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[translations] 2017.08.16 NCT DREAM “We Young” Showcase fan accounts

*Might contain spoilers*

1. Seating arrangement: Mark Renjun Jeno Jisung Chenle Haechan Doyoung [6Hzt_]
Roommate arrangement: Renjun x Jeno, Chenle x Jisung. Mark (rooming with Doyoung) and Haechan (rooming with Jaehyun) are in NCT 127 dorm.

2. Due to pronunciation Renjun and Chenle were the guides for the recording of the Chinese version of We Young. Haechan said it was tough, so Renjun and Chenle had to do a demo for it too for everyone to listen to.
However, during the recording Chenle forgot the lyrics, and he asked Mark if he knows the lyrics hahahahahahaha
Mark: Chenle suddenly asked me about the lyrics and I found it so funny [leleezzang | 99m0ng802]

3. Mark and Jisung watches Muk-bang (eating shows) together [99m0ng802]

4. Haechan: The MV shoot took us 2 days. At the last part we just had to do a group dance and it would be done. We made a bet and said that the person who does it wrong have to buy fried chicken for everyone. While I was thinking ah I made a mistake, Renjun danced it wrongly too, and he was honest about it.
Renjun bought 4 sets of fried chicken 2 days later, but there were 2 chickens left.
Renjun: While eating I felt that it was too much
Haechan: But we agreed that it was supposed to be 6 chickens (one for each person?), buy 2 more next time.
Doyoung: Why are you guys so greedy. [99m0ng802]

5. Jeno says his favorite song is My Page. The genre is Deep House. The song describes a worry they recently have. Their concerns and worries were written in the lyrics. Mark participated in the writing of the lyrics for this song too.
A concern Jeno recently has: Jisung is growing so tall and he starts wondering to himself then will he (Jeno) grow [99m0ng802]

6. Doyoung: I have not seen the MV yet~
Haechan: I watched it
Jeno: I watched it too
Doyoung: Oh. What. When did you guys watch it [99m0ng802]

7. Mark: I want to boast about the album. Our title song “We Young” is something that we can portray well.
Doyoung: So I can’t do it?
Haechan: (English) You Old~ [99m0ng802]

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