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How To Attract What You Desire:

Before you begin:

• Know what you want. What you really want. And don’t think of “how” you’ll get it.

• Write the desire in present tense on a card. It is now your goal card.

• Carry this card with you and read it often. This is putting the desire into your subconscious mind.

• Check if your goal is really what you want. Can you imagine bigger? Are you letting fear stop you? Are you answering your soul’s calling with this? 


• How you fall asleep determines what shows up in your life. Everytime. Without fail. So we start our day how we fell asleep the night before, actually. Ask your self one question before you sleep: “If my wishes were fulfilled, how would I feel?” Fall asleep to that question satisfied.

• Record an MP3 or voice note of your OWN voice, reciting positive affirmations. Get examples online but personalize them. Your subconscious mind trusts your own voice. Use it. 

• Never ever let yourself fall asleep feeling stress or failure. Don’t invite it in. 


• When your eyes open, set your intention for the day. 

• Did you have any dreams last night? Write them down.

• Write 5 things you’re grateful for. Increase to 10 after a while and begin to include wishes that are yet to manifest e.g. “I’m grateful I now weigh __” 


• Read

Think And Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill. (PDF’s online) Read slowly and reflectively. 

• Read Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard (PDF’s online) 

• The Secret

 book/DVD is great for beginners but you’re going to have to dig deeper to pull this off. 

Do what makes you smile. Read, play your music, call a friend, go for walks. Do whatever you can to lighten your mood. 

Write about your desire as if it’s already happened. 

Visualize your life ASSUMING the desire has already happened. How do you feel? What are you wearing? Where are you? Was manifesting easy and fun?


Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Big Sean, Conor McGregor

and countless others have used this formula. It works, and it will work for you. 

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maxoutoften  asked:

You've really inspired me to start drawing again and try doing song covers! What are some vocal warmups and editing tips you recommend for doing covers?

Hmm!  I don’t know about vocal warmups so much (I tend to just kinda sit around and sing a few scales to stretch out the ol’ chords for a bit before singing), but I do know that good posture is everything.

Sit or stand (standing is better) with your shoulders back, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your head forward.

Don’t tilt your head to reach high or low notes; that closes off your throat and makes it harder!

Sing from your GUT – when you take breaths, feel your tummy expand and contract, not your shoulders.

Open your mouth WIDE when you sing vowels (pretending you have an egg in your mouth helps)!

ENUNCIATE.  Don’t slur over your T’s, D’s, or P’s!  Make your S’s crisp and short.  And remember, the meat of the word is the vowel – don’t linger on the consonant for longer than is necessary!

When singing “ee,” think “ih!”  It’ll open your mouth wider and avoid that ear-grating whiny noise that a lot of vocalists tend to have when singing the long “ee” sound.  Similarly, “oo” is “ouh,” “aa” is “auh,” and so on and so forth – ROUND tones!  Think of that egg in your mouth!

When you can, avoid switching to a falsetto for higher notes.  Train yourself to hit notes that stretch your range STRONGLY and confidently, and practice stretching your range every day.  It’ll help with the notes you can already hit, too.

DO NOT WHISPER.  Practice getting genuine power behind your notes.  Even softer singing should have energy and power behind it – you want to sound like you’re hitting those notes with confidence, not like you’re trying to avoid waking up your parents in the middle of the night or are embarrassed of your sibling walking in on you while you record.

LISTEN TO RECORDINGS OF YOURSELF OFTEN.  You do not sound the way you think you sound, so familiarize yourself with what your voice sounds like on a recording, and get comfy with it.  After all, your perception of your own voice coming out of your throat doesn’t matter – what matters is what everyone else hears, so you’ve gotta know what that sounds like, too.

As far as editing and mixing goes, a lot of that is something I do by instinct.  Don’t let your recordings peak, and don’t let the music drown out your voice.  Compressors can help get richer sounds out of your voice while keeping the volume at a decent level.

This is a bit all over the place, but I hope it helps!



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one random afternoon in the studio, a soft beat filling the silence in the small, dimly lit room as you curled up even more snugly into Yoongi’s blanket on the black leather sofa. His back faced towards you, bits of his blueish black hair sticking out from beneath his black beanie, his head bobbing slightly to the beat as he clicked away on his mouse. From the side, you could see the black mask tucked under his chin with one strap behind each ear, his fair skin strikingly pale due to the contrast with his dark clothing and onyx eyes. He chewed on his bottom lip in concentration, mumbling softly to himself as his other hand fiddled around with the different controls on his sound board. He was in the zone, as per usual, and over the course of the past few months, you’d come to learn very quickly that he did not appreciate being bothered while he was in this state. Just like the very first time you’d met in your composition class.

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What It's Like To Be British....

