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"i'm with you, okay? always" for gladion

-It was sudden when Lillie asked Gladion to come visit them in Kanto.

-He almost wanted to refuse, he didn’t have the heart to see their mother

-But the way she said it, he knew it was important to her

-Everything was fine from a first look

-Lusamine was making a very slow recovery, but it was still recovery.

-And Lillie already had one gym badge and her pokemon looked very close to her

-But, like always, there was more to it.

-The first couple of nights went by okay, morning came without any issue

-It was a couple nights in to his visit that Lillie asked to talk to him

-It was just casual conversation at first, how’s Hau, how’s Sun/Moon, how is everything at Aether, etc.

-Then she finally admitted to him that sometimes she wished she could leave. She knew her mother was getting better but she was very afraid she’d only become like she was before later on.

-She continued to ramble on, looking more and more upset and frustrated with each word.

-Gladion, for the first time in a couple years, hugged his sister.

-“I’m with you, okay? Always. You can always ask me to visit whenever it gets too much on your own, Lillie.”

-She started to cry after he said that and thanked him a thousand times over

-They both knew they had to stick together, even if they were living far apart right now.

-After all, if there was still a little hope for their family, they wanted to keep that hope.


Selena Gomez’s videos posters/movie style/cover

“Sometimes you’ll have moments where you’ll feel weak, they are supposed to encourage you, they are supposed to motive you and push you. Whenever you have a goal, people are going to bring you down, I always tell people that if you have something you fell passionate about, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it”

(If you have a cover request, please send me a message)


Part One:

Feyre was in such unending shit.

Today marked her first month back in the Spring Court and she was growing weary.   Tamlin was still being overprotective, even though Feyre had constantly urged him to leave her alone. She blamed it on the bond and her slow recovery. But the truth was, his presence was too much to bear most times, and there’d be times she couldn’t even look at him. He always wanted to touch her, to kiss her, to bed her and she felt like she was suffocating. He wanted to share everything with her, except any kind of information with Hybern’s plans. This did not surprise her though. He was always extra cautious of Feyre’s presence when one of his guards reported anything to him.

Feyre usually stayed in her rooms, day in and day out. The only person she could bear to talk to was Alis, and even then she kept the conversation to a bare minimum. Today, Alis brought Feyre her breakfast, just like any other day. If Feyre had to sit at a dining room table with both Tamlin and Lucien, she’d lose her mind. But this charade had to end soon enough, and she’d have to start interacting with them all again.

She had barely gotten any useful information during the first month. Lucien wasn’t much help either. She could use Elain against him, but that would mean she’d have to trust him, which she was not about to do. She had been planning everything since she’d gotten to the Spring Court. She’d act weak, slowly recover and then pretend things were normal again. Nobody would’ve believed her if she just started acting like nothing happened.

This would be the end of her fake recovery and she’d slowly get closer to Tamlin. She’d make him give her information, right now he was wrapped around her little finger and she was determined get what she wanted. As Alis left her food on her bedside table, Feyre asked

“Where is Tamlin?”

“He’s eating breakfast with Lucien. He’s about to head out soon.” Alis said, and Feyre noticed that she didn’t specify where. This was perfect, she’d make her grand entrance and wouldn’t have to interact with them for long.

“I- I think” she started, weakly “I think I’m ready to go down now.”

Alis eyes almost popped out of her eye sockets as she smiled and said “That’s wonderful Feyre. I’ll get you into some clothes-”

“Actually this is fine” Feyre said as she got up and headed towards the door. She was wearing black silk pajamas, dark as night. Something that she let herself wear in honor of her husband.

She headed down the stairs and rehearsed all the things she’d been planning since the day she got there. She would play the part as perfectly as she could, and hopefully get home soon. The worst part was over. She had to slow and observe her prey first. Now it was time to act.

She got to the dining room and once again overheard a conversation she wasn’t suppose to be hearing.

“Did they catch him then?” asked Lucien, he was using his knife to scrape something on his bread.

“It wasn’t easy, I don’t know how Feyre did it, but -” Tamlin stopped as they heard a slight creak from the dining room doors. Feyre took that as her cue to go and opened the grand wooden doors. Tamlin and Lucien stopped eating and started staring at her. The room became ridiculously quiet and she wondered how there ever use to be a time when she called this place home.

“I thought I’d eat breakfast with you both this morning.” she said with a soft smile. She hoped they couldn’t tell it was forced. She walked towards her old seat in the middle as Tamlin got up to push it out for her. When she sat down he waited, and she knew it was because he wanted a kiss. She had to force herself not to grimace as she gave him a quick peck on the lips.

Lucien stared at them throughout the whole thing until Tamlin was seated and noticed him.

“Well?"asked Tamlin, looking straight at Lucien.

Lucien only looked from Tamlin to Feyre, and from Feyre to Tamlin and simply said "Nothing” with a small grin on his face.

