recovery meme

tumblr role call! reblog if you’re in 1 or more of the following fandoms:

-supporting and loving the people you care about
-healthily, and frequently, communicating
-protecting yourself and your physical/mental health
-trying to recover and telling yourself how wonderful you are
-using healthy coping mechanisms
-looking at and making memes
-sending your friends snapchats/videos about how much you love and appreciate them
-sending people random cute animal videos
-recognizing your mistakes and proactively making up for them
-asking for help
-never giving up
-supporting the growth of your friends and the people you love
-making wholesome memes

Memes are the cure for mental illness

About a week or soish (i have no concept of time) ago i was in line at the post office getting my passport renewed. We got there at 5:30 (they opened at 9:15) and we forgot my birth certificate so mom had to go grab it at home while i stayed in line. While she was away I started disassociating and having a flashback because triggers are stupid and the post office smelled like school so i texted my mom “I’m gonna mcfreakin loose it pls come back” to which she responded “im mcalmost there” and I just remember being like no… Mom that’s not how the meme goes… Or wait…. Is it? And long story short I managed to not have a fucking PTSD flashback panicattack thing  because I was contemplating memes and how much you could alter one before it didn’t count as a meme anymore.