Things I Do At Concert Pits:

• Talk to literally everyone. Like if you’re next to me we will become besties. sorry
• Point out cool cosplays and people with awesome outfits
• Scream. Not sing the lyrics loudly. I will scream when the singer seems. Dude trust me it’s hella relaxing you let out all your stress there and leave it behind.
• Dance badly


• Kinda sit down before the band plays because honey my back fucking hurts
• Shout out “You saved my life” to the people on stage. Don’t you dare get mad at me for doing it because I’m a broke bitch and will never be able to meet them one on one
• When the concert ends imma hug you randomly. idgaf if you’ve never met me before we’re huggin. c’mere :)


• If you elbow me and you don’t say sorry and you clearly hear me you’re gonna catch these hands
• Steal my spot and I will fucking cut you
• I pull off my long sleeved shirts so I’m not hiding my cuts. This is the only place I feel accepted for all of me so YOU’RE GONNA SEE EM ACCIDENTALLY
• If I end up next to someone who only knows one or two popular songs on the radio I will be mad. sorry. oh wait. im not sorry. u bitch.
• If you just stand and record the whole thing without even smiling at your chance at seeing the people on stage I WILL JUDGE YOU.


• Shout genuine compliments to the band members like “I love you” “You’re amazing” “Your beanie looks nice”
• If you lie about your dad being in the front to be closer imma punch u


lance: that’s shiro! that guy’s my hero!!

hunk: oh because he was the top pilot and youngest to graduate the garrison?

lance: *rapid flashbacks to seeing shiro set the champion keg stand record at a frat party* y-yeah…best and brightest pilot hhaha…

breathofthezora-deactivated2017  asked:

So I've been following both you and keilattes for awhile now and can I just say how precious both of you are?? I love seeing your posts and meme wars on my dash. I had a pretty shitty week tbh but your posts and art makes me laugh and smile and the world seems like a better place. *Makkachin hugs*

aww, thank you! and I’m glad our bad memes made you feel better <:

also some more asks bc kei is popular on here apparently hahah

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Crazy lady lit my buddy's land on fire, so he burned down her world.

Buckle up, this one’s long.

I was visiting a friend who owns and operates a trailer park- basically his house is the main office. A couple had just moved in to a lot with their mobile home. The dude seemed fine, and him and his girlfriend had just had their first kid. Well, at 3 AM just a few hours after I arrived, the boyfriend showed up at my friend’s house (the main office). Apparently, he had a DNA test done, and he found out the kid wasn’t his. So while the girlfriend was still in the hospital he started f*cking around on her to get back at her.

Well, earlier that day, she got released from the hospital, and he refused to go pick her up. So she walked from the hospital to the trailer park (easily 20 miles), and found him f*cking this girl. She went apeshit. She started trashing their tiny mobile home while he and his mistress quickly got their clothes on, and the boyfriend opted to drive the mistress back to her place.

When he got back, his soon to be ex-girlfriend locked him out of their mobile home. So, at 3 AM he showed up at the front office to call the police. My buddy woke me up, filled me in on the situation, and I went out to his living room to keep the dude company. I explained that if the kid isn’t his and he signed the birth certificate, he has 60 days to remove himself from the birth certificate- otherwise he’ll be on the hook for child support. I also explained that while calling the cops is a good idea, they likely won’t be able to remove her from the mobile home since she had established residency.

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I would like to meet you all in Heaven. But there’s a litany of dreams that happens somewhere in the middle. Moonlight spilling on the bathroom floor. A page of the book where we transcend the story of our lives, past the taco stands and record stores. Moonlight making crosses on your body, and me putting my mouth on every one.
—  Richard Siken, “Snow and Dirty Rain,” from Crush

Woo, done!

Tardigrades are one of the first successful human-engineered alien species. They come in various shades of red, brown, yellow and blueish-grey, and the tallest recorded one stands at 5′7 [a more common height is around 4 feet]. They are widespread, found all over the galaxy. A peaceful species, they keep to themselves and work at their own pace. They communicate in elaborate sign language, using all of their limbs and feelers, but due to their inability to speak neither vocally or telepathically most other aliens find them frustrating to talk to.

