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I unexpectedly wound up with a lot of time to kill today when out of the office on business. Nearest record store? Brooklyn’s legendary The Thing—the elephants graveyard of crappy records. Hundreds of thousands of them, to be specific, on two cluttered, claustrophobic floors. No rhyme or reason to it all; there’s no organization to speak of, just crate after mind-numbing crate of musical debris. Digging there is like panning for gold. The one benefit is that every record is $2 without exception. Sifting through the wreckage is fun but somehow also quite demoralizing—all these man-hours of time and effort and dreams, all to be wind up languishing in a moldy basement in Brooklyn. And as a digger, it’s also a drag because you can’t go through all of it no matter what you do, so you’re left with the feeling that your White Whale record of all-time was just one more crate away and you missed it. Nonetheless, The Thing is a must-see for any vinyl fan; if you go to NYC, you must stop in and make at least a token dig.

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I love spending sunny days by the record player, dreaming of the MGMT concert I am going to next month at Riverfest. MGMT has been on my to see bucket list for years. Oracular Spectacular is one of my favourite albums from front to back… especially during the long, hot summer days. Give me that electric feel!

Mgmt - Oracular Spectacular. (2014, LP, Reissue, 180g).