Playing the guitar is cool. But, there is so much more to music for me than just playing the guitar. I find it much more rewarding to write and record an original song. Writing all of the different parts of the song. The lyrics, vocal melody, guitar, bass, synth, and drum parts. Recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering it all by myself. That’s so much more rewarding to me than simply just playing the guitar.

I’m not saying that the end result is always awesome. But, it’s much more challenging and rewarding for me. :)


It would mean lots to me if you gave this a listen! :)


Korra proposes to Asami, ft the voice of Janet Varney.

Campaign for Asami (Seychelle Gabriel) to respond - (x) 

We love you both!

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Andrew Bird playing and singing in a canyon (and how space shapes music)

Not sure how I missed this, but violinist and singer-songwriter Andrew Bird is recording “site specific compositions…in exceptional natural and urban environments”:

“Ever since I was a child I would test different spaces with my voice or whistle or violin. Whatever sound you make it’s like a giant limb that can reach beyond your fingers and grope the corners of the room. Now when I’m on tour playing a different theater every night we "tune” the room, hunting down the bass traps and the standing waves to give the listener the most even and wide spectrum of sound. There are certain frequencies that resonate while others are lifeless. Sometimes the room refuses to yield and I have to consider playing different songs that will work in that room. It’s a challenge but I enjoy the moments when I must yield to the environment. So I thought it would be interesting to take all this outside where the reflections off the landscape are triggering countless inferences and steering the conversation.“

Echolocations: Canyon is the first in Andrew Bird’s new series, recorded in the Coyote Gulch canyons of Utah. One of the compositions  is called “The Canyon Wants To Hear C Sharp”:

After some experimenting in Coyote Gulch it was discovered that C# creates the most echo feedback, especially when it swoops downward taking on an animal call quality like that of a coyote or bat. 

Oh and speaking of sound and location, here’s a video of a dude singing a song in 15 different spaces to show off the importance of acoustics:

And if you dig that, check out David Byrne’s TED talk about how architecture helped music evolve: 

Anyways, back to Andrew Bird: I’ve been listening to the EP (which is 50 minutes long or so) all morning. Good working music. You can buy it here.

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anonymous asked:

I just noticed someone from larrabee studios retweeted the photo of Zayn in the studio where he has been working with Malay Ho, their studio is in Van Nuys where I think the boys flew from the other day going to Canada when they got papped. I don't know if this means anything, I just thought it was interesting.

Hey anon,

Yeah, just seen the pic.  Couple of things.

1.  The pic doesn’t appear to be current or at least within last few days as his arm doesn’t have the extended tattoo or if its not an extended tattoo then the one that’s further up his forearm.

And pics from outside the club in LA.

So it would appear the pic is if you were to go along with the timeline given to us re Zayn going to that club, is at least older than that so earlier this week or last week and could be even older than that, but that’s being conservative and following the timeline that’s been fed to us which know. Who knows?

One other thing the Larabee studios, it could well be that he has been meeting the people he’s said to be working with including Malay Ho and I hope he’s making the right connections I do for when he either gets cut loose from Sony/Syco and can start dropping stuff properly not just leaks or for side project work which of course Cowell said himself he’d allow but the website for Larabee studios mentions who they’ve worked with:

So its quite possible that Zayn has been making connections for solo/side project stuff but by the same token, we’ve not had it confirmed as yet to my knowledge where the lads have been recording and well they’ve recorded and worked at Larabee studios before so why not this time?  And so once again we get a pic and on the face of it, it appears to strengthen the argument for Zayn going alone ,even with all the stuff re the 2 year moratorium on him releasing stuff which may or may not be true, but there’s that connection as always to 1D.

So its very possible that all of them have been working there at the same time and whether the photo release was sanctioned by Modest or an organic happening (hmm do these things still happen where this whole band are concerned anyway?) its allowed us to get some kind of timeline just because we can work out re the tattoo and for my money at least its strengthens the belief he’s been recording with 1d while making connections I hope for solo/side project work as well. 

How To Unlock The Great Mix Hiding Inside Your Tracks

How To Unlock The Great Mix Hiding Inside Your Tracks

There’s more potential for your raw recorded tracks than you think.

In fact, it’s highly likely that you have a killer final mix hiding inside what you think is an average recording. And the best part about?

It won’t cost you a penny to unlock it.

A Stellar Mix Hidden For 28 Years

Let me share a little story with you from one of my students, John A.

John reached out to me after going through my…

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   Every guitarist has their favourite go to guitar shop. Mine would be PMT. PMT (short for Professional Music Technology) has a number of stores sprinkled across England, and the specific one I am going to outline is in Cambridge. 

The PMT store in Cambridge only opened relatively recently (2 or 3 years ago? My concept of time is obviously flawed here), and it has definitely been a godsend as far as I’m concerned. PMT combines every aspect of popular music, including guitars (acoustic and electric), bass, drums, pedals, guitar accessories, keyboards, PA systems, recording equipment etc. at very good prices, so one never feels ripped off or at a loss when it comes to shopping in PMT. Often they will try and beat or match online prices (even from other countries) which leads in beautifully good prices on a wide range of guitars and other musical goodies.
The general ethos of the store is one of inclusion and encouragement. Whenever I go to PMT I feel like I am among friends, and I often end up having long chats about rock stars, guitars, and everything in between with the employees. You never feel embarrassed or shy to play, and there is often a little jam session (or some middle aged balding man belting out Hotel California as if to a crowd of thousands) somewhere in the shop. But, if that is not your forte, you can use the soundproof room to try out gear at your leisure.

Everyone in the shop is so polite and happy to help, it will make you feel right at home. 


 Below are the different PMT locations and their respective website pages linked (the Cambridge and Birmingham PMT pages even have virtual tours of the shop, so you can view them from the comfort of your own pyjamas):