Fishman Boyfriend

I had way too much fun with this one. It’s extra long. I’ll probably return to this one and enhance the characters, maybe even make it a story. Thanks to the anons who requested it! 

   “I want you to take care of him,” your grandfather says as he folds your hands over the cold keys. “He needs someone. He’s so lonely as it is.” He tells you all this from his hospital bed after having chased your parents from the room. “I know you’ll care for him, he’s been wanting to meet you.”

   You take the keys and hold them close, tucking them away when your family comes back into the room. When you’re able to break away from the group you follow your grandfather’s instructions to the letter. You go to his house and follow the little background road behind it, leading through the woods and down a cliffside to an observatory on the banks of the ocean, part of it coming from the water and extending out into it.

   Your grandfather used to be a famous marine biologist and rumors had once bubbled about your family that he had been some sort of eco-terrorist fighting for the protection and preservation of the ocean. He had kept to himself in his old age, never quite retiring and still continuing his studies even as he laid in his hospital bed.

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Janet Jackson recording Don’t Stand Another Chance with her brothers, 1983.

The song was written by Janet Jackson, her brother Marlon Jackson and John Barnes. Marlon also produced it and provided backing vocals along with brothers Michael, Tito, and Jackie. The song was released as the lead single from her second album Dream Street (1984).

Perfect Just the Way You Are*

AU Bucky x Reader Fic

Pairing: Pornstar!Bucky x Reader  |  Word Count: 3781
Warnings: It’s about a porn star… if you need me to tell you it’s NSFW and full Smut then you probably shouldn’t be on my blog.

For @this-kitty-has-claws, my tumblr wife. Yes, you finally wore me down. Here you go. *whiner* The gif she wanted me to use is under the cut.

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@godforget@panijeziora​ sorry it took so long….


RE: this post:

And @godforget’s amazing response:

1: Baze absolutely towel turbans.

2: The recorder code is: standing upright- new message. On it’s side= read message. (Chirrut’s terrible at writing notes)

3: Baze wants his tea.

Coloured Bricks, Pick Up Sticks

Or: Anything can be a superpower if you get it hot enough. 

Wordcount: 1,900+

Genre: Weirdly and unnecessarily specific diagetic meta/comedy/drama

Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Inko

Perks: Quirk!Izuku, Quirk Experimentation, Quirk Lore, Izuku’s Extremely Tenuous Grip On The Basic Concept Of What Toys Are

Midoriya Izuku is a very warm person.

Not his personality (though that’s also true). It’s his quirk. His quirk is that he’s warm.

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I totally forgot I have this in my stash. Um.. okay. I have this Hunger Games Au for so long, due to school, I avoided my stash completely. Until I (stalked) @kazliin I found a post about this au I remembered again.

’So here, unlike Katniss, Yuuri knew the stunt he pulled (double dress and mockingjay). Also this is catching fire/quarter quell

I’m rushing to school so if you’re curious of my own idea, here. This is a translated FAQ I I get from my fic (not in english, the fic):

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anonymous asked:

Wait what happened in early 2016??? I feel out of the loop lmao

Imagine this: World Championships, Boston, 2016, Yuzuru entering on the back of 4 consecutive record-breaking performances, as certain to win the title as the Sun rising in the East.

Imagine him rising magnificently to the occasion and delivering a flawless, triumphant short program (to date: still the second highest SP score of all time, surpassed only by his own standing World record).

Imagine watching him falling apart at the seams in the free skate.

Imagine him going back out on the ice a day later and performing one of the most beautiful, ethereal, heartfelt exhibition numbers ever seen in the world of figure skating.

Imagine finding out, belatedly, that everything he did at Boston (yes that majestic short program inclusive) was done under the influence of a career-threatening injury, on painkillers and by sheer force of will.

Imagine that when he skated his Requiem he was half resigned to the fact that it was the very last time he would be able to skate. 

