recovery fighter

The brain does weird things when you deprive it of food.

And I don’t mean just calorically. Even if you’re eating 2000, 3000 calories a day in recovery, if they’re all safe, you’re still going to be obsessed with food and what you “can’t” have.

(AKA a friendly reminder to challenge yourself today.)

I was already full but I wanted to eat dinner watching the game with everyone else! I remember in that Intuitive Eating book it essentially said, Yes, eat when you’re hungry, but sometimes circumstances dictate you can’t do that, and it’s okay! I ate this purely for enjoyment. And I don’t feel anxious, although who knows what this was sautéed in, and I don’t feel guilty I ate this on a full stomach.
This is revolutionary.
I almost keep expecting to wake up and look differently… But nope! I’m like, you mean I could’ve been living this (much fuller and more enjoyable) life all along?!?! :)