Things to ask yourself more often:

- how are you right now?
- is anything bothering you?
- are you being honest with yourself?
- do you want to do this right now?
- is this a healthy decision?
- do you want to say no?
- how could this be better?
- are you drinking enough water?
- did you remember your meds?
- did you remember to eat today?
- are you happy?

You don’t need anybody else’s approval but your own.

You don’t need an entire army of supporters standing underneath your feet.

You don’t need a million more dollars in the bank.

You have exactly what you need, and you have it all right now.
So take a breath, and go for it.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

See all the positivity posts you read? The ones about self care and self love and validation? All those posts apply to you too, those aren’t just for everyone else. You are just as important and just as deserving as anyone else and I want you to know that. If you’re reading this, please don’t exclude yourself from the positivity. It is meant FOR you. You DO matter. You ARE included. 

As tired, drained, and as exhausted as you are;

You do make a difference.

No matter how many mistakes, mess ups, or failures that you’ve had;

You do make a difference.

The world would be lacking if you were not here. In every aspect. In every way. Why?

Because you do make a difference.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Sometimes the hardest thing to accept about abusers/toxic relationships is that these people care(d) about you, or at least thought they did.

It’s easy to think of stereotypical ‘abusers’ as these Big Bad Monsters who have no regard for your wellbeing.
It’s easy but it isn’t always true.

They may well be like that, but they might also be that one person from school who always texts to make sure you’re okay. They might be the family member that tries to cheer you up. They might be the friend you’ve had for as long as you can remember.
There is no template for abuse and there is no template for abusers, everyone experiences it differently.

No matter how much these people care about you or love you, if they are abusing you it is absolutely okay to cut them out of your life.
You don’t owe them anything because of how they might feel about you.