170923 Mnet special recording

The mnet special recording has been going on for almost 24hours now, it’s 3am in korea right now and bts are still doing a talk segment which will take around 1h and 30mins. K-armys are all tired as hell and complain on twitter how bts are super tired and exhausted too. Bts slept for only 2 hours yesterday and yoongi said during the recording today that the first week is gonna be tough, they all won’t get to sleep much. Right after the mnet ends they have to go to daejeon for inkigayo super concert which Taehyung is mcing. It’s crazy I cannot even imagine how tired they all have to be. This is too much.

cr. (1, 2, 3)

jimin : telling jungkook that he lost too much weight, that he should gain weight again

jimin : smiling and hyping at jungkook’s mv parts

jimin : pinching jungkook’s cheeks at fansign to make him smile

jimin : backhugging kook on stage and giving him a piggyback cuz jungkook is sick and exhausted

jimin : looks at jungkook like he just gave him the entire universe

haters : jimin doesnt like jungkook, jimin is cockblocking ***** moments, jimin is acting nice jst infront of cam, they don’t even talk much, they don’t even sleep in the same room..


Would you buy the Project Octopath Traveler Official Sound Track on vinyl?

ok but seriously like i’m chill with the writers taking the game in a more mature direction if that’s what they wanna do, that’s all fine and dandy, but can we put an age restriction on the site and stop treating the forums like they’re full of people who don’t know what a butt is??? like putting a 13+ age restriction on the game shouldn’t be difficult lmao

either way take off the censorship stuff in the forum cause castiel has been shown smoking in the game explicitly, they’ve literally been drinking together, and candy is straight up considering sex with [insert boy of choice here] so the forums can probably afford to relax a little bit

like, i’d love to be able to openly discuss the episodes without fear of being banned from the forums forever thanks

rosegoldhl  asked:

Wait, really? Dan Woop has the exclusive? Are we sure that Louis' team asked for the rights this time? Ugh.

Yep. I don’t know why TTD keeps sanitizing stuff on Tumblr, so to speak, but they posted the link on Twitter and it’s Dan’s Bizarre Column in The Sun.

One for all

WHILE there’s no sign of ONE DIRECTION getting back together any time soon, the lads have kicked off a series of mini reunions.

Just one day after NIALL HORAN turned out to back HARRY STYLES at his LA gig, LOUIS TOMLINSON showed his support for Niall by attending his Spotify gig in Hollywood on Thursday.

Looking dapper here in my exclusive new snap for the cover of the current issue of men’s style mag Sid, Louis later tweeted: “Blown away by Niall tonight. Felt so f***ing proud.” On his own debut album, he told the mag: “The album tells a story and is very honest lyrically.”

I look forward to hearing some big revelations.

Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of the Phil Sharp situation.


Third Sonatine by Naderman :) some classical for once lol