a big part of being happy is being excited. be excited for everything - making a cup of tea, decorating your future apartment, seeing a friend again, falling in love unexpectedly, the next episode of a show you like, finishing something stressful, buying something you’ve been saving up for, a new album, sunsets, traveling, road trips, and the feeling of going to bed after a long day. think of something to be excited about and daydream about it often when you’re sad.

You can’t expect yourself to go from a negative mentality to a positive one overnight, but every time you correct a bad thought you are growing! So focus on your growth, not the fact that you aren’t “there” yet.

small ways to be a better person ✨

  • wait for someone if u notice they’re falling behind
  • if you have a moment of admiration or love for someone, say it out loud
  • give random song recs and send them things that made u think of them
  • be as kind to yourself as you are to others
  • be more aware of your surroundings and help people who seem to need help
  • if someone gets interrupted, ask what they were going to say
  • try to step inside someone’s shoes instead of judging them or labeling them
  • don’t say hurtful things especially if it’s not constructive
  • say “I love you” more often and spend more time with people you love
  • make sure everyone in the group is included
  • make someone’s day better by smiling at everyone you see and maybe saying hello
  • ask if someone is okay if you notice that they’ve been distant

If you need…

Rest and recuperation:

- take a nap

- sit in the warm sunshine

- cuddle a pet

- take a bath

- go to bed early

- meditate

- forget all the yoga and just lie in corpse pose for however long you need

Self love:

- put on body lotion

- change your clothes into something more comfortable

- wash your hair

- light some candles

- write a love letter to yourself

- list 10 good things about yourself

Reminiscence and nostalgia:

- watch a childhood classic on TV

- clean your room: make it cozy and safe

- care for yourself the way your guardians would when you were a sick child

- do a small task or hobby that you used to love - listen to old music

- play a game from your past


- eat a healthy meal

- put on some upbeat music

- drink ice cold water

- change into clothes that make you feel good but aren’t pyjamas

- go for a walk

- challenge yourself to do the things you want to do and reward yourself after


- get in touch with a friend

- go to a public place, like a coffee shop

- say hello to a stranger

- call your mum

- message a long lost friend

- arrange to meet someone you love

- join online groups of people with similar interests


- do some light exercise

- drink a glass of water

- do some yoga or stretches

- go to bed early

- take a short walk or jog

- eat something healthy and tasty

- clean your home

To express yourself:

- write about how your feelings

- dance to your favourite music

- sing

- put on makeup

- paint or draw

- bullet journal

- write a story, some poetry or a diary entry

- change your hairstyle


- drink something warm

- go somewhere you feel safe

- spend time with safe, loving people

- watch a lovely tv show or movie

- get under some blankets

- if it’s cold, sit by a fire

- cuddle someone or something

- give yourself a little hug

self checks are a very important part of self-care and good mental health! make sure you check up on yourself and do things that help you when you don’t feel so good.

Congrats! This post is infused with happy vibes which means if you’re reading this right now, the goodness of your day just went up by 75% and you’ll smile at least 5 times today.

Recovery is not about never being sad again or never relapsing again or never struggling again.

Recovery is a mindset. Recovery is changing the way you think so that when you feel sad or relapse or begin to struggle again, you know how to cope with it.

So when we talk about recovery, we’re not talking about being fixed , we’re talking about modifying the way we process our thoughts and ‘failures’ in a healthier way. This way when we have bad periods they don’t consume us.

Recovery is a mindset.

Stop comparing yourself to other people, all it does is hurt you. There’s no correct way to exist in this world, so just be who you are because it’s enough. You are absolutely perfect the way you are.