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Jewish women positivity posts always make me feel like they cant be for me because i dont look jewish its weird and i feel bad about it

What does ‘looking Jewish’ even mean? We’ve spread to every corner of the globe! There are Indian Jews:

Israeli Jews:

and a *very* cute Jew from New Zealand!

None of us are any more or less Jewish- we’re all daughters of Israel here, and all of us are beautiful.


15 year old @cj__cummings (-69kg, USA) clean and jerking 175kg/385lb to set a new youth, junior and senior American record in the C&J and total. It is also an unofficial Youth World Record – which currently stands at 173kg. Just last year he made 153kg at 62kg which is also a senior American record. He is completely rewriting the American record books and he only turned 15 in June!

*prepares for the shipper fallout to hit in 3...2...1....*


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Decade-long defensive partnership | August 22, 2015 | ©

The recent contract renewals of veteran defenders Sergio Ramos and Pepe have tied the pair to Real Madrid through 2017. The two have collected nine titles since their pairing began in 2007.

“The Spaniard, who was Florentino Pérez’s first signing back in summer 2005, penned a deal until 2020 that will keep the hero of ‘La Décima’ at the club. Pepe, who was signed from Porto for €30 million in 2007, quickly formed a solid defensive partnership with Ramos which has seen the pair develop an almost telepathic understanding over their eight years together.

Their La Liga record to date stands at 158 appearances together which have generated 120 wins, 18 draws and just 20 losses. In the Champions League, 47 appearances have yielded 28 wins, eight draws and 11 defeats. Meanwhile, 14 Copa del Rey outings have provided nine victories, three draws and two reversals. The defenders have 100% records in both the Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup, so far at least.” – Marca

I can’t believe that, on the 10th, the Queen is going to surpass Victoria’s record. It just boggles my mind. It’s highly likely, unless some horrible tragedy happens and a lot of direct heirs die young, that her record will stand forever now.

And that’s just amazing to me.

Watch out Louis XIV, she’s coming for you!!!


The train intercom chimed and she heard the old, familiar recording, “Stand clear of the closing doors.” Ben was looking down at someone’s tablet over her shoulder, reading whatever she was reading. Caitlin reached up to Ben’s now-stubbled cheek. He gave her a half smile but didn’t look up, intent on finishing the page before the passenger scrolled to the next.

Too bad, Caitlin thought as she gently pulled his head down and kissed him. He did not mind the interruption. To the contrary, it was something he’d been waiting patiently for – not just tonight but since he first laid eyes on her. He gave her his fullest attention and suddenly they were sheltered in complete and quiet privacy. Their lips felt like fire and water and air all in one – until the train jolted and they bumped noses and laughed. But only for a moment, because Ben pulled her in close with one arm and kissed her twenty years deep.

It was me who posted the anonymous ask about Ben/DD early and I wanted to share this because why not listen Gillian reading the ‘20 years deep’ kiss. Just a snipped of the audio book. I’m glad to see I was not the only one who thought Ben/Caitlin reminded GA/DD.

ES: Anon! You get the gold star award. This is fan- freaking- tastic. Seriously. Now we can listen to Gillian say it. And also, imagine this in our heads. It’s such a good scene. So very real. By far the best scene in the entire book. I found the book just ‘so, so’ not amazing. Not terrible. But, this scene pulled me in hook like and sinker I was legit re-reading over and over when I read it. 

* ( ; verse names masterlist of ideas !

out of personal necessity, i’ve decided to randomly collect a ton of possible verse names for future ships of mine. most of these are from random songs by various artists, but some might be popular phrases/quotes or products of my imagination, and they are in alpahbetic order. feel free to take whichever your want, but please like/reblog if you found this helpful. there are currently 123 names on this list. 

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