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Inspired Healing

A little bottle to focus on a general healing and well being of a person.

  • Sea Salt
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Bay
  • Mugwort
  • Cinnamon
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Pink Candle

Salt for purification, to lay a clean foundation

Lavender to inspire peace from any pain or discomfort

Rosemary to bring a feeling of youth again

Sage for inspiring long life

Bay and Mugwort to give strength during the healing process

Cinnamon to encourage fast healing and recovery

Sandalwood oil for success and healing

Pink candle for wax seal to inspire healing and positive thoughts

The first incarnation of this bottle was a loose incense to burn on a charcoal disk. It originally just didn’t have salt. It was made for my father, who had a problem with his heart and was having trouble with day to day activities. 

You could forgo a seal and choose to burn the mixture on a charcoal disc, it’s up to you. 

I ended up using pink salt for aesthetic again at the top. A kind of bookend to the intention to purify the body. 



I hate Cartesian dualism and I’m stupidly insecure about my body at the moment. I’ve come so far in recovering from my blip with an ED but I’m not all the way there yet and I’m definitely not made of stone. It’s hard to focus on down days but I need to get these grades.

you never wanted me to say no then, so this is me saying it now. showing you that i can tell the difference between love and lust i don’t need the latter. for every finger you traced along my jawbone, hand you rested on my hips, fantasy you described to me, there is a moon out there that is orbiting a damn planet and they are both more important than a guy who can only speak in coffee grounds.

this is me saying no now, screaming it from the rooftops, telling you that i am no longer a shell of a being for you to hide in because i don’t want your love. there are planets that are too big to find proper metaphors for and galaxies that we’ve studied for as long as we could think about them and you cannot even begin to do this universe justice and i don’t deserve someone like you when i can lay in damp grass and watch stars explode.

this is me saying no for every time that i never could- this is me saving my yes’s for something that deserves them.

—  NO (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
When I love, I love with no space for the black and white, no area for the grey.
I love at the fullest intensity, with every color on the spectrum beaming, basking it its glory, despite its insecurity and vulnerability.
Sometimes the clarity is off, sometimes it’s faded, other times there’s a filter over all of it to protect myself from the brightness of it all.
I think it’s too vivid, I think I’m wrong for feeling things so deeply and radiating these colors that mix together and sometimes create a muddy mess.
Maybe my colorful heart isn’t wrong.
Maybe loving with everything inside of me isn’t a death sentence.
Maybe the rainbow ribbons swirling around me aren’t going to strangle me.
Maybe being threaded with every shade of color possible isn’t such a horrible attribute after all.  
Someday someone will appreciate the colors.
But for now I’ll have to learn to appreciate them myself.
For now I have to embrace the luminosity instead of dimming it.
Now I have to love myself.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write | #34 | recovery part v

GUYS I drove like four hours today all over the place and even at night time and I got about 20mph I went up to like 60mph and I know that sounds really silly but I’m super scared and today I DID IT!

AND I got my new car today and it’s extremely blue and beautiful and I’ll take pictures of it tomorrow and upload them. I’m just so so proud of myself woah. Like I CANT WAIT to tell Tara next session!

I'm so proud of myself right now!

I have compulsive spending from my BPD and I needed to save up $500 in less than a month for my trip for pride even on Saturday.

I checked my balance a few minutes ago so I could do the withdraw and I saved up $700! I can afford the gas and food now too! my parents were going to have to pay for that otherwise!!!

and I also didn’t have any self harm or suicide urges today!!!!!

I’m proud of myself!!!!!

We all have awkward moments and unfriendly interactions sometimes….but it’s really important not to over think them!! All it does is get you worked up and overly emotional! -_- 

Instead look at these moments in a logical way, consider other peoples perspectives and talk about it! They don’t need to become a big deal ;) 


I lost half of myself a long time ago. Then you came along and now the other half belongs to you. If you left then I would be no one at all. I would be a souless girl, living without a purpose or meaning.
—  What I’m trying to say is please don’t leave me (via @4100milesfromhome )
Gabrielle Delacour is online!

Years after the Battle of Hogwarts, before the events of Cursed Child, Gabrielle is a wandmaker’s apprentice. She’s recovering from PTSD associated with the Triwizard Tournament. She’s particularly good at giving advice on self-care, self-love, and how to make the most of the moment. She’s enjoying a lovely café au lait

Come talk to Gigi! Can you guess her Patronus?

Gia: Gabrielle and I have a lot in common. I am qualified to give advice regarding these subjects if you need it.