4 Of The 5 One Direction Members Now Officially Have Solo Deals
Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam all have solo record deals and are at different points in their solo careers.
By Hugh McIntyre

It’s been a big year for the members of One Direction, even though they’re technically on hiatus. Now that they’ve gone their separate ways, it’s time for solo careers, and as of this month, four of the five original members have now signed record deals with major companies and are off and running, though they aren’t all at the same point in the pop music race. What’s happening with all four signed members, and what is happening with the fifth?

Liam Payne

Just about a week ago, Republic Records announced it had come to an agreement with Liam Payne, one of the final holdouts from the group, and that he would officially be joining the family. Republic is a great company to work with, as it has established itself as one of the biggest and most successful labels in terms of creating and maintaining the careers of pop stars. The label boasts a roster that features the likes of The Weeknd, Lorde, and thanks to the other labels it controls, Taylor Swift, Drake, Lil Wayne, and many others. If there’s any company with the connections and the power to make Payne a star on his own, it’s Republic.

Niall Horan

Last month, after a period of relative silence, blonde-haired Niall Horan finally released the first bit of what his solo career will sound like. “This Town” hasn’t become a serious breakout smash just yet here in the States, though it did make it all the way to No. 25 before retreating back down the Hot 100. In the U.K., where One Direction was even more beloved, “Town” is already a top 10 hit, and his star power is a force to be reckoned with. Horan is set up well, and he’s sure to do fine for himself on his own.


From the moment he premiered the music he’d been working on since departing the boy band that made him a star, Zayn Malik, known simply as “Zayn” these days, was off and running, and nobody could stop him. His debut single as a standalone act, “Pillowtalk,” debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. singles chart, a feat that only 26 songs in history have managed. His album Mind Of Mine followed suit not too long after, and both have gone on to sell and stream exceptionally well, cementing Zayn as a star in his own right. Now all that remains to be seen is if he can repeat this initial success.

Harry Styles

While his work has mostly been in the background, Harry Styles hasn’t been taking too much time off since One Direction announced their separation last year. Styles, arguably one of the more popular members of the band, has been collecting songwriting credits by placing tunes he co-penned on new albums by the likes of Ariana Grande,Michael Bublé, and Gavin DeGraw. He is signed to a several-album deal with Columbia Records in the States, which worked the 1D albums, and he’s venturing into acting as well, so while the world hasn’t heard much from Harry Styles lately, there is certainly a lot on its way.

Louis Tomlinson

Of the five members of one of the most successful boy bands of all time, Louis Tomlinson seems to be the one who is happiest to take some time off from the spotlight, though he isn’t done with music entirely. There have been a number of reports that state that Tomlinson is working on developing a new girl group for the masses, potentially with Simon Cowell, the man who helped put him in the position he’s in. Nothing has been made public about how that project is going, and there’s no telling if or when the new dad (which is probably also taking up some of his time) will re-emerge from behind the scenes.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that after several months of negotiations, we have signed a worldwide record deal with Mercury Records, UK, part of Universal Music group. We penned the deal last Friday in the Clarence Hotel, Dublin. In the picture L to R are our lawyer Kieran Jay, Oswin Brunner (Mercury Lawyer), Us and Mark Crossingham of Universal Music, Ireland. Nice Christmas prezzie eh!!


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