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I don’t know what I want. I constantly contradict myself. I want everyone to know that I’m not okay, yet at the same time I’m terrified by the idea of anyone knowing that I’m suffering. I want to escape real life and take a break from living for a while, yet I don’t want to put school on hold. I feel guilty when I do eat, and I feel guilty when I don’t eat. I’ve involved myself in the “recovery community” and I’m always telling people how bad restricting is for your body and mind, but I can’t follow my own damn advice.

The brain does weird things when you deprive it of food.

And I don’t mean just calorically. Even if you’re eating 2000, 3000 calories a day in recovery, if they’re all safe, you’re still going to be obsessed with food and what you “can’t” have.

(AKA a friendly reminder to challenge yourself today.)

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you recommend any recovery blogs/instagrams that belong to people in their 20s/older? I really need inspiration, but I feel like I can't relate to a lot of 15/16 year old posters (as inspiring as they are!) because they're at a different stage of their lives ): Feeling old! Thanks SO much xxxxx

Tell me about it! I’m not even 21 yet (10 days to go, oh my god) but I feel so old in this community sometimes!

Of the people I follow: kateinrecovery, radiantlyrecover-ed, rediscoveringrosie, amordelbuho, posterus-somnium, thesunwill–rise, gingieee, harrietfindinghappiness, justlookingfor-me, thesedayshavebeengood and princessofgenovia are all in their 20s and absolutely wonderful! 

If you’re in recovery, one of us oldies (20+) and I’ve missed you off the list, please like or reblog this so my anon can find your blog too <3 

We talk about psychology as a “soft” science. The stigma around going to therapy or taking medications persists. Let me tell you, I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my therapist. They aren’t just some professional you see every week to torture you, they become your partner in crime. Running right beside you as you face your fears. I could not be more blessed.


We all have awkward moments and unfriendly interactions sometimes….but it’s really important not to over think them!! All it does is get you worked up and overly emotional! -_- 

Instead look at these moments in a logical way, consider other peoples perspectives and talk about it! They don’t need to become a big deal ;)