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Don’t Touch My Records! - Diner (by senorrogers)

So this is a cataloging librarian’s worst nightmare (or an anal-retentive husband’s), but this is such a great scene with a young Ellen Barkin and Daniel Stern.

SHREVIE: Have you been playing my records?

BETH: Yeah, so?
SHREVIE: So didn’t I tell you the procedure?

BETH: Yeah you told me all about it Shrevie, they have to be in alphabetical order.

SHREVIE: And what else?
BETH: Ugh they have to be filed alphabetically and according to year is what, ok?

SHREVIE: And what else?  What else?

BETH: I don’t know.

SHREVIE: You don’t know. Well let me give you a hint, ok? I found my James Brown record filed under the “J”s, instead of the “B”s.  I don’t know who taught you to alphabetize. But to top it off he’s in the rock and roll section instead of the R&B section.  How could you do that?

BETH: It’s too complicated Shrevie. See, every time I pull out a record there’s this whole procedure I have to go through.  I just want to hear the music, that’s all.

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Upscale Record Shelving by Roche Bobois

We recently came across these book shelves from French company Roche Bobois, and thought that they could make the perfect record shelving for one’s prized vinyl. As anyone who collects vinyl knows, finding suitable record shelving that can perfectly accommodate one’s collection can be quite a difficult task, and we think that these shelves would make a good contender. Available in a selection of pleasant shades, these shelves would certainly highlight your collection in refined simplicity. The downside to these shelves, designed by Vincent Supont-Rogier, is that like most designer furniture, they most likely cost a mint. One can only dream.