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..The recording for Starshow 360′s first episode has ended well. I have a hunch that it will be a big hit but why are talks about me constantly coming up? I recorded it well and went for the radio recording and the live broadcast so everyone, don’t fight and I’m now in the midst of the last recording for I Can See Your Voice season 3..

..L’enregistrement pour le premier épisode de Starshow 360 s’est bien fini. J’ai le pressentiment que ce sera un grand succès mais pourquoi est-ce que des discussions à propos de moi sont constamment soulevée? Je l’ai bien enregistré et je suis allé à l’enregistrement pour la radio et la diffusion en direct donc tout le monde, ne vous battez pas et je suis maintenant au milieu du dernier enregistrement pour I Can See Your Voice saison 3..


sharing an amazing studio session today with an amazing musician friend! new things to come but anywho - it was really fun to record them on glockenspiel from the control room 😍 although I definitely don’t understand most things going on in this room - gotta start somewhere ✨☺️ #transandhappy #music #recording #gonnapressthisbutton

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The new iPhone might shut off next time you try to film the police in public

Anyone who has a smartphone is capable of filming injustice in progress. Technology makes that kind of accountability possible, but technology could also undo that progress. Apple was granted a patent Tuesday that would allow certain people and institutions to shut down recording on nearby iPhones — here’s how.

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Papa and Mama’s Kiss

Genos: S-sensei! The Kid’s are watching! ////

Saitama: //hesitated, covers camera// Chu~

Genos: //////!!

Mini Genoses: //watching video tape// Papa and mama kissing~ Teehee

Bwahhaa! This is what I had in mind last night– //slaps// Ahhh the family is so precious //wipe tears//