there is one thing i do not see enough of on this website- support for people trying to get clean and/or stay clean. addiction has ruined my life. addiction has ruined so many lives and recovering alcoholics/addicts NEED support to continue with their recovery. so, for those of you who are working on your first 24 hours or your first week, month, year, your 2nd year or 20th- i am so proud of you. you have given yourself something incredible today. addiction is one of the most insidious diseases in the world, but today, you did not let it win. remind yourself of all of the strength you have. you are a miracle.

Addicts never stand still; they are either getting better, or they are getting worse.
-alcoholics anonymous

Remember addiction is a progressive illness. Even while you stay sober, your addiction is out there doing push ups just waiting for you to return.

We are never cured, we only have a daily reprieve.

You must work at your sobriety every day.

Almost 90 days

I’ll hit 90 days clean again this coming Friday and oh my god I can’t believe it. I might actually break my record (94 days) and things are coming together for me. I’m out of work but I started working out and looking for a job and I’m feeling pretty good right now.

It’s possible y'all. I believe in you and if you ever need help I’m here for you.

Stay safe everyone.

-people thought he was gay in highschool

-people also thought he was on hella drugs in highschool because he lost weight really fast

-used to actually be kinda pudgy

-got lasik (broke my heart)

-loves sports (mainly professional wrestling and hockey)

-roots for the LA kings (probably likes the Devils too tho)

-recovering addict who hid his use for several years! im so proud of him!!!!!!!!

-plays DND with Gerard + friends

-hair looks like a chocolate chip

-despite how quiet/shy he seems gerard has actually described him as being the more extroverted one of the two

-used to be a hella scenester in the NJ scene. interned for an indie label and hung out with all the local musicians

-didnt, contrary to popular belief, learn bass just for MCR. he just put it down after he+gerard’s band raygun jones broke up and picked it back up for MCR

-Hambone (of Pencey Prep) loaned him a bass when MCR formed because he didn’t have one

-Likes all kinds of music but electronica + new romantic music (like joy division and the cure) seem to be a huge HUGE influence if you listen to Electric Century

-Really good at naming things. He came up with the name for Electric Century in school, also came up with My Chemical Romance. 

-Came up with the name New London Fire which is the name of his bandmate Dave Debiak’s band!

-Loyal friend, has been friends with people like the Debiak brothers and Gabe Saporta literally since the 90s

-Love Of My Life

-a dad now! he just had a daughter named rowan


Scientists are one step closer to a vaccine that could combat heroin addiction

  • Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute are closer than ever to developing a vaccine to fight heroin addiction, the institute announced in a statement on June 6.
  • Researchers at TSRI have been working for more than eight years to develop a vaccine that would block the “high” that heroin users feel, making it easier for people to recover from heroin addiction.
  • Their latest findings were published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in June.
  • The vaccine — which has been tested on rhesus monkeys — works by training the body’s immune system to fight heroin molecules, creating antibodies that “neutralize” the heroin and block the molecules from getting to the brain, according the statement from TSRI. Read more (6/12/17)

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