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I’m not religious, and I don’t believe in God.
But I believe in the way my stomach feels on Christmas eve, 
and my Granny’s face when she tells me I’m wonderful.
And I’ve lain on my side at 3am too many times, watching
your sweet chest rise and fall, to think that there isn’t a higher power at work here.

just got over a really rough week where i was questioning what the point of being sober is…made it through, but needed a reminder. no, i can’t “just” smoke some weed or drink once in a while. why? because im a drug addict. if im even around drugs of any kind, ill end up back in the streets in some filthy alley with a needle in my arm. so no, i can’t just “unwind for a little bit.” and i don’t want to either. my sobriety is my #1 priority, and always will be. it’s not worth the risk because the last time i relapsed, it damn near killed me. i have 98 days clean today and wouldn’t trade it for the world. where im from has the third highest opiate related deaths in washington state, and i pray for the addict who still suffers. recovery IS possible.


on the left is me shortly after getting picked up from the police station by my mom. this was during the peak of my use, and a few days before going to rehab. on the right is me today, 90 days free from all substances. becoming sober was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. while also one of the hardest, I made it. taking things one day at a time and working the steps really does help. i truly am blessed for all the support I have 💜

Forgiveness is for yourself, but people think it is for others and that is where they are wrong. Every grudge you hold, every bitter thought you harbor, it weighs you down and drowns you in a sea of sorrow. Forgiveness cuts the bonds that ties you to the weight, and slowly you will rise again. So smile my dear, and I will see you back on dry land.