Undertale Emergence: MCU Edition

Yes okay so this is my first piece of Undertale writing. I didn’t want to be in this fandom in the first place but it kind of… ate me alive. I have accepted it. This is probably terrible and someone’s probably done it better somewhere else but this is my version and everyone has to start somewhere! As the title suggests, this is what might happen if the monsters of Undertale emerged into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I know I didn’t hit all the characters but oh well.

-          Of course, after Norse gods proved themselves to be real, and after magic became a real thing, a good deal of old legends and myths were given a good examination by SHIELD authorities.

-          The mountain and the monsters was sorted into the “maybe” pile of myths and legends. But a lot of other things were considered to be more realistic. After all, would an all-out war between humans and monsters really gone relatively unrecorded? But they kept an eye on the mountain anyways.

-          When Frisk and the crew emerged SHIELD knew about it immediately. And of course, since they had done their research, they knew that a new war was entirely possible. They made sure they were prepared, ready to commit genocide if that’s what it took to keep the human race safe.

-          The fact that Frisk was with them was the only reason the entire Avengers team wasn’t called to combat the invasion. Instead they were called in to act as a negotiating party, with attack being a backup plan.

-          Frisk acted as a mediator, although initially there seemed to be a lot of hostility between the two parties. What were the humans here to do? Did they come to finish what they started all those centuries ago? They have new powers and weapons and they don’t seem happy to see us…

-          Steve Rogers was a key party in this first meeting. He and Asgore had a long conversation about what had happened, both in the first war and now with Frisk’s emergence from the Underground.

-          Alphys was the next to step out of the monster circle, followed (very) closely by Undyne. She approached Iron Man to ask about his suit. Once Tony and Alphys got talking science, it was clear that things would go well. Undyne was also fascinated by the armour and immediately requested a suit of her own.

-          Black Widow and Sans did not stop staring at each other for the entire party meeting. They weren’t quite hostile. Nobody dared step between them.

-          Toriel was quick to offer to make a welcoming pie for the crew.

-          Papyrus complimented Thor on his sense of style. They started talking and never stopped.

-          It was eventually decided that it wasn’t moral to keep the monsters imprisoned underground (as if that was really their decision). It took a few years for citizenship rules to be sorted out, but luckily the government was accepting and squashed any serious anti-monster groups before they could flourish. They weren’t going to have the same issues as they had with Inhumans.

-          Any remaining hostilities wore off after the next alien invasion. Monsters fought just as hard as humans to protect their new home. It was at that point that the Boss Monsters were recruited by the Avengers.

-          Alphys got Tony into anime. It drives everyone else insane. They’re currently in the process of deciding whether giant mechs are a feasible way to protect the earth.

-          Stephen Strange connected with Sans over the multiverse, and is fascinated by what he calls the “video game theory”. He’s begun working on his own cross-universal theory, jokingly titling it the “cinematic universe theory”.

-          Papyrus and Tony got into a boasting competition once. Nobody stayed to see the end (several hours later) but JARVIS recorded the exact moment Tony was rendered speechless.

-          Hawkeye recorded Papyrus’s laugh and swapped everyone’s ringtone. The first time a group call was sent out a frighteningly loud chorus of “NYEH HEH HEH”s filled the common room.

-          Toriel didn’t even declare herself the group mom, she just immediately assumed the position and nobody was willing to fight her on it. She bakes pies and tells horrible jokes over the comms.

-          Sans and Black Widow will never get along.

Feel free to add!

not-a-piece-of-teenage-wildlife  asked:

I've been thinking about getting the new Cracked Actor CD/record, but I noticed it seems to have the mostly the same tracks as David Live. This may be a stupid question, but are they essentially the same record with a few swapped tracks? I only ask because I know you got Cracked Actor on RSD and I've low-key been wanting it but not sure if it's worth getting! :3

Hi Liz!

Alas I wasn’t lucky to get it on RSD. I missed said day bc my mother was in hospital then I broke my arm. I got mine at a record fair. They knocked £5 off the price they charged me. Idk if its bc of how big a fan I am or bc of my arm at the time but anyway…
While the tracks are similar to David Live, I can tell you it is NOT David Live. Its a separate concert, merely just from the same tour and even Knock On Wood is sang in a slightly different way. He’s also pretty cute when he introduces his band! XP

All in all I highly recommend you get it if you can. Its an awesome album and on the back of the last record in it, is the Bowie logo. A wonderful surprise! :D

Thanx for the ask! ^_^

The Grammys are eliminating paper ballots and moving to online voting
For the first time ever, Grammy voters for the 2018 awards show will cast their votes online, instead of with paper ballots. The Recording Academy hopes the swap will increase voter turnout and encourage younger members to vote, the LA Times reports. The new online ballots will also give eligible voters the option to listen to the songs that have been nominated, as a way of encouraging voters to actually listen to the artists they’re voting for, BuzzFeed News reports. Read more

My excuse for this monstrosity is that I don’t have any chocolate and I’m mad.

