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a/n: i’m basing this off of my cousin’s wedding so fyi. also i said shawn covered a song because i literally choked when i gasped because of the best idea i’ve had

The ceremony had gone flawlessly, with you only shedding a few tears when you turned and saw Shawn standing next to the officiator. You exchanged vows, kissed, and hugged your bridesmaids for the first time as Mrs. Mendes.

Now, the reception. You and Shawn were sitting in the back of the country car you two had decided on renting. “Shawn, what if the DJ isn’t there, or if-”

“Love, calm down, everything will be fine.” Shawn smiled, rubbing his thumb across your hand. “Aaliyah’s been texting me, said the DJ was already getting set up. Nothing ot worry about.” He smiled, opening the door when the car pulled up next to the curb.

You nodded and followed your husband. “I’m really happy we got married.”

“Yeah?” Shawn asked, taking your hand.

“Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

“One of the best? What are some others?” Shawn asked, looking at his watch.

You hugged him. “Saying yes when you asked me out on that date in freshman year.” You giggled, kissing him. “Get ready for lots of kissing tonight.” You joked, taking a deep breath as Shawn opened the door to the recepion hall for you.

There was an immediate applause and cheer as you two walked into the recpetion, and you smiled, waving at your best friends and family. “Congrats!” The DJ yelled into the microphone, turning down the music. “I do believe it’s time for the first dance!”

You and Shawn took the dance floor, and you two smiled at each other as Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me began playing from the speakers. You and your husband danced, eyes locked with each other’s. You glanced over at your mother, and saw her in tears, holding your father’s hand tightly. You sent her a smile as Shawn softly sang the chorus of the song in your ear.

At the end of the song, you two blushed as the crowd cheered, filling up the dance floor. You two had your rounds to all of the guests still at the tables, thanking them. You ran over to your friends, all of them gushing about how cute you two were. “Aw! I’m totally sending you all of the photos and videos I take to you!” Your maid of honor told you, taking a sip of the cocktail she got earlier.

“Yes!” You nodded, laughing when you saw Shawn talking to some of his friends, shaking his head when they said something particularly embarrassing.

You continued onto the table with both your and Shawn’s parents and sister, hugging your mother. “Oh, I’m so proud of you! My baby girl is married! Oh! Soon you’re gonna be making babies of your own!” Your mother dabbed her eyes with a tissue, for the sake of not ruining her makeup.

Blushing, you snorted, rolling your eyes. “Mom!”

“What’re we walking about?” Shawn asked, wrapping his hands around you.

“Nothing! Nothing!” You stopped the conversation, and looked at Aaliyah, who was looking out the window. “What’re you looking at, Liyah?”

She shrugged. “Was looking at my reflection. I really like this dress.” She smiled, smoothing the material of the bridesmaid dress she had on. “Thanks for picking me to be a bridesmaid, it was really fun!”

“Aw, you’re welcome!” You smiled, hugging her quickly as Shawn pulled you towards the table set up front and center in front of the dance floor.

You two sat down as Brian, who Shawn picked as his best man, took the mic from the DJ. “Hey.” He nodded, waving to he two of you. “So you guys are married, and not gonna lie, I honestly have no idea what to say. I forgot he speech at my house.” You laughed, tilting your head when Shawn excused himself. “But I mean, think Shawn’s got a little somthin’ up his sleeve for the bride.”

He smiled, handing the mic to Shawn, who nodded. “Yeah.” He grabbed the acoustic guitar from Brain, and looked at you. “Hi, darling.” He adjusted the guitar on his lap. “So, I- I love you a lot.” He began strumming the guitar, and you almost immediately recognized the song as Photograph, one of your favorites.

A small slideshow began playing behind Shawn, showcasing photos throughout your and Shawn’s relationship. You felt your eyes water, and your hands flew to your mouth as Shawn began singing. You didn’t notice Aaliyah and your maid of honor filming, as well as Andrew taking some photos from the table he was sitting at.

By the time the song ended, you were properly crying. Shawn set the guitar on the ground, and you met him halfway, giving him a bone-crushing hug. “I love you so much, Shawn.”

“I love you, too.” He kissed you once more, spinning you around.

a/n: :D are you guys excited for the domestic series because i am 

I feel like if Aang had been older a lot more people would have felt more comfortable with him and Katara in a romantic relationship. I know he’s over a hundred but mentally he is not. I seriously think if he were Zuko’s age, mentally wise, when he was frozen, a lot more people would have been recpetive to Aang and Katara. I don’t know, maybe?

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Day 26: Eleanor Roosevelt in India

In 1952 Eleanor made a significant trip to Asia – a month of which was spent in India. Having been invited by Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Eleanor chronicled her trip through her “My Day” columns and later in her book India and the Awakening East. Through her writings she worked on educating Americans on what was a little-known country at the time.