Also, imagine, if you will, being his fan and spending the off-season waiting for news on whether he would ever come back, at all.

Then remember, none of that was only in your imagination, because that was what happened in the reality of early 2016.

If all of that was too awful, remember that he reclaimed his throne, one year later, on the World stage, with a program entitled Hope and Legacy :)

Keep on Living (chapter 3) Lin Manuel x Reader

Part 3 is finally here and features a Very Angry Lin as requested, thanks to everyone for reading my very first Lin fic.  Part 4 will be up super soon!

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary: Your boyfriend is an abusive asshole and you’ve been trying to hide it from Lin and everyone else. After turning up to the Richard Rogers where you work with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. On a night out with with the girls you drunkenly admit to Pippa that you think Lin is cute, and Jasmine records a video messaged standing up to your unknown attacker.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - 2226


When you turn your phone on that morning it practically explodes in a flurry of messages.

Jasmine: Hey girl, I heard you called in sick today. Are you still really hungover?

Pippa: Are you ok? I heard you’re sick. Don’t worry, nobody has mentioned the video. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Lin: Apparently you aren’t coming in today so I don’t get to see you? AWFUL! Feel better, we all miss you. I hope you’re ok X

Lin: Dr Miranda prescribes hot sweet tea, a blanket fort, and The Little Mermaid. Take care of yourself please xxx

Lin: If you need anything let me know. I’m gonna be near your apartment today and I can bring round supplies.

Lin: Hey I’m on your block, do you need anything?

Lin: Are you ok? I don’t think you’re ok.

You throw your phone down on the bed. It’s the first time you’ve switched it on in 48 hours since you called Alex and told him you weren’t well enough to come to work. You’re honestly amazed that you still have friends with how anti-social you are being at the moment, but you haven’t been able to face anyone.

You’re surprised that none of Lin’s messages comment on the video Jasmine put on twitter a few nights ago. A video of you drunkenly admitting he was cute, but you’re thankful that he’s choosing to ignore that. Or maybe he never even saw the full video since Pippa took it down straight away.

You head into the theater that morning, grateful that the bruising on your face from last week is now fading. You draw less attention as you walk down the halls now. Lying about a fake mugging had made you feel so uneasy and you were relieved that you could make it to the office you shared with Alex without having to stop and talk about it.

“Hey Y/N , we didn’t expect to see you today!” Alex called cheerfully as you headed into the office. Lin was sitting on the beat up sofa, his laptop in front of him. He jumped up from the sofa, seeming surprised by your presence.

“You’re alive!” He grinned coming over to meet you. He hesitated for second, and there was a moment of awkwardness before he smiled and pulled you into a hug. “We missed you” He said, giving you a squeeze and you held your breath.

“Yeah, I can see!” You said dumping your bag down on the desk and eyeing the pile of paperwork awaiting your attention. “Aww Alex, you shouldn’t have!”

“Oops, yeah sorry about that.” Alex said as he quickly cleared another pile of papers from your chair for you to sit on. “We’ve got 8 new chorus members starting rehearsals on Monday and so the paperwork is sorta piling up.”

“Nah it’s fine” You shrugged, “I’m honestly just so happy to be back, I was getting cabin fever cooped up at home, it was driving me crazy.”

“Oh so that’s why you were ignoring my messages then?” Lin teased.

“Oh, god I’m sorry, I had my phone switched off, I was too sick to focus on a screen.” You were so used to lying now, you were surprised at how naturally it came to you.

“I dropped round a couple of times to see you. Mark said you didn’t want any visitors but I thought I’d keep trying.” Lin’s eyes darkened slightly and he looked at you as though he was trying to figure something out.

“Oh sorry, um yeah, I guess I must have been really out of it. I’m sorry” You once again found yourself unable to make eye contact with him as you deflected his concern. “You didn’t miss much much tho, just a sweatier sicklier me drowning in a sea of tissues and cough syrup, you dodged a bullet there.” You grinned weakly.

