I made a cohesive list of all possible/existing gems, all fusions included with exception to homeworld gems

cannon gems bolded

gems: {ruby} {sapphire} {amethyst} {pearl} {rose}

2 gem fusions: {garnet} {ruby,amethyst} {ruby,pearl} {ruby,rose} {sapphire,amethyst} {sapphire,pearl} {sapphire,rose} {opal} {amethyst,rose} {rainbow quartz}

3 gem fusions: {Sugilite} {Sardonyx} {ruby,sapphire,rose} {ruby,amethyst,pearl} {ruby,amethyst,rose} {ruby,pearl,rose} {sapphire,amethyst,pearl} {sapphire,amethyst,rose} {sapphire,pearl,rose} {amethyst,pearl,rose} 

4 gem fusions: {Alexandrite} {ruby,sapphire,amethyst,rose} {ruby,sapphire,pearl,rose} {ruby,amethyst,pearl,rose} {sapphire,amethyst,pearl,rose}

5 gem fusion {ruby,sapphire,amethyst,pearl,rose}

My (basic) CC!


I can make other cc lists if yall want but I’m starting with interior stuff cause it was asked for by  teleicanises / sunburntsims . Not listing individual items unless they are requested (and plz if you wanna know, ask, I love to answer! There’s just too many to list everything so I’m doing a general list). 

  • Favorite place for stuff is TSR! If you can get around all the ads there are a ton of beautiful things for every room in the house. I like DOT’s stuff, Pralinesims and of course SimCredible but I browse everything and have things from many other creators.
  • Next is DavidMont! Cute style, loooots of slots on most everything for decorating, just wonderful wonderful creations.
  • Similar to David is Everlasting-Garden! I’ve got almost everything she has created. 
  • And of course, AroundTheSims! So many toys, so much clutter, so many themed things for around town. 

Everything else I find is around tumblr, conversions from EPs I don’t have, random finds, other people’s cc lists, etc.

Never be afraid to ask for a specific CC piece or two (or ten or twenty!) whether it be clothes/objects/hair or even a color or pattern I used that you like.

anonymous asked:

Where can we give you money to study abroad? Or at all?

Thank you, but i honestly cannot accept that as i am pretty well off. Better than a lot of people, and quite privileged. But it’s just not enough to pursue the right things. We got to make due with what we have. I know it’s different for each individual based on how easy they have it and how many recources they have and how much other people invest in them. But i’d much rather pave my own way, that way i know which stones i need to step on to not slip.

If you have more money than you need, invest it to a non profit charity for education or the like. Or invest in your own future. In a couple of years you or someone you hold dear might need it.

I'm making a masterpost with recources for (especially self-diagnosed) mentally ill people

I want everyone who can’t get professional help to get all the help there is for us. So please send me an ask with

-Requests (what do you need/ want most? Recources for self-help? More information about mental health? Or something else?)
-Resources (if you know anything that could be useful, I’ll need it)