recovery checklist

11 important and unrelated little things to remember:

1) if they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.

2) always wait 24 hours before getting mad over something. if in 24 hours it doesn’t bother you anymore, it’s probably not worth being mad over.

3) do not shrink yourself for those that refuse to grow.

4) often being at peace is better than being right.

5) smile at strangers. smile at friends. smile at everyone.

7) loving yourself is like having superpowers; you’re unstoppable.

8) constantly remind people how much you love them.

9) no matter who you are, life will be tough sometimes. unfortunately, you have no choice in that. you do, however, have a choice on how you look at it. choose positivity.

10) you are under no obligation to be the same person you were five seconds ago.

11) sunshine all the time makes a desert

Just dawned on me that VidCon this year will be days after July 21st, which will be 3 years drug free and in recovery. Wow.

Connor’s Checklist:

-Not miss an upload

-Pack up my life and move to LA

-Find an apartment/job in LA

-Complete 3 years in recovery

-Go to VidCon, host a panel on mental health, meet real cool people