This Woman Recreated Britney Spears’s Album Art in Her Office Bathroom
And it’s the sh*t!​

“How could I say no to a life-long dream of becoming Britney, even a low-budget, toilet-paper version?” said Ali Drucker, 26. “Real talk: Back when I was in college, more than one person had her hit ‘Circus’ set to the ringtone whenever I called, so I honestly jumped at the chance to recreate her latest look.”

“I’m shocked at how durable the T.P. ensemble wound up being. Throughout the 15-minute process of getting wrapped up like a beach-bound mummy, we only had one or two 'uh-oh’ moments when I split my bra open. While I probably wouldn’t pick this look for impromptu desert photo shoots, I definitely feel just a little bit closer to pop’s reigning queen.”

So here’s to you, Britney Spears! Congrats on your new single. It’s the shit!

Full story at Cosmopolitan😂

If Amy and I get married we’re recreating the album art for Life on the Murder Scene in one of our wedding photos, I’ve decided

I’ve always wanted to know who drew the cover art for twenty øne piløts self titled album. I have stared and admired every aspect of it for so long, and have listened to every song so carefully. They sound better with every listen with Tyler’s mellifluous vocals, and the ethereal music. The lyrics mean so much to me, and I was on long car trip home and decided to recreate the album art. One day I will be good enough not to need a reference and fill sketch books with my own creations based off their music, but for now here is what I can do for these two.