Lin’s eyes softened as he accepted your lie and he clapped his hands, snapping you out of the awkwardness.

“Well! Since you’ve been ignoring me, Me and Lac have been hatching a plan for Ham 4 Ham today. You in?”

Alex chuckled to himself “Don’t say yes to anything until he’s told you his plans.” He gathered his folders from his desk and headed out, leaving you alone with an over excited Lin.

“Ignore him.” Lin grinned, “You’re gonna love this. Or maybe you’ll hate this, I don’t know.”

You rolled your eyes and prepared for the worst. Your afternoons were often filled with vetting Lin’s ideas for new Ham4Ham shows. Some of which were brilliant, some of which were not, and thankfully between you and Alex, you could try and steer Lin in the right direction.

“Ok, so how well do you know Backstreet Boys?”

You laughed so hard you actually snorted. You held your hand up to your mouth, still laughing. “I’m sorry, that was NOT what I was expecting you to say at all”

Lin raised his eyebrows in mock indignation. “ I would NEVER joke about the Backstreet Boys” he exclaimed.

Lin went on to explain his idea for staging a performance of Backstreet’s Back complete with choreography for this afternoon’s Ham4Ham.

“Look, if you need me to show you the moves then all you had to do is ask” you laughed

“Ha! You know I love the fact that you spent all of senior year practicing Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation in your bedroom, I’m not doubting your skills, but we had a run through yesterday and I think we’re gonna be ok.” He chided while biting his lip.

The fact that he’d remembered your high school Janet Jackson obsession made you beam. It was something you’d geekily admitted on your very first day in rehearsals with him. Why? Because being around Lin brought out embarrassing admissions of your geeky obsessions, and he never mocked. His eyes had grown big and his face lit up in excitement and and he’d waved his arms in the air exclaiming “Me too!”. And from that moment onwards you knew you were in the right place. The fact that he’d remembered this little detail strangely gave you butterflies and you smiled to yourself.

You held your hands up “Ok ok, so you don’t need my dancing skills then.”

“No but we do need some accompaniment” Lin smiled.

“Fine!” You said, secretly happy to have something more fun to work on than the piles of paperwork Alex had left for you.

“I’ll get the melodica, hey give me a hand will you?”

You gestured up to a crate on the top of the bookshelves in your office marked ‘Ham4Ham gear.’ The crate was full of toy musical instruments, a set of megaphones, props, and some bits of costumes. It had become more of a lost and found box of novelty items which Lin and Alex added to weekly, as each Ham4Ham got more adventurous and silly.

You pulled over a chair to stand on which wobbled. Lin grabbed the chair to hold it in place as you climbed up.


The chair immediately swayed and Lin put his other hand out holding your waist to stop you falling off. You gasped, not expecting his hands, you flinched slightly and wondered if Lin had noticed.

“You ok?”

“Yeah,thanks. Sorry this chair is a piece of shit” you laughed nervously. You noticed his hand remained on your waist. Your skin tingled and you swallowed nervously.

You stretched out your arm trying to grab the crate which was just out of reach when Lin yelled “Fuck!”.

Lin’s hands had disappeared from your waist and you looked down at him, his eyes were wild, and he stepped back from the chair. He was staring at you. Staring at your waist. You looked down and noticed your shirt had ridden up above your stomach as you’d reached up. You quickly pulled down your shirt and stepped down from the chair. It was too late. He’d seen it.

“Fuck!” Lin said, this time in a whisper.

You looked at the floor. You couldn’t look at him. No, no, no. Not now. 

“Show me.” Lin said, breathlessly. He was still staring at your waist.

“Lin, please, I can’t.” You shook your head in a panic.

He looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth tensed. “Show me” He commanded.

You gulped, it’s like you had forgotten how to breathe. His eyes never left yours and there was nothing left for you to do but show him.

Slowly you reached down, grabbing the corner of your shirt, nervously pulling it up to reveal your stomach and looking away. Lin gasped, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Your stomach was blue and purple. An enormous bruise covered your belly, your waist and stretched round to your back. The bruise on your face from the previous week had faded, this was brand new, shiny, and dark.

