recovery necklace

Wish list

Thank you so much to whoever bought us a load of stuff from our wish list, I really wasn’t expecting anything and what we’ve received already has made such a difference! There was no note with these but whoever bought them for us thank you so much! 

So many of the littles were excited when we were opening the box and Amy has named the panda “Princess Purple Pants” (with a little input from my partner I think 😄) Secret Bear is a huge hit, everyone wants to cuddle her! I haven’t had chance to look at the book yet with switching but really appreciate it as it’s one I’ve been meaning to get for a long time! Oh and the hot water bottle is the perfect size for when body memories are bad and pandas are our system’s safe animal so it really is perfect. The chew necklace will be brilliant for the baby, for B, for Pup, maybe others (hopefully it will stop B, and Pup if he fronts, chewing other things!) 

I am completely overwhelmed with people’s generosity, thank you so much. I use the wish list for things I’d like to get at some point for the system so having things bought from it sooner than we’d manage (a lot sooner!) is amazing! Thank you so much once more 😊