slipped into “New Song,” another flinty but danceable tune. They were joined by producer Jacob Bercovici Cedric LeMoyne on bass as their voices blended dreamily into an eccentric pop harmony: “You’re a new song, baby, you’re a new song to me…”. 

(via 15 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2017’s Weekend Two)

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Concept: posable Steely Dan dolls. They're look normal enough but they give off a dark sarcastic vibe. We pose them to recreate album covers where they're on them.

i support this idear


I wanted to be creative with these graduation pictures while also thanking a few of my favorite artists. (S/o to Aff for taking these @cleanuniform)So I recreated their album covers with me graduating on them 😂🔥. These artists kept me focused and inspired to stay on the right path while accomplishing the goals I set for myself through their music and words. Thanks for all the inspiration and creativity…” via @supremedreams_1


Depression and anxiety are one hell of a combination because you end up never doing anything and simultaneously not caring and not being able to stand it. It makes you do weird shit in order to keep your mind off your stresses without exerting too much of what little energy you have. Case in point, a few years ago there was one week where I did almost nothing but recreate the covers of albums I liked on a site that let you drag and drop little deli items to make a sandwich.