You forced yourself to look at Lin who was still studying your skin in shock, you felt naked and exposed and you pulled your shirt down. Lin still stared at your waist through your clothes, unable to look away. Wispy strands of hair had fallen loose from his pontytail and hung in his eyes, you noticed his arms were locked by his side, his hands gripped tightly into fists.

“It wasn’t a mugging was it?” He said quietly

You shook your head, tears in your eyes and you tried to hold yourself together. You’d been trying not to fall apart all week, but you could feel yourself on the verge of unravelling.

“Who did this?” Lin asked, his mouth open in shock, his eyes set in anger, He already knew.

“I can’t.. Please I can’t do this now.”

“Who did this?” He asked again, his face darkened like thunder.

You couldn’t speak. You could barely breathe. You reached out to hold the chair to steady yourself.

“It was Mark wasn’t it?” Lin’s voice cracked.

You swallowed hard and closed your eyes. You nodded your head and a tear slipped down your cheek.

“Fuck.” Lin whispered.

“Lin I’m sorry, I couldn’t.. I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I’m sorry…”

Lin cut you off, he started shaking his head, pushing back his hair into his messy ponytail with both hands. His eyes were wild and he began muttering under his breath, violently spitting out a rapid mixture of English and Spanish, the hatred and anger flashing across his face.

“Fuck. Fucking motherfucker! No I’m gonna kill him…Hijo de puta…Mark es un maldito cabron…I fucking knew it!…Voy a matarlo… Hijo de la gran puta… Es una mierda!”

“Lin, please!” You begged, biting back tears and trying not to lose it.

Your voice brought him back and he stopped to look at you. He saw the panic in your face and the tears you’d tried so hard to keep in now falling freely down your cheeks and he took a breath.

“I’m sorry” He said shaking his head, his eyes softened realizing how scared you looked. “I’m sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around you, placing his hand gently on the back of your head and you finally allowed yourself to fall apart. Your face pressed into his shoulder and you sobbed, and you felt like you wouldn’t stop. He stroked your hair, holding you together.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, que sepas que estoy aquí “ he said in a soft soothing voice. It was a while before you could breathe. You steadied yourself and pulled away, embarrassed by the damp patch you’d left on his hoodie. You reached out for the chair to sit down while Lin grabbed you a box of tissues from the desk.

“You knew didn’t you?” You asked after a deep breath.

Lin puffed his cheeks and sighed while shaking his head.

“I don’t know… I thought I knew. I mean, I didn’t want to believe it. I just knew something was wrong. I knew there was more to the mugging but I didn’t know what, and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.”

“He told me nobody would believe me if I tried to tell anyone what he’d done. He said I deserved it. He said…” Your voice broke, you weren’t ready to go into detail yet.

Lin knelt down in front of you, placing one hand over yours, and tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ears as he spoke.

“You did not deserve this. I believe you.” He spoke slowly and gently. There was still a rage behind his eyes, but his voice was calm and soothing. You stared blankly at him. You didn’t have words. You smiled faintly and nodded.

“All this because of that stupid video” You muttered.

Lin looked at you puzzled.

“Jasmine uploaded this dumb video of us from the other night. We were drunk. In the video she basically recorded this big fuck you message to whoever attacked me. Mark said we were laughing at him, that we humiliated him and…”

You trailed off, leaving out the part where Mark had also seen you drunkenly admit on camera that you thought Lin was cute. How he’d called you a slut and a whore that evening, how he’d told you this was your punishment.

Lin begain muttering under his breath in Spanish again “…Hijo de puta” His face hardened and he shook his head, clutching your hand tighter.

“You did not deserve this.” He repeated, his voice firm and his eyes darkened.

You nodded silently and he gently traced small circles with his thumb across your hands.

You sniffed and wiped your eyes, breathing deep and trying to focus.

“Alex is gonna be back soon, I’ve got to get it together.”