Her “My Day” column from March 3, 1952 talks about her excitement at finally visiting India:

It is very exciting to be in India after reading my father’s letters of many years ago, which told of his trip under very different circumstances 89 years ago. Meeting people from here and reading books about it are not quite the same as seeing with one’s own eyes. It is really a joy to feel that I have accomplished something I have talked about and hoped for, but really did not ever expect to see. My impressions are becoming very well crystallized in my mind as I go forward on this trip, and it is certainly most interesting to see the difference that a landscape takes on when it is peopled by so many more inhabitants than one would see at home in the same area of space.

If Tom was Mary...

I’ve noticed recently that some Sherlollians think Johnlockers hate Mary unreasonably and that we are far too harsh on her. But picture it this way: What if Molly and Tom were a prominenet couple throughout series 3 with as much screen time as John and Mary. Basically, what if they had the same storyline as John and Mary in S3? We see Molly and Tom getting married and before that we are shown flashbacks of Sherlock painstakingly planning their wedding. We see what appears to be Tom and Sherlock getting along well and Tom encourages Molly to spend more time with Sherlock. The overall takeaway is that Tom considers Sherlock to be a freind and vice versa. Yet in the middle of the recpetion, Tom mentions (quite tellingly) that enither of them were the first. The easiset conclusion here is to assume that he was stating that neither of them were first men who Molly was romantically interested in but I degress. Sherlock leaves Molly and Tom’s wedding early and it is later revealed that he has started taking drugs. Then cut to the middle of HLV where Tom is revealed to be an assassin who nearly succeeds in killing Sherlock despite Sherlock offering to help him. It is then revealed that he has been lying to Molly for the entirety of their relationship and has thus taken advantage of her at a time where she was emotinally vulnerable and has used it to his advantage. Furthermore, after shooting Sherlock, Tom visists an incredibly helpless and vulnerable Sherlock at hospital and threatens him. Cut to a few days later when, given the chance to apologise and make amends at the empty houses, Tom instead decides to kill Sherlock again and is only stopped by Sherlock’s reminder that he’ll be the first suspect.

 In this scenario, Tom has shot Sherlock, caused him to flatline and very nearly die, threatened Sherlock when he was hospitalised, attempted to kill him again after failing the first time, lied to Molly from the very beginning and has not apologised to either Molly or Sherlock for all the hurt that he caused them. Upon revising all the facts, would you seriously think Tom is a lovely guy who is such a good freind to Sherlock and an even better husband to Molly? Would you buy into the surgery theory? Would you forgive Tom quickly and accept him for what is he readilly and with open arms despite knowing the trauma he casued to the main character of the show? Would you really want the Sherlock and Molly dynamic to be unbalanced by having the person who very nearly succeeded in killing Sherlock hang around them as if he is a perfect angel who has not done a single bad thing in his life? 

I don’t mean to start a shippers’ feud or anything. I’m just genuinely curious. Would you excuse Tom’s behaviour and consider him a nice and lovely character if he did the same things Mary did to Sherlock and John? 

01. Reunited { 5SOS Preference }


He’d been away for just over 6 months, touring all around America, Europe and Asia, but now he was finally coming home. You’d been coping through the 6 months with latenight FaceTimes, random midday texts and calls and interesting Snapchats and Vines. There wasn’t a day that Ashton didn’t talk to you, or see your face or tell you that he loved you. On Flight 623 from Hong Kong to Perth, Australia, there was a very excited nineteen year old boy with messy curls wearing the biggest smile on his face.. he was very, very excited to see his girlfriend of two years, waiting for him at the airport. There you were in the Arrivals lounge at the airport, just waiting for the light of your life to walk through those doors and enclose you in his open and welcoming arms. People started to trickle through the double doors, all wearing the same tired expression with the disgruntled appearance. Somewhere in the midst of the travellers was Ashton, who looked the most awake and the most happy with that smile you’d grown to love, plastered on his face. His eyes found you at once, quickening his pace, weaving through the few people left standing around. Before you knew it he was standing in front of you, suitcase abandoned on the floor and his gathered you up in his arms and span you round as you giggled and embraced him back just as hard. “Hello stranger,” He said with a smirk, setting you back on your feet keeping both hands on your waist. “I missed you cupcake.” You said looking into his hazel eyes speckled with green flakes. He looked back at you with a mirrored intensity, smiling when your cheeks flushed pink. “I missed you more.” He said, before you could protest his brought his lips to yours and in that moment you were finally reunited.


