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there is one thing i do not see enough of on this website- support for people trying to get clean and/or stay clean. addiction has ruined my life. addiction has ruined so many lives and recovering alcoholics/addicts NEED support to continue with their recovery. so, for those of you who are working on your first 24 hours or your first week, month, year, your 2nd year or 20th- i am so proud of you. you have given yourself something incredible today. addiction is one of the most insidious diseases in the world, but today, you did not let it win. remind yourself of all of the strength you have. you are a miracle.

Addicts never stand still; they are either getting better, or they are getting worse.
-alcoholics anonymous

Remember addiction is a progressive illness. Even while you stay sober, your addiction is out there doing push ups just waiting for you to return.

We are never cured, we only have a daily reprieve.

You must work at your sobriety every day.

As I get farther from the drugs, I can see more clearly 2 things: I’m not an asshole because of the drugs, and I’m an asshole. You see, the drugs didn’t create this totally different person, they just put a sharp edge to my personality and gave me the ability to get too high to actually give a fuck

Journal Entry 9/2/17

Nodsquad/Tweaker Nation call for selfie submissions

I am working on a portrait drawing series called The Faces of Addiction and Recovery. The portraits will be displayed in a yoga studio that is run by a recovering addict in Athens, GA. You will also receive a photo of your portrait. If you are in recovery and want a before and during collaged piece drawn, submit both photos. I will not draw pictures containing the use of any drug. The photos can be front or side views.

None will include names unless desired.

If you have photos of someone who is no longer with us, be sure to include a short description of the person to be placed under the drawing.

Please share!


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