Feyre started putting food on her platter as Tamlin and Lucien began to eat again. The silence was killing her, she had to break the awkwardness.

“I think I might have overheard that you had trouble ensnaring the Suriel” she said teasingly, “if you ever need help, I can always give you some tips.”

“She’s obviously back to her old self” muttered Lucien. Indeed.

Tamlin smiled at Feyre, and she gave him the softest smile she could conjure. It was harder than she thought, but at least they were believing her. She wanted to go into their minds like she did with Tarquin, but she’d have to do that when they were alone. She couldn’t risk any of them suspecting her of brainwashing. Not yet.

“Actually” Tamlin started “it wasn’t the Suriel that we trapped.” True, she thought. They had probably let the Suriel go, she was the one who was trapped there.

“Oh? Then I don’t see how you could’ve trapped anything else that I have trapped as well. Unless it was some sort of animal, like a deer, or a rabbit, a wolf-”

“There it is. A wolf. Although I suppose you didn’t so much as trap it, more like killed it” replied Lucien. She glared at him and he grinned. Bastard.

“Why was there a need to trap a wolf?” Feyre asked. Could anybody from the Night Court turn into a wolf? She didn’t let herself think that far and maintained a curious look.

“Well-” Tamlin began. But Lucien cut him off.

“Tam” he barked. He gave Tamlin a look that told him to stay quiet, but Tamlin wasn’t having it. At least she knew where Lucien stood between them, and although she always suspected he’d pick Tamlin over her, it still hurt.

“It’s alright Tamlin” Feyre said sadly, and looked down. “I understand.” And gave Tamlin a small sad smile.

“No.” Tamlin said. “It’s not. If we’re to make things better then we must trust each other.” He turned towards Feyre and smiled, “And I trust you. I just want to make sure you’re ready to hear of these-”

“I’m not a child Tamlin.” She replied. “I can handle it.”

“Good. I knew you could.” he smiled. Feyre almost felt sorry for the fool. He was really trying, but it was too late. He ended their chances the day he locked her in.

“Hybern’s plans don’t seem to be going so well.” Tamlin began. She almost beamed at the news and the fact that Tamlin was actually telling her the information she wanted. “The Cauldron isn’t providing the sufficient power that he needs, and with the book gone,” he stated “it’s made things harder for him.”

Good. She wanted to say. But she had to test the waters first before she gave Tamlin her opinions on the matter. Surely, he knew she’d be against it. But she supposed people saw what they wanted to see. Lucien was disturbingly quiet, observing the matter in front of him. He was so aware of what was going on, she felt his suspicions and distaste. She’d have to keep an eye on him.

“The King wants to bring sources, things full of power from other worlds so that he won’t need the book.” He stated. “The thing is, he doesn’t even know what he’s getting. He can bring things in, creatures and monsters, people, even places with the Caludron. But he can’t pick what he gets.” She wanted to clarify how Tamlin himself was working with a monster, but she detained herself.

“So what’s with the wolf?” Feyre asked, as she popped a grape into her mouth.

“The wolf was brought in from the Cauldron” Lucien replied.

“What’s so special about a wolf? You can find packs of them in the woods.” At least they hadn’t found anything worthwhile, she was elated that they had only found a wolf.

“It’s not just a wolf” replied Tamlin, “it’s Fae.” And Feyre finally understood. A Fae from another world. Feyre’s relief ended and only worry set in.

“How do you know? Has he shifted in front of you?” Feyre knew she was probably violating her use of how many questions she got to ask, but she didn’t care. She had to know what they brought into Prythian, for all their sakes.

“Not in front of us, no.” Tamlin said. “But one of the guards who kept watch saw him transform.”

“Has he said anything of himself?” asked Feyre.

“He calls himself Aedion Ashryver” Lucien answered. “The Wolf of the North.”


I know i’ve been M.I.A. but I had to get on a flight to Florida to see my family. A few days after I arrived, my father woke up. He has a bit of brain damage, but all that matters is that he’s awake.

Today’s my last day with them so we spent it together at my parent’s house, in their room. Me, my younger sister and my older sister were talking (i was lowkey sleeping) when my sneaky ass brother took this picture.

My mom has been so strong through all of this, keeping a smile on her face. We would be in shambles without her. My brother is just a clown

My dad’s recovery has been slow, but amazing. He is able to stand by himself and walk a few steps. It may not be much to you guys, but for me it’s everything.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, it meant a lot to me and my family. I also wanna thank @no-chill-mack@tesschiu​ & @ajthatdude​ for checking up on me. Much love for my lil nigglets.

‘I’ll vote for Hillary but I’ll hold my nose while I do it.’
“'I’ll vote for Trump because I covered by ears, eyes, nose, mouth, buried my head in the sand, played pretend that I don’t understand his actual words on women, minorities, nuclear weapons, economic policies that we’ve seen fail repeatedly and not in a "recovery is too slow for my liking” kind of way and because someone has to look out for my white issues.’
—  a guy I vaguely know who I still think summed it up. 

