Love yourself. You don’t have to like yourself very much right now but never forget that you are a wonderful human being worthy of love and care. So love yourself. You are a child of the universe. Treat yourself like you are made of stardust because you are.
Open yourself up to the world. You can't hide yourself away for the rest of your life. I know you’ve learned to stay this way to survive but it isn’t protecting you anymore. Open up. Because there are great things out there, just waiting to be discovered.
I’ve realised something really important. I only get one life. I will never have another life like this and there will never be another me. Everything that I know exists on a tiny rock orbiting a huge ball of gas 93 million miles away, every memory I have or ever will have, every experience will occur on this little planet. Sure in the scale of things I am a mere flicker of consciousness in a vast infinity, insignificant. It took me to dance with death to realise, life is fragile. I am fragile. This is my only life and all I have accomplished is the destruction of it. My body loves me, all it has done is loved me, healed my wounds, fought off diseases, and after everything I have put it through it still loves me. I need to love it back. Life is a tiny miracle and I need to stop trying to diminish mine.
—  thoughts after a suicide attempt (by me)

No picture of yourself will ever look like the self you imagine yourself to be but sometimes you have one (or a few) that reminds you, you don’t have to appease the unhealthy and tough standards you hold yourself too. There are times you end up w pictures of yourself that reminds you you’re human and growing and constantly evolving and there are no standards you have to beat yourself into.

As a victim of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse growing up.. I can say the verbal and emotional abuse hurt me more than the physical abuse. You see, bruises and scars fade.. But every time I look in the mirror my perception of myself is shattered because of words my mom hit me with. I could be the most beautiful girl in the world and I would still feel “ugly” “fat” “stupid” “a God d*** mother fucking fat ass piece of shit bitch”.
Every time I walk into a room this is what I think people are thinking about me all because the person who was supposed to love me the most told me these things every day.. And still does when she gets the chance. I was never shown the proper affection. And I don’t know how to properly love someone and I don’t know if I will ever be able to be with someone for the rest of my life.

Physical abuse may have hurt and left me with some painful memories, but I will forever walk with of all of the words she beat into my brain. It’s so hard learning to love yourself when you’ve been told you’re worthless but I’m trying. Oh God, I’m trying so hard. If they couldn’t love me, maybe I can love myself enough for the both of them. Because I deserve love. I deserve love.