recovery is a process

in light of the fact that corruption is clearly a metaphor for traumatization and this episode was a metaphor for the slow and difficult process of recovery i just saved the url centiptsd and i feel really good about it. relatable.
Hunter Tootoo resumes MP duties but isn't rejoining Liberal caucus after return from rehab
Tootoo, a former member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal cabinet, had been undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction

Hunter Tootoo revealed Wednesday he has been working through “deeply personal and private issues” as the MP and ex-Liberal marked his return from a two-month leave of absence to seek treatment for alcohol addiction.

Tootoo, who represents the northern riding of Nunavut, held a news conference at his office in Iqaluit, his first appearance in the public eye since abruptly leaving cabinet and caucus at the end of May.

Alcohol, which has long plagued a number of Tootoo’s family members, is often a coping mechanism for trauma — and trauma is far too common a plight in aboriginal communities, the MP said.

“I have personally been affected by those impacts,” Tootoo said, acknowledging that the words of encouragement he received from friends, family and supporters during the recovery process made a significant difference.

“I am extremely grateful for the patience you have granted me during my healing,” he said.

“I know I let people down — my family, friends, and the people of this riding — and myself. I have work to do to regain their trust and respect. That work begins now.”

Tootoo acknowledged in a statement that the decision to resign his post as fisheries minister and leave the Liberal caucus was his and his alone — a detail Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already made plain.

However, while wishing Tootoo well in his recovery, the Prime Minister’s Office suggested Wednesday that it’s unlikely he’ll be invited back into the caucus fold.

“His status with regard to the Liberal caucus remains unchanged,” spokesman Cameron Ahmad said in a statement.

Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc, who assumed Tootoo’s responsibilities on the fisheries file, has since juggled both roles, fuelling speculation about the need for cabinet changes.

Tootoo said he still respects Trudeau and his government, adding he plans to remain in Nunavut for the summer. “I remain just as committed to my work as your member of Parliament.”

The dark side of living as a recovering addict
  • the side I'm trying to convey:I'm extremely healthy and healed, now :) Recovery is possible!! I'm an example of how people can achieve anything!
  • the side I'm trying to control:*purposely triggers myself by listening to songs I used to love during the worst years of my life while looking at pictures of things that make me weak*
  • me, realizing I'll always have issues:I'll be fine tomorrow. At least I'm stronger than I used to be! I'm just tired, I guess :]

I tried to explain to my mum why I was so quiet after all the things going on in the past few days, even though they were nice things. I’m not sure how good the quality of the image is.

The image shows a setup with a container in the center labelled “Processor,” representing my general processing capacity. It has a plug in the bottom and is filled with a small amount of liquid. To the left there’s an IV-like container labelled “Inside” and a similar one to the right labelled “Outside”. These represent the inside and outside influences, such as thoughts, worries, sensory input or social activities.

These IV’s are filled with fluids. In the second part of the image, the Processor has been filled to the brim with fluids from both sides.

In the third part, the container has been filled further, the side walls bulging out. This part is labelled “overload” and represents stressful situations, and trying to function beyond my usual capacities. I still “seem” functional, but I’m under a lot of pressure and have to struggle to keep it together and not burst (as in meltdowns or shutdowns).

The final part of the image shows the Processor emptying through the hole on the bottom, from which the plug has been pulled. The walls of the Processor are worn out from having been stretched. The pulled plug is labelled “rest”. This part of the image represents being exhausted after stressful times, and needing recovery time.

Of course the diagram is flawed, as most simplified representations are, but it helped explain the general issue. Maybe it is helpful for some other people to explain themselves to other people, relatives or friends.

I didn’t want to say this as part of the review, but I’m really proud of myself for taking a bite of the bar, tasting it, considering my enjoyment of it, and then deciding I didn’t like it and having a different snack instead. Intuitive eating, as opposed to eating according to serving sizes or pre-set meal ideas :)