When you left, I burned my fingertips.
My skin became black charcoal.
I smeared it over empty white canvas.

When you left, I opened my veins.
My blood was bright as rubies.
I stained parchment with shiny red poetry.

When you left, I ripped out my vocal chords.
My voice screamed silent sorrow.
I whispered fluttering apologies into the void.

But now my fingerprints have grown back.
Fresh blood cells run through my veins.
And my voice sounds different than before.

- Z.M. (And I’m learning to love the newness about me.)


“No, I think it’s a good idea.”

Kaethe smiled as she shifted, tugging the loose fabric of her shift away from her belly. One hand dropped to rest on the curve as she reached out to pat her uncle’s arm. “I’ll be fine for two days.”

He didn’t want to leave her, not even for a moment. Burgess was still too tentative about her slowly rising mood, the gradual reappearance of the girl that he’d adored from the moment she’d taken her first steps. The idea that something could… remind her, could push her back into that black despair, and he wouldn’t be immediately available to stop it…

But he couldn’t risk not knowing what was happening, and taking her with him seemed like hoping for luck he didn’t have. 

“I don’t want to leave you, Kaethe, but it’s best if you don’t travel. As much rest as possible is what she said.” He glanced at the large canvas sack the Norn midwife had brought. “And if anything happens, you-”

“I will send Petra for her right away and then she will contact you,” Kaethe finished, stroking his wrist soothingly. “Petra’s become quite prompt about delivering messages and she’s clever enough to know who to go to when I give her a name.”

His green eyes shifted to the magpie sitting on the back of Kaethe’s chair. With a tilt of her glossy black head, the bird clacked her beak at him and settled when Kaethe turned to stroke delicate fingers across her back. “…she is at that.” Burgess let out a slow, tightly controlled breath and looked at Kaethe, unable to repress the anxiety in his eyes. “Are you sure you’ll be all right? What if I’m delayed and can’t make it back for three days? Or four?”

“You left plenty of gold and there are enough people around you’ve talked to for me to be able to easily get whatever supplies I need,” Kaethe said, squeezing his wrist. “I know you’ve been worried about handling a few things away from Hoelbrak, and right now’s the best time to go. Not much happens in the fifth month, she said.”

“…yes, but you’re not at five months for another fortnight or so.” It still vaguely troubled him, discussing her pregnancy. 

Kaethe shrugged and smiled. “Close enough. Go. I’ll be fine! I’ll probably sleep most of the time anyway. I’ve been more tired these days.”

“In… the morning. I’ll go in the morning.” Burgess rose abruptly and leaned down, kissing her forehead. “For now, I’ll bring something in for your lunch.”

Although she rolled her eyes slightly, and it did make him smile, Kaethe didn’t protest. She settled back in the heavily cushioned chair and let out a breath of her own, stroking the rise of her belly and reaching a hand up for Petra. 

He closed the door carefully, leaned against it and flexed his hands. 

There was no putting it off. He had to know if Cara was searching for Kaethe. And… if the Wachenfelds had heard from their errant son. The months were going by faster than he’d imagined possible, and there would be… arrangements to be made soon. 

Burgess didn’t like putting things off until the last minute. Best to get it handled as soon as possible and out of the way. Especially unpleasant things. 

And he was absolutely certain this trip to Ebonhawke and who knew where else was going to count as one of those ‘unpleasant’ things.


What Makes a Sword Different from a Machete?

1. A machete is ideally top-heavy. It is meant for delivering chopping strikes repeatedly at stationary targets like branches and underbrush. If you miss with a machete, recovery is slow because it is top-heavy. However, it doesn’t take as much force to say, chop through jungle all day, because the top-heavy blade adds momentum to each swing.

2. A sword is ideally light and balanced. It is meant for striking at fast-moving targets and parrying attacks against you. If you  miss with a sword, recovery is fast because of the balanced blade.

If you use a sword for a machete’s job (chopping stuff), you will get tired quicker. The sword’s blade will feel too “light” for repetitive chopping (even if the sword may actually be stronger than the machete), because the way the blade is balanced does not provide as much momentum to the chopping stroke.

If you use a machete for a sword’s job (fighting people), you will be slower than if you used a sword, because the blade is top-heavy. Slower often means dead.

The above are broad generalizations: of course there are exceptions.

💎💎Tuesday 10th January 2017

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of toast
Lunch: 2 corn thins with hummus, ham, tomato and cheese
Snack: grapes and cherries
Dinner: spaghetti


Ran/walked a total of 5kms
Did the Nike + benchmark run which was easy 7 minutes then as hard and fast as you can for 3 minutes, then slow recovery for 5 minutes, then the rest of the way I walked with my folks

I ran

Not go for seconds at dinner tomorrow night

1. My website is almost finished
2. I feel really great about my life for the first time in a long time
3. Really proud of my run