Also I honestly spend very little time on this. >___<

Fooorrrr the record, both the Swap brothers are being little shits to Red.  Its just that Blue can pull off the innocent comment ruse better than his brother. 

Title: Good Company
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Some language in there somewhere.
Requested by awsomenewtimagines:  A bucky imagine where Bucky is ready to start his life over agin in this new world. When he gets to his new apartment he meets his neighbors, the reader. The reader lives just across the hall from him and loves antics and old stuff. She doesn’t know who he is, and she wouldn’t care anyway. And she kindly offers to help him settle in. And when they small talk the reader ask him where he lived before there and he tell her Brooklyn, and she’s also from Brooklyn. And when he ask her where, it’s the same place he used to live, of course he don’t tell her that. And i would love if somewere in the story they have a passionate kiss maybe?

You were sitting in your apartment, relaxing to your favorite record when you heard it. A loud crash echoed in the hallway, causing you to leap out of your vintage, floral print armchair and rush to the door. When you opened it, you nearly tripped over a cardboard box, but luckily, you were quick to react.
What you assumed were the contents of the deadly box were strewn all around the hallway. Papers, a few picture frames with black and white photos behind the -thankfully not shattered- glass, and a few old looking t-shirts.
When you looked up from the wreckage, your eyes met with those of an extremely handsome man, his gray t-shirt slightly sticking deliciously to his toned torso, his medium length chocolate hair falling out of a messy bun. You didn’t have a lot of time to appreciate his rugged-good-looks before you noticed his arm.
“Everything okay out here?” you asked, leaning against your doorway and trying not to stare at the shimmering metal of his arm.
The man let out a sigh and moved a few strands of hair out of his face, then nodded and half smiled at you.
“Sorry if I bothered you,” he apologized, stretching out his not metal hand to you, “I’m Bucky. I’m trying to move in.”
“Glad to know you’re not robbing anyone,” you joked, shaking his hand and taking note of just how large his hands were, and how surprisingly soft, “I’m Y/N.”
“Nice to meet you ma’am,” he said, that charming smile making you weak in the knees. He was good.
“You too,” you replied, “Um, if you’d like, I could help you get settled in?”
“That would be great if you could,” he said, beginning to pick up his belongings off of the beige floor. You knelt down and helped, folding one of his shirts and noting the year on what looked like a gym shirt.
“This your grandpa’s or something?” you said, holding up the shirt for him to see.
“Uh, yeah,” he said, taking it from you and putting it back into the box, “Something like that. I like to keep old stuff from back in the day. Vintage stuff, y’know.”
“What a coincidence,” you grinned, standing up straight and gesturing to your still open apartment, “Me too. Speaking of which, hang on and I’ll go turn off my record player and help you move in.”
A few hours passed, and you had helped the metal armed stranger move all of his things into his apartment. The two of you were resting on his couch, surrounded by towers of boxes and vintage furniture.
“So, I gotta ask about the arm,” you said, running a hand through your hair, “It’s the coolest prosthetic I’ve ever seen.”
“Yeah,” he said softly, running his fingers over the metal and staring at it somberly, “It’s not really an important story.”
You nodded, not trying to pry. You glanced around once more, taking in the apartment. It was old, similar to yours, but no one had lived in it in decades. At least, that’s what the landlord said.
“I love these old fashioned apartments,” you said, “They remind me of where I grew up.”
“Where did you grow up?” Bucky asked, his eyes observing your every move. You didn’t notice.
“Brooklyn,” you said, finally meeting his gaze and smiling, “I miss it there. We lived with my grandparents, then when they died it was just me and my parents. They’re still in that place, they love their garden too much to leave.”
“They have a garden?” he asked, “In an apartment complex?”
“Well, all of the apartments surround a big field of grass. They let their tenants grow plants if they want, since it’s mostly older people. They like that kind of stuff, y’know? Easy stuff,” you explained, remembering the field from your childhood.
“What street was this place on?” he asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.
“Myrtle Avenue. Why?” you asked.
“A buddy of mine used to live over there,” he lied, hoping you wouldn’t notice.
“I wonder if we ever met,” you said, smiling gently and running your fingers over the design of the couch. “Hey, where did you get this thing? I’d love one like it.”
Bucky had a hard time keeping his identity hidden from you. He wanted to keep you out of the super hero world, but more so out of the super villain world. It would kill him if you ever found out who he truly was.
Over the next few weeks, you and Bucky only got closer as time went on. You would have dinner together, swap records and old books, even discuss your favorite movies from the 30′s. He could never tell you that Gone With The Wind was better in theaters, but he wished he could.
On one afternoon, you decided to return his copy of Water for Elephants. Letting yourself into his apartment was a completely normal thing to you, so you did. When you walked into the apartment, though, you were too focused on the back of the book to realize that Bucky was on his way out. Your face met his chest, which made you yelp in surprise.
“I didn’t know you were here!” you gasped, your heart racing in your ears.
“It’s alright, I was just leaving,” he said, “I take it you finished the book?”
“Yeah, I did, it was great,” you smiled, suddenly aware of your close proximity. You hadn’t moved away more than a few inches when you initially collided with the tall man. The thought of being close enough to him that you could lean against his chest without moving much set your cheeks ablaze.
He seemed to have taken note of just how close you were as well, because he could physically feel his heart picking up in pace. It was a feeling he wasn’t familiar with, that he hadn’t felt in literally decades.
“I guess I’ll just go put this back,” you said softly, moving past him and accidentally brushing his metal hand with your free one. It was cold and smooth, sending goosebumps up your arm. Your face grew hotter as you placed the book back into his knee-height bookshelf.
When you turned to leave, he was standing there, his eyes glued to you. It was like he was seeing you for the first time. His eyes roamed over you, your face, the mess that was your hair, and the gentleness about you. He felt safe with you, something he wasn’t used to.
There was an electricity between you, running through the intense eye contact neither of you wanted to break. You could feel your stomach flip as a strand of hair fell into his face. He was more gorgeous than you remembered. It made your blush radiate with even more heat than before.
Seeing your cheeks glowing a bright pink color made him aware of his own blush, and he dropped his eyes, muttered an apology.
With the eye contact finally broken, you had regained your senses, and you knew exactly what you were going to do next. You couldn’t help yourself from crossing the room, pushing the hair out of his face and placing the deepest kiss to his perfect lips.
Bucky didn’t miss a beat, one hand flying up to your waist and the other tangling in yours. He moved his lips in perfect rhythm with yours, a sigh building in his chest. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was what heaven felt like.
You were the one to break the kiss, your lungs burning for air. You took a deep breath and looked up at him, hoping he was as breathless as you were. He was.
“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” you said, your chest rising and falling with his.
“Hey, I kissed back, didn’t I?” he said, smiling slightly and pecking your forehead as he embraced you. This was where you wanted to spend the rest of your life, safe in his arms.

