recovering addict

there is one thing i do not see enough of on this website- support for people trying to get clean and/or stay clean. addiction has ruined my life. addiction has ruined so many lives and recovering alcoholics/addicts NEED support to continue with their recovery. so, for those of you who are working on your first 24 hours or your first week, month, year, your 2nd year or 20th- i am so proud of you. you have given yourself something incredible today. addiction is one of the most insidious diseases in the world, but today, you did not let it win. remind yourself of all of the strength you have. you are a miracle.

Addicts never stand still; they are either getting better, or they are getting worse.
-alcoholics anonymous

Remember addiction is a progressive illness. Even while you stay sober, your addiction is out there doing push ups just waiting for you to return.

We are never cured, we only have a daily reprieve.

You must work at your sobriety every day.

Almost 90 days

I’ll hit 90 days clean again this coming Friday and oh my god I can’t believe it. I might actually break my record (94 days) and things are coming together for me. I’m out of work but I started working out and looking for a job and I’m feeling pretty good right now.

It’s possible y'all. I believe in you and if you ever need help I’m here for you.

Stay safe everyone.

I don’t want to be sober today.

Honestly it’s exhausting to face physical and mental pain without narcotics. I feel so defeated. I’m so fed up with my screwed up sleep patterns. I desperately wish I could sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I need a holiday from my chronic illness. Screw that I want a break from sobriety; on days like today it’s really hard to be sober. Every fiber of my being is crying for an escape.

As desperately as my mind wants to escape I don’t want to lose control of my life. I am powerless over drugs and alcohol. So instead I will rest and eat and take care of myself; effectively giving my body the energy it needs to keep fighting.

438 days clean and sober

December 12, 2016


You have every right to be proud of being clean or sober. Recovery isn’t easy. Becoming sober, staying sober and being sober in general are huge accomplishments💯. Please ignore ignorant people who make uneducated statements such as “why are you proud of doing what you should have done all along?” And similar statements that shame you for publicly speaking on your addiction and your feelings of pride on overcoming major obstacles.👊 I’m proud AS fUCK of you! Look at you using those healrhly coping skills! Wow!😍 That is hella rad that you didn’t harm yourself even though today was rough af. You made it through another day clean. You are living just for today, beating addiction and triggers ass every day.👊💯 You have good and bad days. Be proud of them all. The fact that you are still living helps the universe a lot. Being clean and sober is a PLUS. The universe needs you. Addiction is a part of Me; not the definition of me, or you. We have a horrible disease but we are more powerful. So keep being PROUD. you have every right to be proud of your recovery. Pray the ignorant who claim otherwise may find some much needed serenity and an educated brain. So proud of my tumblr babies, and everyone who is doing this!! . Xoxo- this has been a PSA from Nicole.😘💯👑👑💕