You stood up and flattened down your hair. You needed to slip back into the role of someone who has their shit together. Even if it was just for a day.

“Y/N I don’t think you should be at work, this is too much.”

“No this is exactly what I need right now, I need to keep busy, I need to work, I need to not think about this for a day.”

Lin sighed, scraping back more strands of hair from his face. “Ok. But we haven’t finished talking about this yet, and you aren’t going home tonight.”

Panic flashed in your eyes. “If I don’t go home tonight he’ll know something is wrong. He’ll kill me! I think he’ll actually kill me.” Your voice sounded small, you barely recognized yourself.

“No.” He said with a resigned look in his eyes. “You’re coming home with me tonight. You are safe. He’s not coming near you again. I promise.”


Part 4 is coming soon here! and then I’m gonna write some smut, I swear!

BTS Reactions - They hear an MC talk bad about you

You smile as you watch your boyfriend wave goodbye to you. He sits down on the stage with the rest of the group and winks at you one last time before the cameras start rolling. You two never officially ‘went public’, but you’re not hiding the relationship. Most people assumed you two were together, as you’re always seen out together - clearly this MC didn’t get the memo,

“Now that girl that’s always hanging around you seven like bad smell… She must be pretty annoying. She looks like the kind of girl to have an annoying whiny voice,” The MC laughs loudly at his own comment, “Now there is someone I wouldn’t want to spend five seconds alone with. You look the same in this picture,” He says, gesturing to a picture of a disagreement you’d had in public.

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X-squad dance preference?

Kurt: A sweet little blueberry to good for this world, he loves trying new things, which includes whatever dance he sees someone doing. Being extremely flexible from his circus days he can do some impressive moves. If you compliment him though he will get all shy and blush avoiding eye contact

Alex: He’s not normally one for dancing, unless it’s sleepily slow dancing with you in the kitchen, on early mornings still half asleep with the sun just peeking through the blinds.

Scotty: Scott’s a stick in the mud, he wont dance because he’s ‘cool’ or at least thinks he is. But always tags along with everyone else for fun.

Warren: Warren does not dance. He knows how to dance, being from a wealthy family he was taught how to properly dance at a young age and hated it. You can drag him to the floor but he will just stand there being a pouty bird

Peter: He has all the new dance moves down, he moon walks out of a situation quite often.(forget disco though, not his thing) he likes to dance ridiculously to make you laugh and tries to get you to join him, you might be too busy giggling at him though
Modern!Peter would have every Just Dance memorized and have competitions with the squad, mainly Jubilee.

Jubilee: Being the little ray of sunshine she is, she loves to dance to anything upbeat and fun, dragging you out to dance a weekly thing at least.

Hank: Hank tries his best to be romantic, even if he is clumsy and trips over his words quite often. It’s cute, him or you will put on an old record and you usually stand on his feet though or he’ll trip over them himself.

Jean: Jean is a pro. At many things, including dance. Usually with Jubilee or her s/o, but more composed about it, she’s very graceful with her movements even when she’s just dancing for fun.

I’m Not Promise, I Drunk (Pt. III)

Part One, Part Two

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader, BestFriend!Cheryl

Request: Yes and no

Summary: After days of Jughead avoiding her, [Y/N] finally plucks up the courage to fix her mistakes and figure out what was really bothering her ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t expect what had ticked his brain.

Warnings: None

Word count: 4,569

A/N: This is the last part of this mini-series! Hope you guys like it. So sorry that it came so late. I’ve been drowning in school work. The last part of this is very rushed but I hope it’s okay. There will be no other parts to this.

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BTS | Scenario #7

                              | When (a) fan(s) spot(s) you two |

Originally posted by anime-scenery-tofy701

Pairing : Idol!BTS x Female Reader

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : Around 100 for each

Kim Seokjin 

One winter day, pictures of Seokjin and you have been published on several social networks. They show you two seated across from each other in a Chinese restaurant, very close to windows therefore giving a clear view of your faces. In some you appear very happy and laughing out loud, in others we can see him intertwining his fingers with yours as you fondly gaze at each other. You both seem to be unaware of the photographers and are just enjoying your moment together.

