Record del mundo de altura en cetrería.

Sueltan un águila desde lo alto del Burj Khalifa y tiene que encontrar a su dueño y posarse en su brazo.

Lo más sorprendente es cuando ves que el vídeo se está terminando y el pájaro aún está años luz de su destino. Wait for it…


Creative Cribs - Tree Adams

I think booing drivers is always shitty to be honest. In some cases you can see why - Spa 14 for example, yeah I do get why Nico was booed then. But today, nah sorry. What, your fave didn’t have a good race so let’s boo Nico, who wasn’t involved in any of that? I don’t know, I think some people just don’t take him seriously and so he becomes an easy target or something.

Also, before anyone says anything, I’m aware he’s not the only driver who has had reactions like that, but I’ve only been watching F1 for a couple of years and it seems that in that time, if there’s gonna be a negative reaction to a driver, it’s going to be him. I’m not saying he’s perfect, far from it, but these guys are human and deliberately trying to make them feel hated when they’re celebrating a podium is just wank.


Record del mundo de velocidad de un carro de la compra lleno: 117,8 km/h.

El post importante del día.

Avanza al segundo 35 si no quieres ver cómo choca antes contra un coche a 18 km/h.