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I just wanted to share with you that ten years ago, I was admitted into the mental hospital, and now I'm watching my vibrant little girl brush her teeth so she can go to school. She loves learning. While my loving husband sleeps peacefully in our cozy bed. In our cozy home. This is not cliché, this is real. Recovery happens!!!! Hang in there. It DOES get better. I haven't been on medication for years, and sure I have sad days, but I don't have a sad life anymore. Stay strong. <3

This is beautiful and soooo inspiring 💘✨ Thank you for sending this in !!!

Recovery is Possible

Two years ago today I decided to fully commit to recovery.

I committed to recovery with zero expectations. I was unable to imagine what a life without an eating disorder would be like. I was full of shame and self-hatred, and choosing recovery was a way for me to keep hold of a friendship. My friend guided my into it, and I was skeptical and scared, yet determined to give it my best.

It was painful and hard at first–constantly. My stomach always hurt, my meals overwhelmed me, and my reflection made me cry. As the months went by, there were days of setbacks and days of victories; and slowly, through the ups and downs, I started wanting recovery for my own life.

I started to get little glimpses of what life really is. My relationship with food was still disordered, but my life was no longer a gray blur. There were happy moments and present moments. I was starting to come to life.

Today, I am alive. I live in the present, moment to moment. I’m currently thriving–healthy, happy, and strong. I am able to enjoy little moments in life; I am able to work through the difficult times, and I have a healthy relationship with food.

Even if you don’t believe recovery is possible; if you fight, it can be.

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I love those stories of it getting better. I'm 14 thinking I'll never make it past high school and when I hear those I think, maybe I'll get past this. Maybe it'll get better.

I’m SO glad darling !!!! ✨ They keep me inspired too, even at 23 years old. 😁 Keep your faith alive, because it will get better. 💕💛