It just makes me sad when people ask me to #tw pictures of myself where scars are beautiful, because I’m assuming these are people struggling w/ self harm…and therefore don’t you know the pain of just wanting to be at peace with your physical self? Don’t you already feel that fear of people talking about your scars? Don’t you know how hard I work to feel comfortable baring my skin? Can’t you see my healed, faded scars as a symbol that recovery is entirely possible??

anonymous asked:

You're so brave and so strong, I admire your strength and your perseverance. I went through something similar awhile back and I feel utterly defeated. Though countless of months have passed, it still feels like a fresh open wound, ready to burst at the slight notion of any form of affection. Although I'm still healing, you've given me hope that strength and growth can be found within this pain, and that recovery from such an event is possible. I pray that more happiness comes to your way.

It’s really heartening that sharing about my painful experience gave you hope. Whenever something positive comes out of something negative I’ve gone through it makes whatever it was more bearable, meaningful, and worth it if it can bring encouragement to someone else. Restoration and recovery from anything is possible, this can be a sad chapter for you but you are not a sad story. I hope you continue to heal and take it at your pace! Thanks for the lovely message! 


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I’m not religious, and I don’t believe in God.
But I believe in the way my stomach feels on Christmas eve, 
and my Granny’s face when she tells me I’m wonderful.
And I’ve lain on my side at 3am too many times, watching
your sweet chest rise and fall, to think that there isn’t a higher power at work here.