here I am not broken.
here I am soft and strong
and gentle all at once;
a piece of something bigger
and better than I could
have ever imagined.
here I am fragmented and
whole simultaneously.
I am all I will ever need, and
nothing I will ever want.
I am flying over tree tops
yet my feet are tangled
in the roots of the trees. I
am the love of love itself.
I am my very own person.
I am here.
—  here // r.e.s

Daily reminder: 

  • Food is fuel
  • You cannot gain 10 pounds in one day
  • Weight fluctuates a lot naturally
  • A scale can’t measure your worth
  • If you’ve used behaviors, take a deep breath, this will pass
  • Please don’t take anything out on your body
  • You’re worthy of life
  • You’re worthy of energy
  • All you have is right now, and that’s okay
  • It’s important to take time to sit down
  • You’ve come so far!!!
  • Have a pup:


Remind Yourself...

People leave
Life goes on
It is what it is
Everything is temporary
Don’t over think
Let it go

Reminder: Recovery is different for everyone. Some people may benefit from DBT-based therapy, some people need medication, some people may work best with art therapy, and others may need a mix of everything. What’s important to remember is that recovery is personal and everyone and there is no standard way to heal. You are worth doing what if best for you.