Symbol Audio Modern Record Console

Known for its high-quality handcrafted audio equipment, Symbol Audio has introduced the Modern Record Console as the flagship of its collection. Harkening back to the all-in-one consoles of the 1950s, the beautiful cabinet is constructed of American Walnut and hand-patinated plate steel and features a hand-built tube amplifier, a turntable with a carbon fiber tonearm and Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge. Complete with a built-in wireless router, the console can also play music from one’s iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer. Designed by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond and bench-made to order in the Hudson Valley, pricing and availability can be obtained upon request.

Last Friday I worked my last session on the api Legacy at Firehouse 12.

It’s bittersweet, over the last 5 years I’ve logged hundreds of hours recording and mixing on this beautiful beast of a console. That and scraped countless knuckles fixing intermittent quirks on tech days. I’ll miss ‘her’.

The good news: This week Nick and I will take it apart and pack it up to move it out of the way for a new console! If you’ve recorded on this Legacy before, don’t worry, the new console will wow you! I’ll share pics when it arrives.

-photo by Trevor Snapp

DAWs -vs- Studio Consoles SSL - Neve - API

each individual console has its own unique sound - similarly - each individual person has its own unique taste for sound

but- well- i was looking at this blog about how daws - protools or cubase - actually - very specifically - the channel strip plugins - ssl & neve plugins - just don’t accurately recreate the sound of the actual consoles 

i guess i was focusing solely on the complaint concerning lack of “punchiness” - from daws - compared to consoles & the channel-strip plugins that attempt to simulate the consoles don’t make up for it


Noise Gates 


I happen to be someone who prefers the digital sound and the sound of daws - just my personal preference 

i don’t even like speakers - i’d prefer the sound to be directly inputted into my head - second best - i suppose is headphones

sound quality is compromised by air molecules


anyhow - you recapture that “punch” - via gating - you gate every track

on a daw you could easily run into CPU problems - depending on how many tracks you have - could be 50 - 100 - 200 tracks and depending on your computer


but - and - why should you even need noise gates on daws - not counting using samples that aren’t perfectly “clean” - it has nothing to do with noise - the gate is just another compression setting - and compression at the right setting - in the right amount - adds “punch” - it super charges the track (not counting the “brick wall” limiter) 


today - guys are sharing alot of info - info that was definitely not shared yrs earlier - but they’re not sharing everything 


“comping” is important too - how you comp - what you comp - how you use the comp - you can use a comp like a sample - like - reuse it - triggering the comp with some other track - and mangle it - all different ways - with reverb & delay 


anyway - its not really the channel-strip - its the gate used as compression on every track which closely approximates the “punch” achieved by actual recording consoles - imho

The C24!

This console is great fun and really easy to use. It hooks up to Pro Tools with ease and acts just like a mirror image. I used this console in tri 3 and 4 at university and had no difficulties. (A good console to learn on) This console would suit a home studio or a small professional studio.