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Happy Birthday Dookie!

Dookie is the third studio album by American punk rock band Green Day, released on February 1, 1994, through Reprise Records.It was the band’s first collaboration with producer Rob Cavallo and its major record label debut. Dookie became a worldwide commercial success, peaking at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 and charting in seven countries.The album helped propel Green Day, and even punk rock music into mainstream popularity. Dookie was certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America for the shipment of 10 million copies.

This is important guys. Another proof of how shitty their label is… SPREAD!

Apparently Dinah had already gotten the role for Moana but she was forced by Epic to reject it. The whole explanation is on the image, go check it out…
Do I believe this? Yes.
First Dinah is basically the most famous Polynesian girl at the moment. It would make sense she was originally the chosen one to represent the culture.
Secondly all the time she spent with Dwayne Johnson, the audition calls she once mentioned on a Facebook post, the interest in acting, the way she would get excited about Moana every single time they got asked about Disney princesses on interviews, etc… I believe she actually got the part. She had the voice & charisma to get it.
But I’m not surprised they made her drop it for the reasons written above. Moana is a blockbuster movie, indeed one of the most talked about this year. Definitely Dinah would have made some coins out of it.

Also, this is a small theory I just formulated (might not even be relevant at all but I want to point it out):
Disney always announce their casting choices several months ahead recording the film. So I imagine, by the time she would have been announced by Pixar, Camila’s first solo project wouldn’t being on the scene yet so go figure… If the fandom had known about Dinah working on Moana, then have Camila release IKWYDLS none of the solo BS & OT4s claims about “treachery” would have happened. Let’s remember that’s all their team have wanted since 2015 to this moment, the fans against the girls & without the emergence of OT4s back in the IKWYDLS era, things would have remained the same.


In case you wonder How Record Labels make their money. This is just an example.

Left Eye Breaks it down for you - REAL LIFE! This is why TLC declared bankruptcy.

PS: When Lauren said “We’re doing fucking labour every day and WE SEE NOTHING” I’m pretty sure she was referring to this. How much labor they put in VS how much they actually make.

The issue of how much musicians theoretically earn from their work has moved out of the trade press and into social media’s trending topics recently, whether that’s Taylor Swift demonstrating her clout via a successful protest of Apple Music or Jay Z’s Tidal promising artists higher royalty rates than other streaming services. In the background of these debates is the question of whether songwriters and performers are actually getting all the money they’re owed.

A new report released Tuesday by the Berklee College of Music’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship details what it repeatedly calls a “lack of transparency” in the music business. Titled “Transparency and Money Flows,” the 28-page report also gives recommendations that highlight the labyrinthine complexity of the current system.

The output of a year-long study, the report cites estimates “that anywhere from 20-50 percent of music payments don’t make it to their rightful owners." 

Is Transparency The Music Industry’s Next Battle?

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Grebenstein & Seefried - Wufferfraction (2017)

can’t get over how good this track is

Contact sheet featuring rare shots of a 25-year old Jaÿ-Z, as photographed in his first official press-shoot by Jamil GS in Battery Park City, Downtown Manhattan, in the Summer of 1995.

“This is when it all began for the chief, and for me also. I think this was my second record industry gig. I remember it was low budget. I didn’t know who Jaÿ-Z was at the time, nor did anyone really in the world outside of Brooklyn, but my friend Patrick Moxy at PayDay Records/Empire Management had a good ear for amazing talent and contacted me to shoot what would become the first professional press shots for Jay. This was gearing up to the release of Reasonable Doubt.

A few of Jay’s friends from when he used to dribble down in VA came to pick me up from my Avenue A apartment in his Lexus. This was the same Lexus from the ‘Dead Presidents’ video. I remember him saying, damn there’s a lot of freaks around here, and there was. That was back when Alphabet City was still funky. We drove to swoop Jay from his new condo off Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn and then headed to downtown Brooklyn next to the Riverside Cafe. It was a mixture of sexy logistics and wanting to catch some iconic New York shit.

Being that Jay lived in downtown BK, I decided to go to the waterfront by the river cafe on Water Street where we could also get a hint of the NY downtown skyline. Later we crossed the bridge to Wall Street and Battery Park City. The idea was to shoot him surrounded by all symbols of material wealth like the Twin Towers and luxury yachts. 

 I was impressed by the fact that Jay had brought a custom-made vanity plate [that was] made from cardboard. We used some gaffer tape and stuck it on top of the existing plate. He had also brought some bottles of Cristal that he placed by the windshield inside the car. This was pretty clear symbolism and Jay knew exactly what kind of image he wanted, even back then.

I was inspired by the album cover of Donald Byrd’s A New Perspective, and shot this with a Hasselblad 553, using a 40mm lens. I shot using Kodak Tri-x 400 film.”

Okay I’m not going to bring other artists into this (besides Adele) because I don’t like discrediting work and all the other artists that won are amazing but it’s like.. Rihanna and Beyoncé both had amazing albums that not only tackled tough subjects (for example: black lives matter, cheating, feminism, etc) but also incorporated different kinds of music into each of their albums and the fact that they were treated so disrespectfully at the Grammys pisses me off. Rihanna was COMPLETELY snubbed this year and Beyoncé didn’t even get the Album of the Year award which she deserved. The fact ANTI didn’t even get an album of the year nomination when her album was one of the most successful albums of 2016 was really kind of a tell all that Rihanna was gonna be snubbed at the Grammys in the first place. Adele even noticed the racial injustice and you could tell she was coming from a sincere place by dedicating the Album of the Year award to Beyoncé. Don’t get me wrong, Adele’s album is amazing and she is obviously talented beyond compare, but like I said even she noticed the racial injustice. She knew Beyoncé deserved the Album of the Year award. Rihanna and Beyoncé have been snubbed multiple times by the Grammys and it shows how the Grammys (and the music industry in general) don’t respect women of color as much as white women. These two women are very accomplished (especially since they are both women of color and we still live in a society that has racism and sexism). They have both broken multiple records this year and have had a huge amount of success this past year alone and the fact they didn’t get what they deserve pisses me off.