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I was gonna animate this but then I realized that’s too much work so here just hold this weird animatic

anonymous asked:

whoa wait what did matt do???

Anonymous said: or were u not serious,, sorry i couldn’t tell

i’m not serious lmaoo basically matt didn’t let anyone know he was going on insta live twice and i think all the U.S. notifications got messed up?? apparently ppl in europe got the insta notifs so. but literally no one was able to record either video for the bunch of ppl who missed it and then he went on twitter like what if i don’t want you to record my live videos ???? and 2 min later agreed to give a heads up next time.

anyway, i’m pretty sure he did it on purpose because he likes to troll the fandom; he was like this leading up to the malec wedding kiss, too.


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015


Glistening street lights
Under the overpass
Alone to the world
A special moment
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I did a paintover of a photo my bf and I took while traveling in Japan. Luckily, I actually remembered to record my work process this time so I’ll be making a video tutorial soon of how I did this. Some of you have already seen the tutorials of 3D background paintover, this one is similar but working from a photo base instead of 3D model :)

Ever since I hurt my hand from drawing too much, I’ve been looking into new and innovative ways to express my art while conserving my hand use. Finding shortcuts has been a very fun challenge and I’m exited to share the results with everyone. I think it’ll be a useful time saving technique regardless of hand pain or not :)
drawing curly hair
a quick step by step, tutorial(-ish) video on how I draw curly hair.

justrandomeveryday: Story time with jre!
First of all the fan meet was Dope!
Then after was the photo op! They were really strict with phones and you cannot touch the members. So I put away my phone and got in line with KML and friends I met at the fan meet. It was my turn. Instantly Jackson saw me (excited as hell lol) saying “it’s you!!!” He comes up to me close to my face, hands on my shoulders shaking me saying “it’s you!!” And all I could say with a big smile on my face laughing and saying “What’s good!!” 😂 he grabs my hand and shakes it too. I quickly asked (while showing my phone in my pocket) can I record a bit?! Jackson quickly says “yea yea quickly!” Even though security said no before …. hey I got permission from My bias Jackson himself! So as you see in the video, I took out my phone and recorded a bit as he was Saying “HE’S here!” 😂 with JB(he had a sore throat ☹️ hope he feels better) putting up them duces ✌🏼 then security started coming and the host @limited.89 (what’s up bro lol nice to see you as always😁) saying “JRE…” quickly I put down my phone and smiled for the picture… or I bit my lips or some derpy face I forget. I said hi to the rest of the members and during this time security gets in front of the got7 members separating both them from us, but… Jackson then again comes and shakes my hand again and bam bam talking on the mic about watching my videos and mentions Me and @kennyboyslay (he remembers you kenny lol) while shaking my hand (again you are not suppose to reach to got 7 which I didn’t they stuck their hands out to me so ofc I’m going to shake it lol) with a big ass smile on my face laughing I say what’s up to the other members exiting outside the venue! #bless wooow sorry for this long story but it’s still fresh in my mind. And I just really can’t believe it. Also I think it’s funny that I sat in between my bias Jackson and thee bias wrecker JB 😂. Got7 I hope you have an amazing time in Miami! Todays weather in Miami has been beautiful and I hope you enjoyed it as well! Thank you for choosing Miami. 🙏🏽 come again soon.

Disney Hero Medley
Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit: Live at Wolf Trap 1/22 — Disney Medley containing: One Step Ahead Reprise (Aladdin), Proud of Your Boy (Aladdin), Go The Distance (Hercules), and Out There (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Degrassi Season 3 Links

Keep in mind none of these videos have subtitles.

I recorded these myself from my Netflix account.

Please do not claim as yours.

The video quality may be shitty for a few hours since I just uploaded the videos and it needs to render.

I’ll update this list as much as possible.

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Season 3 

S3E01 - #BreakTheInternet  

S3E02 - #IWokeUpLikeThis

S3E03 - #WorstGiftEver

S3E04 - #PicsOrItDidntHappen

S3E05 - #HugeIfTrue

S3E06 - #ThatFeelingWhen

S3E07 - #Unsubscribe

S3E08 - #IRegretNothing

S3E09 - #Woke

S03E10 - #ImSleep