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Update on Chapecoense survivor- Alan Ruschel

His sister and wife posted :

“Thank God you have heard all the prayers, Alan has been progressing a lot, he is talking a lot. Marina informed us that he already sat, got up, did exercises and physiotherapy. We were happy, with each evolution , a great victory. Lots of people asking when he comes back … we don’t know yet. The important thing is that he is very well . I appreciate all the messages, I can not answer, but I am reading everything. I know that everyone is cheering, praying and with positive thinking for the recovery of these warriors. These gestures of affection, kindness and generosity from you, is what strengthens all. Strength for the families of the warriors who are with God today, all being comforted by Jesus. Amen!

Oftentimes we feel the urge to numb our painful feelings and do something to make them go away. But the thing is, the more you try to hide your feelings, the more they show and the more you try to deny them, the more they actually grow. The result? You lose t yourelf in destructive behaviors to make them go away, but treating painful feelings and emotions as enemies to be overcome, will only make them stronger. In order to heal you have sit with your true emotions and pain first. Allow yourself to embrace and accept your feelings fully as they are, knowing that this pain will pass. It won’t last forever. So have patience warrior, some day you will feel healed, empowered and alive again. One day, you’ll be free! Happy Friday!

Left: 2 years ago. Right: Today. ———————————————————————

Recovery is a choice that I have to make every single day. Some days I feel on top of the world and some days I feel like the weight of it is crushing me. However, I continue to fight throughout the good and the bad. 35+ pounds later and it’s still a battle I fight everyday. However, the more I fight, the stronger I seem to get. I am no longer going to be a victim of my thoughts. I made the choice to be a fighter. A warrior. A survivor. So that’s what I’m going to be.

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