‘Las Vegas Review-Journal’ Travels Back to the ‘Sam’s Town’ Era

The ‘Las Vegas Review-Journal’ has published an extensive look back at the start of The Killers’ ‘Sam’s Town’ era.  The piece examines the period around which the recording of the album took place.

Notably, the ‘Review-Journal’ speaks with Alan Moulder and Flood and provides a brief preview at the end of the article on what fans can expect from The Killers-themed bus tour of Las Vegas this weekend.

You can read the entire article here.

Taken from a Killers community.

The new iPhone might shut off next time you try to film the police in public

Anyone who has a smartphone is capable of filming injustice in progress. Technology makes that kind of accountability possible, but technology could also undo that progress. Apple was granted a patent Tuesday that would allow certain people and institutions to shut down recording on nearby iPhones — here’s how.

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Papa and Mama’s Kiss

Genos: S-sensei! The Kid’s are watching! ////

Saitama: //hesitated, covers camera// Chu~

Genos: //////!!

Mini Genoses: //watching video tape// Papa and mama kissing~ Teehee

Bwahhaa! This is what I had in mind last night– //slaps// Ahhh the family is so precious //wipe tears//