• Worrying you’ve accidentally packed 3 kilos of cocaine and a dead goat as you stroll through “Nothing to declare”

• Being unable to stand and leave without first saying “right”

• Not hearing someone for the third time, so just laughing and hoping for the best

• Saying “anywhere here’s fine” when the taxi’s directly outside your front door

• Being sure to start touching your bag 15 minutes before your station, so the person in the aisle seat is fully prepared for your exit

• Repeatedly pressing the door button on the train before it’s illuminated, to assure your fellow commuters you have the situation in hand

• Having someone sit next to you on the train, meaning you’ll have to eat your crisps at home

• The huge sense of relief after your perfectly valid train ticket is accepted by the inspector

• The horror of someone you only half know saying: “Oh I’m getting that train too”

• “Sorry, is anyone sitting here?” – Translation: Unless this is a person who looks remarkably like a bag, I suggest you move it

• Loudly tapping your fingers at the cashpoint, to assure the queue that you’ve asked for money and the wait is out of your hands

• Looking away so violently as someone nearby enters their PIN that you accidentally dislocate your neck

• Waiting for permission to leave after paying for something with the exact change

• Saying hello to a friend in the supermarket, then creeping around like a burglar to avoid seeing them again

• Watching with quiet sorrow as you receive a different haircut to the one you requested

• Being unable to pay for something with the exact change without saying “I think that’s right”

• Overtaking someone on foot and having to keep up the uncomfortably fast pace until safely over the horizon

• Being unable to turn and walk in the opposite direction without first taking out your phone and frowning at it

• Deeming it necessary to do a little jog over zebra crossings, while throwing in an apologetic mini wave

• Punishing people who don’t say thank you by saying “you’re welcome” as quietly as possible

• The overwhelming sorrow of finding a cup of tea you forgot about

• Turning down a cup of tea for no reason and instantly knowing you’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake

• Suddenly remembering your tea and necking it like a massive, lukewarm shot

• Realising you’ve got about fifty grand’s worth of plastic bags under your kitchen sink

• “You’ll have to excuse the mess” – Translation: I’ve spent seven hours tidying in preparation for your visit

• Indicating that you want the last roast potato by trying to force everyone else to take it

• “I’m off to bed” – Translation: “I’m off to stare at my phone in another part of the house”

• Mishearing somebody’s name on the second time of asking, meaning you must now avoid them forever

• Leaving it too late to correct someone, meaning you must live with your new name forever

• Running out of ways to say thanks when a succession of doors are held for you, having already deployed ‘cheers’, ‘ta’ and ‘nice one’

• Changing from ‘kind regards’ to just ‘regards’, to indicate that you’re rapidly reaching the end of your tether

• Staring at your phone in silent horror until the unknown number stops ringing

• Hearing a recording of your own voice and deciding it’s perhaps best never to speak again

• The relief when someone doesn’t answer their phone within three rings and you can hang up

• Filming an entire fireworks display on your phone, knowing full well you’ll never, ever watch it again

I see no lies here

I’m so proud of you Taylor.If anyone looks past 10-almost 11-years can see this;You have always your own voice.You didn’t listen people when they said “You’re too young for a record deal."You just listened your own voice&your passion and after all you signed a record deal.You became an amazing country singer.You had your own WORLD tour.Then you became queen of the pop.You slayed the entire world.YOU DID IT.You stand for the thing you’ve believed all time.I’m not surprised when you won the trial.And now you showed to entire world you’re strong.You’re strong enough to make your own voice.And that’s all.Love you❤️ @taylorswift

TFP Soundwave Friendship Fic

(Another one that just refused to stay in headcanon format.  Help me, I have no self control XD)

You found the thing on a routine scouting mission with Wheeljack.  There was a long trail of broken branches and scraped earth leading up to the strange find, indicating a crash landing.  The plating was battered and torn in several places; one of the wings had been almost completely torn away, suspended only by a few fraying cables.  Despite its sorry state however, there was no mistaking the decepticon TIC’s personal spy drone.  You glanced nervously around for the drone’s eerily imposing owner, but there was not a trace of another deception in the vicinity.  “Wheeljack!” you called out to him from over your shoulder, “I need some backup here!” “What’s up, kiddo?  What did you- Woah…” he trailed off in surprise as he caught sight of Lazerbeak lying unconscious and leaking energon.  “Yeah, um, Ratchet?” he mumbled into his comlink, “we’re gonna need a groundbridge.”

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Here’s a little story Goro will hate me for telling, but I’m telling it anyway.

So, as of 11/20, I was supposed to be dead. Part of playing dead means never, ever, ever answering my phone. Sure, I can send texts. I can also call people back if they leave me a voicemail. But if I get a call, I let that go to voicemail, especially if it’s a number I don’t know. If someone gets suspicious about not seeing my body and decides to conduct an investigation, having a supposedly dead guy answer the phone on them…well, that’s all the proof they’d need, isn’t it?

