Jimi Hendrix playing at an Atlantic Records release party with Wilson Pickett, King Curtis, Percy Sledge, Cornell Dupree and Esther Phillips at the Prelude Club in Harlem on May 5, 1966.

Before forming his own band Jimi worked with various R&B acts such as the Isley Brothers, King Curtis and Ike and Tina Turner. Tina Turner has denied that Jimi was in her band; Ike Turner claimed Jimi was in his band and that he owned a guitar played by Jimi. Jimi confirmed that he did play with Ike and Tina Turner in a few interviews including one with Gus Gossert at the Winterland Arena in 1968 when he was asked if he started in San Francisco. 

Jimi: “No, I started all over the place… I came out here before. Yeah. I played here at the Fillmore with Ike and Tina and Little Richard about 4 or 5 years ago”

Also, the liner notes of the 1967 UK Track Records LP pressing of “Are You Experienced” mentioned that Jimi played with Ike and Tina “on the west coast”.

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Sterek 73?

73. “I wrote you a song.”
Also on ao3

Stiles was tipsy, he hadn’t meant to get that way, but he was nervous. It was his big night, his first solo record release party, but he wasn’t in the partying mood. 

He knew that he should be mingling, chatting with some of the A List celebrities that Lydia have gotten to the party, but instead he was sitting at the back of the room with a bottle of Jack in one hand. He felt like he was still a new kid on the scene, standing at the back of the room to avoid talking to strangers. 

The thing was, he looked every bit the rockstar that he was suppose to be with his artfully mussed hair that made him look like he had spent the day having sex, his jeans that were sinfully tight, his black button down was unbuttoned to show his patch of chest hair, the sleeves rolled to his elbows. 

He looked the part and he was tipsy enough to try to play the part, but he knew if he tried to stand up from his spot on the floor he’d fall over and he’d probably say something stupid to the likes of Erica Reyes or Kira, no last name, the two ethereal pop goddesses that Lydia had managed to get in attendance.

“Hey,” A familiar voice said from above Stiles and he closed his eyes. There was no way Derek was here, they hadn’t spoken in months. Stiles didn’t look up, he was sure he was hallucinating. Maybe he had had more to drink than he thought  

“Stiles, can you at least look at me?”

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Hey Bartender Chapter 18: Roll Me Over

Pairing: Bartender!Reader x Rock God!Rob

Chapter Summary: Everyone reaches their breaking point. Reader may have reached hers; and she isn’t expecting this reaction from Rob.

Word Count: 5835 (including song lyrics because I’m too lazy to figure it out without them)

Warnings: swearing and lots of angst

Notes: MWahahahaha!

Don’t worry, it ain’t over yet.

I used Roll Me Over and Fair by Louden Swain in this chapter.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7

Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11 Chapter 12  Chapter 13

Chapter 14  Chapter 15  Chapter 16  Chapter 17

It was the night of Louden Swain’s record release party. The place was packed; a lot of familiar faces, and even more unfamiliar faces. You had done your part in avoiding Rob since you had let him down, yet again. He had basically brushed you off again anyway; telling you he had something come up and reverting back to ignoring you. You knew he was stressed and busy with the new album coming out, and even more stressed over you. You didn’t blame him. He had obviously put himself out there completely to you, and you were sure you hurt his ego.

Now, it was awkward since you were both here and unsure of how to even approach each other. You had promised yourself that it was over, and you wanted to mean it. Not because you were too worried about getting yourself into another shitty situation; but because you were worried about hurting him any more than you already had. You weren’t capable of love, you couldn’t even admit that you liked the guy. It was no longer an issue of the two of you being bad for each other. You knew you were the one who was bad for him.

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hello and thanks for waiting. chit chat records is proud to announce the newest member to our roster: G-EAZY. the american rapper and record producer is releasing his third studio album and debut album through us on december 15th. to celebrate, we’ve teamed up to throw an album release party at his los angeles home. everyone is invited, and you can find the details below. to RSVP, please submit the following form here by december 13th.

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‘’Everyone thinks the drag think is pretty funny - they’re sending me bras, purses and skirts, so I’m starting to think I made a mistake!(laughs). Actually it was pretty funny. Cruising around in that big black car downtown, a lot of people were looking at me funny. At the record company release party some of my old friends didn’t fucking recognize me! I look like my mother wearing my grandmother’s clothes. It’s exactly the kinda shit my grandmother wore, and I look like my mom, except I’ve got a bigger nose! I got the schnoz from my pa.’’

- Jerry Cantrell

So this club in Cologne (Germany) was doing a reputation release party and of course we were hyped. 😍 But what the party actually looked like made us angry. 😒

What they promised:

  • a record release party
  • win a VIP-package
  • free entrance until 00:00h
  • free beer and prosecco until 00:00h
  • goodies and give-aways such as „t-shirts, caps, CD’s, posters and popsockets“

What we (= 8 swifties, one even brought other friends to celebrate her birthday there) got:

  • two Taylor-posters at the entrance, no more decoration at all
  • with VIP-package they apparently meant a table in the club with a bottle of vodka (we didn’t win), nothing Taylor-related
  • at the entrance we had to pay
  • instead of free drinks, they handed out one ‚one-free-drink‘-ticket to everyone, but they apparently forgot it sometimes as not everyone of us got one
  • when leaving some of us (in their opinion not everyone entered the give-away, even though we did how we were told and tagged all of us in their facebook post) got goodies: a poster and the CD of ‚Look What You Made Me Do‘ – this is of course nice, but they promised something different
  • they didn’t do any give-aways at the party itself and when we were asking they told us that they didn’t receive any other merchandise from Universal, but they even showed the other stuff on facebook - wtf!?
  • AND WORST OF ALL: even though we were asking the DJ and the people at the entrance several times, THEY DIDN’T PLAY ONE SINGLE TAYLOR SWIFT SONG! What is this!?

Some of us holding the give-away tickets. That night we were swiftYs… *facepalm*

Doing a Taylor Swift related party is such a nice idea and in Germany we don’t get a lot of Taylor-stuff, besides her official concerts. But tricking people into coming to your club and not keeping your own promises is so rude and fake!

The party itself was not that bad, but as we all were just waiting for Taylor songs, they totally ruined our evening! We left at 02:00am and are surely not coming back. 😠

I love the poster! 😍 But I was so hyped for the t-shirts and the other stuff. I even asked them, whether I could just pay for it.