Women in Canada have no legal recourse against pickup artists filming them

  • Pickup artists in Canada are filming their attempts at negging women in public — and it turns out, legally, women don’t have much recourse.
  • This issue came to Casey Grace Ferneyhough’s attention five years ago, when she and her friends were walking in a park and a man approached them and relentlessly hit on them, as PUAs do
  • Eventually, he gave up and moved onto another group of girls in the park, which was when Ferneyhough noticed a second man trailing behind him with a video camera.
  • A couple months later, she found the video on YouTube. Ferneyhough, who’d been a minor at the time of the recording hadn’t appeared in the final version of the video, but she still felt that the taping was a violation of her privacy. 
  • While she could theoretically bring a civil case against the pickup artists, a lawyer told the Star it would be difficult to win. Read more (6/21/17)