recover your soul

Forget about their opinions. Be happy, be healthy, love yourself better, speak less, do more, feed your imagination, nourish your curiosity, travel to the places you’ve been meaning to go, embrace your insecurities, and stay calm and focused. Let your soul recover from those people who never felt anything for you and breathe again. In God’s good time, you will be more than okay. Just wait for it to come, keep the hope alive and never let it fade.
—  d.r.n

There was a battle.
Internal & invisible.

Fear. Anguish. Grief.
Depression. Suffering.
Wrenching Pain.
Grasped my heart,
filled my lungs,
told me to give up.

They clawed & clawed,
ripped & tore,
crushed & gnawed
at my soul.

I became blinded,
could no longer see.
No hope. No light. No beauty.
In this world in front of me.

Whispers in my ear
to give up, to let go.
They were in
my head,
my mind,
my body,
my bones.
my soul.

& yet this was not the end.

Hanging on by a thread,
my soul was still alive.
A light. A flicker. A spark.
Still burning in the dark.
Breathing. Wanting to thrive.
To live. To do more than survive.

Light. Joy. Happiness.
Peace. Bliss. Serenity.
Indestructible Love.
Rooted in my soul,
stood their ground.

Ever expanding.
Eternal. Boundless.
Limitless. Infinite.
Burning flames,
from the very depths.
Rising above.
Despair vanquished.
No fear. Only love.

anonymous asked:

do you guys know of any other blogs like this one, but that focus more on psychosis, paranoia, and derealization rather than mostly depression/anxiety?

Hi Anon,

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The Limitless Self Talk

If you would like to help reprogram your mind to it’s full potential, knowing that anything is possible, and it’s only our limiting beliefs that ever makes things “impossible”, then read this list to yourself 3-4 times a day for a week or more. (Taken from the book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter)  

*I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become - so I believe in the best for myself.

*I open myself up to the broad horizons of limitless possibility.

*I truly believe that anything is possible.

*I have drive, spirit, stamina, & endurance.

*Right now, today, this very moment, I am capable of giving myself the gift of absolute self-assurance, self-belief, & powerful infinite confidence in myself.

*Today is a great day. I choose to live today with joy & love.

*I set my sights & I got for it! I know that the world is full of limitless opportunities. Look at what I can do; look at where I can go! Look at what I can do just by saying “Yes!” to myself!

*Just look at what I can do today! I am incredible & today is a great day to show it!

Stay awake.
Stay awake. Survive.
I’ve got nineteen stars that I
gave your name tonight.
I wanna scream.
Wanna scream your name.
Star light, star bright, can save.
You’re my wish tonight.

Don’t tell me, it doesn’t matter
I’ll tell you what matters.
Bare feet in the summer.
Open windows at night.
You think that no one needs you.
You have nothing to see through.
Well I need you. Don’t I count?
Let’s fight. Show me anger.
Fierce fists clutching onto air
Show me anything
Just show me you care

Stay awake.
Stay awake. Survive.
I’ve got nineteen stars that I
gave your name tonight.
I wanna scream.
Wanna scream your name.
Star light, star bright, can save.
You’re my wish tonight.

—  Meg & Dia