Today I have really come to terms with where I stand in recovery and how far I have to go. I feel as though I finally have the motivation needed to start properly fighting again and to start a weight gain meal plan and stick to it. I feel hopeful. No more waiting, no more putting it off. Tomorrow marks the start of a difficult journey, no more calorie counting, no more mathematics regarding fats, carbs etc. No more pleasing anorexia. This is MY time to start living again. #edrecovery (at #recoveryninja )

Late night snacking? No problemo! 👌 Had a challenging home cooked dinner by my brother of buttery mash, Quorn sausages, honey roasted carrots and green beans and then an aero mousse for pudding and I could have skipped this as no one prompted me and the dinner conversation went on so although it is now past 10pm and I could just go to bed, I grabbed a trek bar and a mug of tea and I will have this snack and watch a few episodes of the Office. Today has been a success, and there will be more to come 😊 #edrecovery #recoveryninja