• Episode 11
  • tokyo unlearned

Episode 11: 20150215 Byword
Tokyo Unlearned FM 第11回です。
上杉(Endzweck)/Bones(Hollow Suns/Doggy Hoods/As We Let Go)で話しています。Hollow SunsやDoggy Hoodsの話。普段使わない通り名の話


  • 3/14(土)東京 渋谷 Garret
  • Turnstile
  • Numb
  • Sand
  • Loyal To The Grave
  • Doggy Hood$
  • Country Yard
  • Stand United
  • Absolution

Otus & Hollow Suns presents

  • 2015/04/29(水祝)東京 新宿 Nine Spices
  • Otus
  • Hollow Suns
  • Palm
  • Lext
  • BackDate November
  • Endzweck
  • Stand United


  • Bitch And Money / Doggy Hood$
  • Watching Your Nighmare / Otus
  • No Way Out / Absolution
  • Gilt Trip / Pup
  • Carry You / All


  • Damnation / The Nine
  • Nice To Get Aquainted / The Nine
  • Getting It Out / The Nine
  • This Have To Be My Masterpiece / The Nine
  • Misanthropic / The Nine
  • Who Threw This Lump To Swallow / The Nine
  • The Lecture / The Nine
  • Futureshock / The Nine
  • Making Way… / The Nine
  • 990 II Series / The Nine
  • Junior / Abhinanda
  • Highway Tonight / Abhinanda
  • The Rumble / Abhinanda

Vinyl Love

Jennifer Levin Atocha of Atocha Design combined her love for mid-century design and her love for music and came up with these super cool pieces for the audiophile in you. Jennifer draws inspiration from the works of George Nelson, Paul McCobb, Saul Bass, and David Bowie.

From God’s Perspective | BO BURNHAM | what. | NEW ALBUM! by Comedy Central Comedian Bo Burnham returns with his third full-length album what. recorded live in Madison, WI. Bo dissects and subverts his relationship with comedy and the audience with his quick-witted hybrid of stand-up, music, poetry and theater. There’s a battle between his left and right brain, perverted miming, a song from God’s perspective and much more — what. is an incomparable must own. December 12, 2013 at 02:29PM

You’re probably familiar with the background sounds of human conversation in movies and TV shows. But did you know that this sound isn’t recorded during the filming of the actual scene? 

Loopers are voice actors whose work begins after the show or film is shot and edited. As they record, the loopers stand in a circle under two overhead microphones. A scene plays silently on a big screen. On cue, and often off-mic, they start to walk around and talk. They record random scraps of dialogue, to be mixed later into the scene they’re watching; they are creating human ambience.

Never Seen And Sometimes Barely Heard, Loopers Fill In Hollywood’s Soundtrack

Photo Credit: Cindy Carpien/NPR