Twitter comments -

ParkKIM @IllegalKiiM 16 dec.

In reply to @SuugaJeon

I love their matching pullovers!


Peperostraw28 @mellting__ 16 dec.

In reply to @SuugaJeon

They look so cute! Send them all my love!!

Min Yoongi 

Days after the group has been seen coming back to Korea from Japan, a video depicting you and your boyfriend shopping in a convenience store has been published. The video and several pictures have been taken from the inside, most of the shots showing your profiles or backs. While choosing your condiments, Yoongi is seen behind you, resting his head on your shoulders and during checkout time, you’re leaning your head on his. The fan has managed not to get noticed by the two of you.

Youtube comments -

Bang PD Nimm 18 hours ago

Yoongi seems so protective of her! I ship them so much!!


BTS_Aalien 22 hours ago (edited)

Couple goals all the way! They should have some privacy, though.  

Jung Hoseok 

One sunny day, Hoseok and you have decided to go shopping in Gangnam-gu and you didn’t go unnoticed by people around you. While going from shop to shop, a small group of fans has gathered, following you with their phones held in front of them. You and your boyfriend have chosen not to give them too much attention, enjoying your time together. In the several videos taken that day, Hoseok is often seen having his arm around you, subtly making sure no one is coming too close to the two of you. 

Instagram comments -

bngtnAM I wish I could be her! 



Bapsaetaetae I’m crying! They look so beautiful together!


Kim Namjoon 

During one spring afternoon, you and Namjoon are out, walking in a flowery park and not long after you’ve decided to settle under a big tree, passerby who turn out to be also fans have noticed you. One of them seated on a bench across from the tree, record the two of you. The person is far enough not to be directly seen by you and the whole video, you remain unaware of their presence - rather focusing on each other, laughing and cuddling together. You’re sitting very close to each other, enjoying the warm weather.

Twitter comments -

Jeoneuh @Kimwifey •12 apr.

In reply to @Namjove

They look so aesthetically pleasing together!


Chimmah @Jimidol0x •11 apr.

In reply to @Namjove

Why are people acting so creepily? 

Park Jimin 

One September night, Jimin has decided to bring you his parents’ coffee shop. A couple of fans have quietly rejoiced the moment they’ve noticed the two of you seated across from them and you and Jimin have even waved to them when you heard some squeals of joy. They couldn’t help but immortalize the moment they got to see you and have subtly taken some pictures - they depict you smiling lovingly to your boyfriend, him gently wiping the corner of your lips and each time you bring your faces closer to share intimate words.

Instagram comments -

Armybts Adorable! They look perfect together! 

37 min 


HobyMang Cute! <3

38 min 

Kim Taehyung 

Some days after the group has ended their last concert in Seoul, pictures and short videos of you and Taehyung are taking over all social medias. They show you on the night you’ve chosen to go to the movies. While queuing to get their tickets, two fans have spotted both of you ahead of them despite his mask and your cap. In the videos they’ve recorded, you’re seen standing very close to each other - Taehyung sneaking one arm under your coat to circle your waist while you nuzzle your face in his neck.

Youtube comments -

Cooky Park 29 minutes ago

I envy her so much!! :(


Bangtae 29 minutes ago 

They look so cozy **

Jeon Jungkook 

During his day off, Jungkook and you have decided to spend your afternoon together. Going in your favorite video game store, you both take pleasure into looking at all the new games. Then, one of the employees, who happens to be a big fan of the group, goes wide-eyed when she spots you. Jungkook’s noticed her and mentions it to you. The young woman can’t believe her ears when you suggest you should all take a picture. Several hours after, her pictures of you and him are published on her networks along with the one she’s appearing in.

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24JinChim @btsstb •03 feb.

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OMG! You’re so lucky!! :)) 


Naamtaae @seokmexx •03 feb.

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Power couple!! Lucky giiirl !