Pointers on meeting Dan & Phil!

1. To all those who suffer with anxiety and are going to a vip meet up, when I went it was held in a massive room. There were beanbags, water and sweets. Music was playing and they just waltzed in. No ridiculous lines or people squeezed into somewhere small.

2. Take your time! No one was rushed along when meeting them so try say as much as you can and hug like you’ve never hugged before!

3. Don’t be scared to ask for a silly/funny photo as well as a normal one! I didn’t realise I could ask for one but then I look at my pictures and Dan was pulling a face!


5. They are so nice so don’t worry about them being different in person! I freaked out and said “sorry I don’t know what’s going on” and both of them reassured me.

6. Dan’s hug is awkward because he’s so tall, it’s inevitable but go for it anyway!

7. Make sure you take a phone with a good front facing camera. Getting a full staged photo with a proper camera takes up a lot of your time with them and some bigger cameras may not be allowed into the venue! If you take a phone that way Dan holds it too!

8. Phil will pull you in close when taking the selfie!

9. If you go with a friend GET THEM TO RECORD IT IF POSSIBLE! We used one phone to take the selfies on and one to record and swapped phones with each other after meeting them, I hope your venue allows this! Then you can replay that moment for the rest of your life.

10. Dan is alot more ‘articulate’ in person. And yes Phil is very northern.



… because I’m running out of clever transitions, let’s just cut to the chase: I also found the original vinyl release of the Star Wars (or A New Hope’s) soundtrack! Which hey is pretty cool and stuff. Because Star Wars. Fuckin’ Star Wars. Yeah. And that picture of Darth Vader on the back is pretty cool.

Also something weird about this is that while it’s on 2 LP’s, for some bizarre reason sides 1 & 4 are on the first record, while 2 & 3 are on the second. If you want to play it all in order, you have to play side A on the first record, swap it out and play side A on the second, play side B on the second, then swap discs and play side B on the first record. Which is just… fucking bizarre. And this isn’t a misprint or something, I checked on Discogs and apparently that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Oh well, still cool and stuff.