recovery challenge

The brain does weird things when you deprive it of food.

And I don’t mean just calorically. Even if you’re eating 2000, 3000 calories a day in recovery, if they’re all safe, you’re still going to be obsessed with food and what you “can’t” have.

(AKA a friendly reminder to challenge yourself today.)

One Hundred Points to Slytherin (Cora & Stiles)

eternalsterek-broughttolife Cora / Stiles brotp for “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” 

I had so much fun writing this! I really hope you enjoy it, bb! There is pre-Derek/Stiles of the pining variety as well as pre-Cora/Allison in the same pining way. Oh, also, this is not a Harry Potter AU or anything. They’re just Potter geeks. LOL This is Fic #48 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

One Hundred Points to Slytherin. Cora & Stiles BrOTP. Teen. Also on AO3.

Cora and Stiles are a great team whose latest assignment is recovering a magical vase from the guy who stole it.

“If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” Cora loops the bungee cord around her hand and tugs, testing the strength.

“How exactly did you come to that conclusion again?” Stiles asks curiously, typing the codes needed to hack into the security system. “I’m getting us video access so we avoid running into any of Callahan’s goons. That means I’m doing my best to prevent us from getting arrested.”

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This is a recovery challenge for anyone dealing with trauma / PTSD. Feel free to do in your own time or every day, in a journal or on your blog, using writing, photos, or a mixture. Feel free to tag “ptsdconfessions” in any entries you put on your blog!

  • Day 1: What kinds of symptoms do you experience?
  • Day 2: What are some good things that have happened in your life?
  • Day 3: Is there anything your trauma stops you from doing?
  • Day 4: Does anyone else know about the trauma you experienced?
  • Day 5: Are there any books, movies, games, etc. that have changed how you view yourself / your trauma?
  • Day 6: Do you have trouble remembering aspects of the traumatic event(s)?
  • Day 7: If you could change the past so that the event(s) never happened, would you?
  • Day 8: What song best summarises your experience with trauma / PTSD?
  • Day 9: Do you feel that experiencing trauma has changed you?
  • Day 10: Write a letter to the cause of your PTSD.
  • Day 11: Are there any quotes that inspire you?
  • Day 12: Pay it forward. Do a random act of kindness.
  • Day 13: What kinds of therapy or self-help have you done?
  • Day 14: What’s the hardest thing about recovering from trauma?
  • Day 15: How does the event impact on your day-to-day life?
  • Day 16: Do you like to use fidget toys?
  • Day 17: What motivates you?
  • Day 18: Do you have any unhealthy coping mechanisms?
  • Day 19: What helps you get through the hardest days?
  • Day 20: Do you know anyone who has experienced something similar? If so, how do they cope with it?
  • Day 21: What things trigger your symptoms?
  • Day 22: Is there anything you’d like to tell anyone about your trauma?
  • Day 23: What things help you feel safe?
  • Day 24: What does a good day look like for you?
  • Day 25: Is there anything positive you’ve experienced in recovering from trauma?
  • Day 26: How have your symptoms changed over time?
  • Day 27: Do you feel that experiencing trauma has affected your relationships with others?
  • Day 28: What goals do you have?
  • Day 29: What’s your best method for getting through bad days?
  • Day 30: What do you want to get out of recovery?
I want to touch lives.

I crave these fingerprints tattooed on souls scattered throughout this planet.

I don’t need credit,
I just wish to be the flutter in your chest – the tiny flapping of wings
That spark your change.

The inexplicable, overwhelming empowerment that flows over you
When standing up for yourself.

I want to be the gusts that begin the clearing of clouds;
The reason you catch a long overdue glimpse of sunlight.

I don’t wish to be the center of anything,
But I long to be a catalyst to the fire burning deep inside others.

I hope to plant the seeds that become redwood forests;
You possess the durability you seek,
I long to help you discover this truth.
—  2017: #127/365

17 days post op with Dr. Raphael.

I’m still a little swollen along the incisions, but otherwise it’s healing well. I’m not in any pain, just feel a little tight still.

The mental challenges of recovery is starting to kick in. I am itching to get back into the gym, since it’s such a big part of my daily life.