You smiled as you looked at the happy couples swarming onto the dancefloor as the DJ began to play a popular romantic song. You saw your step-dad dancing in the middle with your mum - twirling her around and you grinned to yourself, happy that today was finally their day, and it was long enough coming. You’d spent the morning with your mum, your mum’s best friend Liz and the other bridesmaids getting ready and having your hair and make-up done. The afternoon was the wedding ceremony and then the traditional meal, and now it was the evening recpetion, the last bit of the wedding before your mum and step-dad ventured on their two week honeymoon. You were lost in thought when you heard his voice behind you. “I wonder if this pretty girl would like to dance with me?” You pictured his face in your head pulling the half-smirk you knew that he would, when you turned round there it was, there he was, right in front of you. “Luke!” You exclaimed, rushing in to hug your best friend tightly. He hugged you back smiling and laughing into your hair. “Hey princess.” You stepped back and drank in his appearance, handsome as always wearing a black suit and tie, with a purple rose in his lapel the colour of your dress.“I didn’t know you were coming!” You said kind of surprised still. He smiled, “I would have made it earlier but my flight was delayed.” “You don’t know how happy I am to see you, it’s been way to long Hemmings! Almost a year infact!” You laughed. “I know, I know, but I’m here now.. and would you like to dance m'lady?” He joked extending his hand and bowed slightly. “Yes of course you muppet!” You laughed pulling Luke towards the dancefloor, where you spent the night dancing, reunited with your bestest friend.


When you were a teenager, your neighbour’s son, Calum and you, were best friends, but when you moved away you lost contact, moved on with your life and made new friends, speaking to each other on the odd occasion, but never anything more. Now you were older you thought that it was about time you moved out of your parent’s house and into your own little downtown apartment. It was a small two bedroom apartment with a balcony, nothing special but to you it was perfect. After you were all settled in with your new and old furniture, your parents left you alone, promising to call you in the morning. It was your first night in the flat by yourself and you wanted to make it special so you ordered some pizza, and began setting up your Netflix account on the TV so that you could watch a film. Soon after you’d rang up your favourite pizza place, there was a knock on the door. “Two seconds!” You shouted, grabbing the money for the pizza, wondering to yourself how the pizza got here so quickly. You flung open the front door, ready to take your pizza, but instead you were looking at tanned hands carrying a bouquet of flowers? Your eyes trailed up and you were looking at someone you recognised as your childhood best friend, “Calum!” You squealed, a huge grin on your face as you crashed into his body with some force. “Hey princess,” He laughed, as you pulled away after a few long seconds. “Hey, you squashed your flowers.” Calum said pretending to frown. You looked at the colourful bunch of flowers, they were your favourites and you smiled. “Come in then douchebag,” You grinned, letting Calum pass by you. “What are you doing here anyway?” You asked as you took the flowers out of Calum’s hands and placed them gently in the sink. “Didn’t anyone tell you?” He asked. “Tell me what?” You said turning to face him, drinking in his tanned skin, muscley physique and those gorgeous eyes that you had longed for, for a few years now. Calum’s face broke into a grin, “I’m your neighbour, I live just across the hall!” You felt fireworks, happiness, excitement and butterflies all at once as you flung yourself into Calum’s arms once more. “And this, well, this is your housewarming party babe.” He said as you smiled, breathing in a sigh of happiness. Reunited at last.


You were at a nightclub with your friends, and there was a band playing that was alright. You weren’t that bothered by them, but instead you were focused on enjoying your best friend’s birthday instead. You were in the middle of all of your friends, drunk, giggly and high off life as you danced around like it was a Year 6 disco. A slow song started playing, “Dance with me!” Your best friend giggled as you began slow dancing with her to the song. You took your time to observe the band as you were swaying on the spot. One of the guitarists with bright pink hair caught your eye, he smiled at you and you grinned back. He was quite cute after all. You got lost in the rest of night and continued dancing, celebrating and drinking, so when you woke up in the morning with a slightly banging head, you decided the best thing to do would be to go for a run. You showered and cleaned off last night’s make-up off of your face before stepping into your running gear. As you were running through your local park, you managed to recollect most of the night, including the part where one of the band members had his eye on you and he had smiled. You wish you paid more attention to the band because coming to think about it, you really did quite fancy him. You shrugged off the regret of not talking to him and accepted the fact that you’d never see him again. That is until you walked into your favourite coffee shop to grab a skinny latte, when some bright pink hair, with a boy’s body attatched grabbed your attention. Aside from you he was the only customer in the shop, so he turned around as the little bell above the door rang. His eyes sparkled as he realised who you were. “Hey, I remember you, you were at the gig last night.” He smiled. You smiled in return and your cheeks flush, “Must be fate right, that we’re somehow reunited when I regreted not paying that much attention to you,” You laughed. He returned it with a kind smile. “I’m Michael.”