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What does jungkook call v? Taehyung hyung or tae-hyung? Does he ever call him something else affectionately and without honourifics?

i believe jeongguk usually calls him “v hyung” with the honorifics as is customary in korean! most likely because “taehyung hyung” sounds strange grammatically since it contains the same consonant and vowel, and the only other possible form “taehyungie hyung” is a mouthful ^^

but he has called taehyung affectionately on occasion! off the top of my head:

these are what i remember! if anyone can think of any other examples please let us know ↓(*´▽`*)

so I’ve been watching my brother play uncharted 4 (finished it today!!!) and I just wanted to make a little log of all the things he says while playing bc they’re so funny:

  • (while going through a tight squeeze) “shimee shimee shimee shimee SCOOT SCOOT”
  • (walking in wet areas) *singing* my socks are wet and soggyyyyy
  • (sliding down) *straight up starts chanting the lord’s prayer in urdu*
  • “mish, I have 3 bullets and am full of fear”
  • “I. AM. ROCKET. MAN”