Well, for the first couple of days my phone was silent except for texts. Then on 11/23, it started ringing. Going to be honest with you here - it was terrifying. I had all the reasons in the world to think this meant someone was checking to see if I was alive - no one could go see my body, so even though Prosecutor Niijima covered for me, and the whole thing was a cover-up within a cover-up so it was really hard to get close to it anyway, and everyone was reassuring me it should be fine as long as I just stayed home, I couldn’t help but worry that eventually, someone would get suspicious.

I’m used to scary situations though. I let it ring, just like I was supposed to. Eventually the ringing stopped, and a voicemail notification popped up, so I opened it up and listened to it.

Soon as the voice started I almost had a heart attack. Of all the people who could be calling me, it was Goro Akechi. Of course, immediately, I was thinking, “This is it. He knows I’m alive. He’s calling in a threat, I’m going to find him standing over me ready to shoot in the middle of the night, it’s over.”

But…that wasn’t what he was saying at all. Actually, what he said was “Oh, good, you did record your own voicemail greeting. I was hoping I’d get to hear your voice.”

So after that got me curious, I kept listening, and here’s what he said:

“I know you’re not there to hear this, but I just wanted to say…I’m sorry for what I did to you. A lot of good that does, though, right? I know it doesn’t matter - no matter how much I regret it, no matter who gave me the order and how much I disliked it, you’re still dead - these things are absolutes. It’s funny - even after all the time we spent together, I didn’t realize just how much I’d gotten attached to you until - until it was done. I know there’s no use trying to do anything about it now - you’re gone, and I have no one to blame but myself. Anyway, I have to hang up soon, before someone catches me saying all this, so I’ll wrap it up - I guess, what I’m trying to say is…I wish you had a chance to know that I’m not proud of it, and…I miss you.”

I couldn’t process how I felt about that. I still can’t, not entirely. And then, that wasn’t even the end of it. He kept using my voicemail as a confessions booth, at least once a day, for the next few weeks. Sometimes he would yell at me for being nice to him when I knew we were bound to be pitted against each other. Sometimes he would just casually tell me about things he saw during his day that reminded him of me, as if I was there. Twice, he just broke down into barely coherent begging for me to come back somehow. He told me that he was sorry for looking so happy about it; that forcing himself to laugh was the only way he could do it at all.

He told me that all the stress was making it so hard to uphold his public image, he was afraid that Shido would notice and it would all be for nothing.

The worst part is, it was better bait for me than anything he could have come up with intentionally. I knew I couldn’t answer him - if he found out I was still alive, no matter how honest his messages may have been, the news would have gotten to Shido and made it all pointless. But…I wished I could have done something to ease his pain.

anonymous asked:

MACKENZIE SOS you know how there are two voices singing destroya (like one in each earbud if you listen with them on) and i've always just assumed that both gerard and frank sing in destroya?? or is it just gerard singing both parts with his voice pitched differently? it really does sound like the two of them but i don't know..

i’m not listening rn so i can’t listen to closely (i could stop and lsiten but i am listen to the new used song which i live so…i dont wanna) but i’d assume it’s gerard. in studio recordings usually use the main vocalist for all vocals because your own voice will always sound best layered over your voice than another.


And we’re on air! This is a special little thank you gesture to all of you who have supported my artwork and fanfiction in the past six or so years, so I hope you’ll enjoy watching and listening to me painting/rambling about Amnesia for like 19 minutes. :’D I must warn you though, my accent is thick as heck and I’m embarrassed to post this (nothing is as terrible as listening to your own recorded voice) but I hope you won’t have too much trouble understanding what I’m saying. Thank you so much for all the questions, they were a lot of fun to read and answer, and here’s to another six years!

I’ll be posting the finished painting separately a little later in the week.

radioactivepeasant  asked:

Once you get this, say five things you like about yourself, and then send this to your top 10 favorite followers.

This shouldn’t have taken as long as it did, but I just haven’t had the time.

1. My hair. It’s very long and I’m proud of it.

2. My singing voice. I’ve been told it’s lovely, though I always cringe listening to recordings of it. I wish your own voice didn’t sound so weird when you hear it as other people do.

3. My writing skillzzz. I love being able to write.

4. I kinda like being a night owl, even if it’s annoying for work schedules.

5. I am good at math.


REPORTER: “Do any of you have plans to record on your own?”

PAUL: “English voice…”

JOHN: “We might…”

GEORGE: “In fact, we haven’t done a thing, well…‘Eleonor Rigby’ was Paul on his own, and…”

JOHN: “We’re just driking tea”

The Beatles, 1966. (x)